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Israeli Arab reported killed fighting in Syria may be alive

Tunnel discovery serves as a reminder of Gaza's terror industry

An Israeli official said reconciliation talks with Turkey are "completely stuck." An IDF official said there is currently "an atmosphere that creates motivation to carry out terror attacks." Israel is reportedly considering striking long-range missiles held by Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley. The IDF has been warning Palestinians in Gaza via phone messages against aiding Hamas in digging tunnels.

How Hamas dug its Gaza 'terror tunnel,' and how the IDF found it

Former Mossad chief slams Turkey for reportedly burning Israeli spies in Iran

Responding to allegations that Turkey blew the cover of a number of Mossad contacts in Iran, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said the move, if true, was an act of betrayal. US ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said the recently discovered terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel were "simply shocking." A Palestinian who tried to infiltrate an IDF base with a tractor was shot and killed.

Turkey blows Israel's cover for Iranian spy ring

Israel, Arab states work together to battle Iran's nuclear plan

Days after announcing the discovery of a major terror tunnel from the Gaza Strip, the IDF announced that it had located and destroyed a second tunnel. In an address before the Knesset, Prime Minister Netanyahu said the threat of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad must be addressed in order for there to be peace with the Palestinians.

Authorities discovered a massive "terror tunnel" that runs from Gaza into Israeli territory. In response, Israel decided to stop the transfer of construction goods to the Gaza Strip. Two Palestinians confessed to the recent murder of Sariya Ofer in the Jordan Valley community of Brosh Habika. The motive, according to the Shin Bet, remains under review.

3rd Israeli killed in West Bank in 3 weeks

The IDF released footage of a recent mid-air refueling exercise during training that "tested the ability of IAF aircraft to fly exceptionally long distances." Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Israel's ability to strike Iran, if necessary, should not be "cut short." An Israeli man, a retired IDF General, was killed in a suspected terror attack by Palestinians near his home in the Jordan Valley.

U.S. Allies Fret Over Shift on Aid to Egypt

Defense Minister Ya'alon said sanctions against Iran must not be eased. Two IDF soldiers were wounded by mortar fire from Syria for the first time since the start of the Syrian conflict. A rocket fired from Gaza struck in the Eshkol Regional Council. Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly rejected US and Palestinian requests to speed up the release of the next batch of Palestinian prisoners.

Intelligence Minister Steinitz said Iran's economy was about 18 months away from collapse. Authorities arrested two Palestinians suspected in the shooting of a 9-year-old girl in Psagot. IDF Chief of Staff Gantz said "the Sinai has become a no-man's-land and marked as fertile ground for terrorism, [due to] elements that we did not not necessarily expect two years ago." Home Front Defense Minister Erdan said Hezbollah possessed 200,000 missiles.

Khattab, an Arab-Israeli jihadist in Syria

Authorities continued to search for the Palestinian terrorist who shot and wounded a nine-year-old Israeli in the West Bank community of Psagot. Authorities issued an indictment against an Iranian-Belgian national suspected of working on behalf of the IRGC in Israel. Fourteen Israelis were arrested for recent 'price-tag' attacks against Arabs.

U.S. and Israel Share a Goal in Iran Talks, but Not a Strategy

The Shin Bet reported that eight rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel in September. Justice Minister Livni, who is leading negotiations with the Palestinians, said Israel seeks a final status agreement. Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Iranian missiles could potentially reach the US. The IDF's Judea and Samaria Division is taking steps to reemphasize the danger of entering certain areas of the West Bank after an IDF soldier was recently abducted and murdered by Palestinians.

Defense Minister Ya'alon warned that diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear program cannot be done with "wishful thinking." Israeli officials have reportedly held secret meetings with Gulf officials regarding Iran in recent weeks.