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Israeli officials said Egyptian military operations in North Sinai will continue for at least the next several months. Two Palestinians were killed during overnight clashes with Israeli forces in the West Bank. President Peres said the world must continue to pressure Iran. Foreign Minister Lieberman said Israel is serious about reaching an agreement with the Palestinians.

Hamas, Israel develop unwritten understanding for coexistence

Israel benefits from Hamas' decline

Israel opts for restraint in face of Lebanese provocation

An IDF soldier was shot and killed by a sniper in the Lebanese army. The IDF said it believes the sniper carried out the attack on "his own accord." White House officials recently briefed their Israeli counterparts regarding the nuclear deal reached with Iran last month.

A day with the IDF's Beduin trackers

A court indicted the Palestinian teen responsible for the murder of an IDF soldier last month. The IDF plans to cut the number of people allowed to complete their military service in non-IDF agencies. Israeli and Palestinian officials plan to increase coordination related to civilian emergencies.

A senior IDF official said there is no possibility that forces will completely withdraw from the Jordan Valley. Defense Minister Ya'alon charged that every Iranian embassy in the world is a base for terrorism. The IDF will soon deploy a new satellite system aimed at increasing real-time observation capabilities. Officials estimate that Hezbollah possesses 5,000 rockets that can strike Tel Aviv.

Is Salafist Jihadism Making Inroads into the Israeli-Palestinian Arena?

Germany is expected to sell two destroyers to Israel to help protect the country's gas fields. President Shimon Peres said he would be willing to meet his Iranian counterpart. Defense Minister Ya'alon said there is currently no partner for peace. With regard to the recent targeting of an IDF patrol near Syria, Ya'alon warned those in the region not to test Israel's red lines.

An IDF patrol vehicle was damaged as a result of an explosion near the Syria border. A resident of Majdal Shams was indicted for providing Syrian intelligence with details on IDF patrols. An IDF official said the situation in the city of Hebron was getting quieter. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are expected to go longer than the originally scheduled nine-month period.

A jihadist spark that could ignite the Israeli-Syrian border

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with Secretary of State Kerry to discuss the Iranian nuclear program and negotiations with the Palestinians. Authorities were on high alert over fears that Hezbollah may seek to carry out an attack following the recent murder of a senior commander. A criminal investigation will be opened against any IDF soldier entering Area A in the West Bank, which is under Palestinian Authority control.

Who Took Out Hezbollah's Hassan al-Laqqis?

Inside the Mossad's campaign to off its most dangerous foes, one by one

Authorities completed the construction of the Israel-Egypt border fence. Officials denied involvement in the killing of a Hezbollah commander near Beirut. Authorities will soon hold a simulation of a chemical weapons attack by a suicide bomber.

Armed Salafist movement emerges in West Bank

US, Stepping Up Role, Will Present West Bank Security Proposal to Israel

Defense Minister Ya'alon announced that Israel was providing some humanitarian aid to civilians in Syria near the border with Israel. He also said relations with the US remain "excellent." An IDF source said a recent attack on an IDF patrol near the border with Syria "was not stray fire." Officials have noticed an increase in the number of test rockets fired by Hamas in recent weeks.

An IDF patrol near the border with Syria came under fire. The Navy was placed on high alert to deal with a group of ships planning to break the blockade of Gaza. Israel announced plans to renew providing building material to the Gaza Strip, which had been suspended following the discovery of a Hamas terror tunnel into Israeli territory. An IDF official said there is a degree of indirect cooperation between Israel and Hamas. An Israeli Arab pled guilty to participating in the November 2012 bus bombing attempt in Tel Aviv.