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US Embassy plot reveals Israel's growing Al Qaeda problem

US designates Deputy Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

In its designation, the State Department noted that Iran is a key backer of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In addition, the State Department noted the increase in cooperation between PIJ and Hamas.

The Air Force targeted and killed two Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. The Shin Bet announced the arrest of three Palestinians involved in a "global jihad" terror plot that sought to target a number of sites in Israel, including the US Embassy. Shin Bet officials said they are not satisfied with Hamas' efforts to stop rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Defense Minister Ya'alon said Israel will continue to act in Gaza if Hamas failed to adequately suppress the other terror groups operating there.

Israel busts 'global jihad' terror cell planning attacks, including against US Embassy

The three operatives were reportedly recruited by a Gaza-based terrorists who claimed to work for al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri. News of the recent arrests comes about two months after Israel security forces killed three Salafi jihadists near Hebron.

Israeli Air Force kills 2 Palestinian terrorists in Gaza airstrike

Israel will be hard-pressed to respond to Sinai rocket attack

Sinai-based Ansar Jerusalem claims latest rocket attack on Eilat

Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the firing of a rocket at Eilat from the Sinai. At least one rocket was also fired from Gaza and landed in southern Israel. A cabinet committee rejected a bill that would label so-called "price-tag" attacks as terrorism. Defense Minister Ya'alon signed a security cooperation agreement with his Kazakh counterpart.

Geneva deal doesn't stop Iran's bid for a bomb: Israel

Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy

Officials said they plan to develop a laser-based missile defense system to deal with short-range rockets. The Air Force targeted a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative responsible for recent rocket attacks from Gaza. The government announced it would stop providing the public with gas masks after determining the threat of a chemical weapons attack had declined.

In response to rocket fire, the Israeli Air Force struck a number of terror sites in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian opened fire near a Jewish community in the West Bank, no injuries were reported. Secretary of State Kerry is planning to put out an interim document as the next step in ongoing peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The IDF Israel deployed an Iron Dome battery near Haifa Bay.

Hezbollah digs in for more conflict with Israel

The New Triangle of Egypt, Israel, and Hamas

The Yahya Ayyash Brigades claimed responsibility for a recent rocket attack against Israel. Israeli officials told Hamas it must do more to prevent rocket fire from Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu made a rare visit to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II to discuss ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians. Some schools in southern Israel without proper rocket protection are closed tomorrow due to the rocket threat from Gaza.

Yahya Ayyash Brigades takes credit for rocket attack against Israel

The group, which is named after a famous Hamas bombmaker, took credit for a recent attack around the time of the funeral of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon. Top jihadists, including an Abdullah Azzam Brigades official, have promoted the claim.

Authorities announced the exposure of a Hamas-linked plot to establish a terror cell in the West Bank. Israeli settlers reportedly defaced a mosque in the latest "price-tag" attack in the West Bank. Israeli officials said Palestinian Authority security forces recently foiled two Hamas terror plots from the West Bank. Five rockets fired from the Gaza Strip were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system; an additional rocket landed in an open area.

Defending Israel's Natural Gas

Israel exposes Hamas-linked group's West Bank terror plot

Israeli authorities believe Palestinian Authority security forces are afraid to deal with the growing threats emerging in some portions of the West Bank. Defense Minister Ya'alon apologized for comments regarding US Secretary of State Kerry's interest in the peace process. Ya'alon also warned that the West Bank will turn into Hamastan should Israel withdraw. Officials expressed concern that the Syrian regime may try to maintain small amounts of chemical weapons despite pledges to disarm.