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Hezbollah digs in for more conflict with Israel

The New Triangle of Egypt, Israel, and Hamas

The Yahya Ayyash Brigades claimed responsibility for a recent rocket attack against Israel. Israeli officials told Hamas it must do more to prevent rocket fire from Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu made a rare visit to Jordan to meet with King Abdullah II to discuss ongoing peace talks with the Palestinians. Some schools in southern Israel without proper rocket protection are closed tomorrow due to the rocket threat from Gaza.

Yahya Ayyash Brigades takes credit for rocket attack against Israel

The group, which is named after a famous Hamas bombmaker, took credit for a recent attack around the time of the funeral of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon. Top jihadists, including an Abdullah Azzam Brigades official, have promoted the claim.

Authorities announced the exposure of a Hamas-linked plot to establish a terror cell in the West Bank. Israeli settlers reportedly defaced a mosque in the latest "price-tag" attack in the West Bank. Israeli officials said Palestinian Authority security forces recently foiled two Hamas terror plots from the West Bank. Five rockets fired from the Gaza Strip were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system; an additional rocket landed in an open area.

Defending Israel's Natural Gas

Israel exposes Hamas-linked group's West Bank terror plot

Israeli authorities believe Palestinian Authority security forces are afraid to deal with the growing threats emerging in some portions of the West Bank. Defense Minister Ya'alon apologized for comments regarding US Secretary of State Kerry's interest in the peace process. Ya'alon also warned that the West Bank will turn into Hamastan should Israel withdraw. Officials expressed concern that the Syrian regime may try to maintain small amounts of chemical weapons despite pledges to disarm.

A Report on Suicide Bombings in 2013

A senior IDF official said recent Hamas operations in the West Bank were being "directed from Gaza via Turkey." Officials said Israel can now target five times as many targets in a single day as it did during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Due to budget issues, the IDF has been forced to delay the deployment of two Iron Dome missile defense batteries.

In response to mortar fire, the IDF struck Palestinian terrorists and a terror site in Gaza. Security officials said they are concerned that Hamas' ability to hold a ceasefire is waning. A meeting between Israeli and Palestinian peace activists in the West Bank was canceled as a result of attacks by anti-normalization Palestinians.

Israeli military lifts veil on its Iran listeners

Authorities arrested a Palestinian near Abu Dis after numerous weapons were found in his home. Defense Minister Ya'alon praised the IDF and Shin Bet for thwarting numerous terror attacks. Ya'alon also denied reports suggesting Hezbollah had obtained Yakhont anti-ship missiles. The Defense Minister also denounced recent "price-tag" attacks by Israeli settlers as "terror."

Palestinian Islamic Jihad operatives behind recent bus bombing near Tel Aviv

Hezbollah Upgrades Missile Threat to Israel

Secret Palestinian report warns of danger of new intifada

The Defense Ministry designated a Belgium-based NGO as a Hamas front organization. A court convicted a Palestinian in the murder of two Israelis, including an infant, in a 2011 rock-throwing incident. Prime Minister Netanyahu said Palestinian celebrations following the recent prisoner release show that the Palestinian Authority has failed to educate for peace.

The next batch of Palestinian prisoners was released by Israel. Defense Minister Ya'alon said Sunni jihadists may have been responsible for recent rocket fire from Lebanon into northern Israel. A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel.

Wary of rockets, IDF beefs up security on Golan Heights

In response to rocket fire from Lebanon, the IDF struck the source of the attack with artillery fire. Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel holds the Lebanese government and Hezbollah responsible for the rocket attack.