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Hezbollah expanding drone use to Syria and Lebanon

Two suspected al Qaeda operatives who sought to conduct bombings in Israel were indicted. Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian who had opened fire on Israeli authorities and civilians. Defense Minister Ya'alon said Hezbollah now possesses 100,000 rockets and missiles. The head of IDF intelligence said there are now at least 30,000 jihadists in Syria and that cyberwarfare may be more revolutionary than gunpowder or air power.

Abbas proposes three-year Israeli pullout from West Bank

Petraeus: Terrorists With Missiles Could Down Global Air Traffic

Some Israeli Defense Ministry computers were recently targeted in an apparent cyberattack. An IDF vehicle traveling along the Gaza border was targeted by an IED. The Shin Bet released its annual for 2013, which found a sharp rise in the number of terror attacks in the West Bank. According to the report, only 74 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza toward Israel in 2013. The Shin Bet also noted that many of the Palestinian terrorists deported in the exchange for Gilad Shalit in 2011 have returned to terror-related activities.

Israeli Soldiers Confront Hezbollah Terrorists in Lifelike Simulation

Saudi MSC in Jerusalem fighter fought in Libya, sought to join 'mujahideen' in Somalia

Saudi national Adi Saleh Abdullah al Fudhayli al Hadhli, who died in June 2012 in an attack against Israel, had originally sought to join the "mujahideen" in Somalia. In 2011, he traveled to Libya to fight in the Libyan civil war.

Israel extends detention of suspected al Qaeda men

A senior Israeli official said there are currently 30,000 al Qaeda-linked fighters in Syria. The official also said there are approximately 1,200 al Qaeda-linked fighters in the Gaza Strip. A Palestinian man in Gaza was killed during a cross-border confrontation with Israeli forces.

US Embassy plot reveals Israel's growing Al Qaeda problem

US designates Deputy Secretary-General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

In its designation, the State Department noted that Iran is a key backer of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In addition, the State Department noted the increase in cooperation between PIJ and Hamas.

The Air Force targeted and killed two Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. The Shin Bet announced the arrest of three Palestinians involved in a "global jihad" terror plot that sought to target a number of sites in Israel, including the US Embassy. Shin Bet officials said they are not satisfied with Hamas' efforts to stop rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Defense Minister Ya'alon said Israel will continue to act in Gaza if Hamas failed to adequately suppress the other terror groups operating there.

Israel busts 'global jihad' terror cell planning attacks, including against US Embassy

The three operatives were reportedly recruited by a Gaza-based terrorists who claimed to work for al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri. News of the recent arrests comes about two months after Israel security forces killed three Salafi jihadists near Hebron.

Israeli Air Force kills 2 Palestinian terrorists in Gaza airstrike

Israel will be hard-pressed to respond to Sinai rocket attack

Sinai-based Ansar Jerusalem claims latest rocket attack on Eilat

Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the firing of a rocket at Eilat from the Sinai. At least one rocket was also fired from Gaza and landed in southern Israel. A cabinet committee rejected a bill that would label so-called "price-tag" attacks as terrorism. Defense Minister Ya'alon signed a security cooperation agreement with his Kazakh counterpart.

Geneva deal doesn't stop Iran's bid for a bomb: Israel

Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy

Officials said they plan to develop a laser-based missile defense system to deal with short-range rockets. The Air Force targeted a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative responsible for recent rocket attacks from Gaza. The government announced it would stop providing the public with gas masks after determining the threat of a chemical weapons attack had declined.