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The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan released an audiotape in German of a nasheed, or song, that praised slain al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. "The fact is that our best man and the Sheikh of Allah and the mujahideen is no longer amongst us," the IMU said.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan released a martyrdom tape about "Abdullah the Essen," a German citizen known as Miqdad who wanted "to kill Germans." He was killed by US forces on April 23, 2011.

The US transferred Ahmed Wali Siddiqui, a German citizen, back to his home country. Siddiqui was arrested in Afghanistan and disclosed details of a plot by the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan to carry out attacks in Europe.

Tajik security forces claimed to have killed Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan commander Abdullo Rakhimov and 10 fighters during an operation in the east; one policeman was killed. Rakhimov, who is also known as Mullo Abdullo, carried out multiple attacks in Tajikistan.

The US killed Mohammed Amin, a top leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan who also served as the Taliban's deputy shadow governor of Takhar province in Afghanistan. Amin and several of his bodyguards were killed in an airstrike in Mustaq district in Takhar.

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan announced the death of its emir, Tahir Yuldashev. Abu Usman Adil, Yuldashev's deputy, has been named the new leader of the al Qaeda-linked terror group. Abu Usman called for jihad in Kyrgyzstan.