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Suicide bomber kills 4 ISAF troops, 12 Afghans in Parwan

Pakistani forces focus on 'foreigners' in North Waziristan operation

Jihadists create 'no-go zones' in northern Afghanistan

IMU praises slain Syrian Islamist brigade commander

Suicide bomber kills district chief in attack at Kunduz mosque

Al Qaeda video highlights fighting in Ghazni

IMU-linked insurgent leader targeted in northern Afghanistan

Taliban suicide assault team storms governor's compound in Panjshir

ISAF focusing efforts against IMU in Baghlan district

Senior IMU leader targeted in Samangan province

ISAF kills, captures 2 IMU facilitators in Takhar

Latest IMU capture indicates resiliency of terror group in Afghanistan

Another IMU leader captured in Afghanistan as Obama announces US force cut

Suicide bombers strike in Kunduz and Ghazni

Mullah Nazir orders all Mehsud tribesmen to leave Wana

ISAF captures another IMU weapons facilitator in Kunduz

IMU video shows attack in Pakistan's 'Tribal Areas'

ISAF captures IMU 'financial facilitator' in Kunduz

ISAF captures another senior IMU leader in Kunduz

Taliban suicide bombers strike in Wardak