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Israel warns of long Gaza war as Palestinian fighters cross border

Islamic Jihad: No ceasefire until Gaza blockade is lifted

Israeli Troops Battle Hamas, Uncover Gaza Tunnels

Hamas homemade rocket industry bypasses crumbling supply lines

Hamas, Islamic Jihad warn Israel about retaliation in Gaza

Islamic Jihad Gains New Traction in Gaza

Hamas' growing rivalry with Islamic Jihad

Islamic Jihad members push for internal reform

Iran resumes monetary aid to Hamas

3 Palestinian militants killed in clashes with Israeli forces in Jenin

IDF targets Gaza rocket squad, at least 2 killed

More Palestinian kidnapping plots thwarted by Israel

Hamas terror cell in Hebron exposed

Report: IRGC missile experts in Gaza aiding Palestinian terror groups

Weeks after thwarted plot, Islamic Jihad threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

Islamic Jihad: Gaza ceasefire not end of battle

Hamas leaders emerge stronger than ever, Palestinians say

Arms With a Long Reach Help Hamas

One shady operator provides glimpse of supply line to Iran

Mujahideen Shura Council member killed by Israel likely former member of Islamic Jihad