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Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Kirkuk, eight al Qaeda operatives including two Syrians in Anbar, and an escaped prisoner in Tal Afar. Iraqi soldiers accidentally killed a civilian in a shooting in Mosul.

Insurgents killed five civilians in Hillah, two policemen in Samarra, and a surgeon in Baghdad. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Hillah. Police arrested a father, who killed his daughter because she joined al Qaeda.

Security forces killed a Syrian al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Mosul, and detained 35 wanted men in Maysan and 10 more in Kirkuk. Insurgents killed a soldier and a member of the health ministry in Baghdad.

Iraq's Parliament approved Nouri al Maliki as Prime Minister, and also approved three deputy prime ministers and 29 cabinet positions. Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Mosul. Insurgents killed an intelligence officer in Baghdad.

The Iraqiya party, led by Iyad Allawi, will join a government headed by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki. Iraqiya agreed to join after a ban on three members of its party was lifted. The government is expected to be formed on Monday.

Security forces arrested a female suicide bomber in Baqubah, and 11 wanted men in Miqdadiyah. Insurgents wounded four civilians in Baghdad, two soldiers in Mosul, and a policeman and a civilian in Ninewa.

Security forces detained 39 "armed groups' leaders" in Najaf and two wanted men in Kirkuk. Insurgents killed a former electricity ministry official in Baghdad. The UN Security Council lifted the remaining sanctions on Iraq.

Insurgents killed three civilian civilians in attacks in Baghdad and Kirkuk. Security forces arrested three terrorists involved in the killing of soldiers and civilians in Fallujah. The Army arrested the chairman of the security council in Amiriyat al Fallujah.

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed three civilians and a policemen in an attack on Shia worshipers in Baqubah. Insurgents killed three civilians in an IED attack in Babil.

Al Qaeda suicide bombers killed three civilians in Ramadi and Diyala. Insurgents killed two policemen in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. Security forces detained three wanted men in Baghdad and foiled a suicide attack in Balad.

The US military confirmed a soldier was killed yesterday during operations in the Iraqi south. Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Al Kut , and four insurgents in Kirkuk who killed a policeman in an attack on a checkpoint.

An Iraqi newspaper claimed a US soldier was killed in a sniper attack in Babil province on Saturday. Security forces captured a female al Qaeda suicide bomber before she could attack a Shia procession in Diyala province.

Security forces detained 35 al Qaeda leaders and fighters in Anbar, seven wanted men in Basrah, and four terrorists in Mosul. Two people were killed in bombings in Baghdad. Deaths due to the insurgency have dropped for the month of November.

Al Qaeda's emir for Wasit province was captured in Al Kut. Security forces arrested 52 wanted men in Mosul, Kirkuk, and Diyala, 11 al Qaeda operatives in Karbala, and five insurgents in Babil. Insurgents killed two government officials and a policeman in Baghdad.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed three children in a bombing at a home of an Awakening leader in Diyala. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Mosul and five more in Basrah. Authorities detained 21 policemen after a Special Groups commander escaped from a jail in Nasiriyah.

Insurgents killed two policemen in Mosul and three civilians in separate attacks in Baghdad. The influx of foreign fighters into Iraq has increased; some officials claim as many as 250 are thought to have entered Iraq last month.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 13 people, including six Shia pilgrims, in bombings in Baghdad; Iran denied its citizens were killed in the bombings. Al Qaeda in Iraq denied Iraqi security forces captured the cell behind the attack on a Christian church in Baghdad.

Security forces detained 39 al Qaeda fighters during raids in Anbar province. An Iraqi newspaper released photographs of al Qaeda's top two leaders in the country. Insurgents killed a policeman in Baghdad and attempted to assassinate the intelligence chief of Dhi Qhar province.

Security forces killed three terrorists and detained a Moroccan in Mosul, and arrested a senior al Qaeda leader in al-Furat al-Aswat and 17 wanted men in Kirkuk. The interior ministry claimed al Qaeda's network in Anbar has been rolled up. Insurgents killed an Army officer in Jalawlaa and a civilian in Mosul.

Insurgents killed two policemen in a bombing in Anbar and tortured and executed three young men kidnapped in in Balad. Security forces captured a car bomb maker in Mosul.