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Islamic State patrols town north of Baghdad

Islamic State suicide bomber kills Badr militia leader in Baghdad

German, Saudi, and Turkish Islamic State fighters launch complex suicide attack

Islamic State uses MANPADS to shoot down Iraqi helicopter near Baiji

Islamic State releases pictures of training camp in Kirkuk

Chechen unit from Islamic State reportedly fighting at Kobane

Airstrikes in Syria continue to focus on Islamic State, not al Qaeda

Islamic State assaults Baiji oil refinery

Abu Sayyaf Group threatens to kill German hostages

CENTCOM videos show airstrikes on Islamic State facilities in Syria

US airstrikes in Iraq expand to Kirkuk area

Islamic State spokesman again threatens West in new speech

France launches airstrikes in northeastern Iraq

US air campaign against Islamic State expands to southwestern Baghdad

On the CIA estimate of number of fighters in the Islamic State

'Moderate' Syrian Revolutionaries Front continues to support al Qaeda

The Islamic State's global reach

Mission creep in Iraq continues as US launches airstrikes in Amerli

Islamic State goes from 'junior varsity' to all pro in 8 months, Admiral Kirby says

General Dempsey: 'It is possible to contain' the Islamic State