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Al Qaeda suicide bombers kill 15 in attacks on Iraqi police, Shia pilgrims

Suicide bombers struck at a police training center and a gathering of Shia pilgrims in the northeastern province of Baqubah.

Al Qaeda suicide bomber kills over 40 police recruits in central Iraq

The suicide bomber detonated his vest among 300 Iraqis lining up to join the police in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit.

Saudi Arabia names 47 most-wanted terrorists

None of the 47 al Qaeda operatives are in Saudi Arabia. Twenty-seven of them are thought to be in Pakistan and Afghanistan, 16 are thought to be in Yemen, and four more are believed to be in Iraq.

Swedish suicide bomber trained in Mosul: Iraqi official

Taimour Abdulwahab, who attempted to kill people in a failed attack Stockholm in mid-December 2010, trained in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul along with an Egyptian, according to Iraqi officials.

Suspected suicide bomber kills 21 in attack on Egyptian church

The Interior Ministry said it believes that "foreign elements undertook planning and execution" of the blast outside a Coptic church in Alexandria.

Suicide assault team kills Mosul emergency police chief

The commander of the 1st Emergency Battalion in Mosul had been targeted by al Qaeda on five other occasions. He had recently killed al Qaeda's top leader in the city.

Al Qaeda in Iraq's security minister captured in Anbar

Hazem Abdul Razzaq Al Zawi, the security minister of the Islamic State of Iraq, has disclosed the real names of al Qaeda's top leaders in the country.

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims massacre at Christian church in Baghdad

An al Qaeda suicide assault team was killed by Iraqi security forces after taking control of a church in the Iraqi capital. Three Yemenis and two Egyptians are believed to have carried out the attack.

Analysis: Al Qaeda martyrdom tape shows nature and extent of terror group's reach in Afghanistan

Winds-5-As-Sahab-thumb.JPG"Winds of Paradise - Part 5" eulogizes five al Qaeda commanders who fought in seven of Afghanistan's provinces and are representative of the unnamed leaders who serve as the terror group's deep bench.

Iran sends another dangerous Shia terror commander back to Iraq

Abu Mustafa al Sheibani, the commander of the notorious Sheibani Network, returned to Iraq over the summer. Sheibani is one of the most capable assets of Iran's Qods Force inside Iraq.

US official explains National Counterterrorism Center's view of the enemy

NCTC director Michael Leiter testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Leiter's testimony highlights al Qaeda's close ties to other jihadist organizations.

Iraqi troops repel al Qaeda suicide assault on Baghdad base

Five suicide bombers, four Iraqi soldiers, and three civilians were reported killed in the daylight assault on a military headquarters in Rusafa.

Al Qaeda suicide bombers target Iraqi police

Suicide bombers struck police stations in Baghdad and Al Kut, while remotely triggered car bombs were detonated outside police stations in Karbala and Basrah.

'Shiite Zarqawi' returns to Baghdad from Iran: report

abu_dura.jpgAbu Dura, the notorious Mahdi Army commander, is said to have returned to Iraq after receiving training from Iran's Qods Force. Abu Dura is known for torturing and executing Sunnis in Baghdad, often with the aid of a power drill.

Fatah al Islam chief killed while traveling to Iraq

Abdulrahman Awad, the leader of Fatah al Islam, was killed along with his deputy, Ghazi Faysal Abdullah, by Lebanese security forces in the Bekaa Valley as they attempted to join al Qaeda in Iraq, according to a statement released by the terror group.

State Department: Iran supports Taliban, Iraqi militants

The State Department's Country Reports on Terrorism for 2009 highlights, once again, Iran's ongoing sponsorship of the Taliban and Iraqi militants.

Iranian Qods Force commanders linked to Taliban: US Treasury

IRGC-poster.jpgGeneral Hossein Musavi , who is the commander of Qods Force's Ansar Corps, and Colonel Hasan Mortezavi have "provided financial and material support to the Taliban" in Afghanistan.

Iran backs three Shia terror groups in Iraq: General Odierno

Iran continues to back the League of the Righteous, the Mahdi Army spin-off Promise Day Brigade, and the Hezbollah Brigades.

Suicide bombers target anti-al Qaeda Awakening in Iraq

Attacks at headquarters in Baghdad and Al Qaim killed 41 Iraqis. Another Awakening leader was killed in an IED attack in Abu Ghraib.

Iranian-backed Shia terror group remains a threat in Iraq: General Odierno

Hezbollah Brigades has imposed an "increased threat" over the past several weeks, the US' top commander in Iraq said. The terror group remains tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.