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Fatah al Islam chief killed while traveling to Iraq

Abdulrahman Awad, the leader of Fatah al Islam, was killed along with his deputy, Ghazi Faysal Abdullah, by Lebanese security forces in the Bekaa Valley as they attempted to join al Qaeda in Iraq, according to a statement released by the terror group.

State Department: Iran supports Taliban, Iraqi militants

The State Department's Country Reports on Terrorism for 2009 highlights, once again, Iran's ongoing sponsorship of the Taliban and Iraqi militants.

Iranian Qods Force commanders linked to Taliban: US Treasury

IRGC-poster.jpgGeneral Hossein Musavi , who is the commander of Qods Force's Ansar Corps, and Colonel Hasan Mortezavi have "provided financial and material support to the Taliban" in Afghanistan.

Iran backs three Shia terror groups in Iraq: General Odierno

Iran continues to back the League of the Righteous, the Mahdi Army spin-off Promise Day Brigade, and the Hezbollah Brigades.

Suicide bombers target anti-al Qaeda Awakening in Iraq

Attacks at headquarters in Baghdad and Al Qaim killed 41 Iraqis. Another Awakening leader was killed in an IED attack in Abu Ghraib.

Iranian-backed Shia terror group remains a threat in Iraq: General Odierno

Hezbollah Brigades has imposed an "increased threat" over the past several weeks, the US' top commander in Iraq said. The terror group remains tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Al Qaeda in Iraq is 'broken,' cut off from leaders in Pakistan, says top US general

Odierno-thumb.jpegGeneral Ray Odierno said that Iraqi and US forces have captured or killed 34 of the top 42 al Qaeda in Iraq leaders over the past three months. The terror group is cut off from the senior leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan and is also having difficulty recruiting.

Al Qaeda appoints new 'war minister' for Iraq

Nasser al Din Allah Abu Suleiman is al Qaeda in Iraq's new leader. He vowed to subject Iraqi Shia to "a long and gloomy night and darker days colored in blood."

Al Qaeda in Iraq: Last stand, or sign of resilience?

Al Qaeda in Iraq's recent deadly nationwide assault highlights the shifting tactics of a terror group that has seen its top leaders killed or captured over the past several months.

Iraqi forces arrest leader of Ansar al Islam

Abu Abdullah al Shafi, the top leader of Ansar al Islam, was captured along with seven associates during a raid in Baghdad. Shafi has close ties with Osama bin Laden.

Al Qaeda in Iraq confirms deaths of al Masri, Baghdadi

Al Qaeda in Iraq's sharia minister is quoted in a statement released on the Internet six days after the raid occurred.

67 killed in bombings in Baghdad and Anbar

The office of Iranian-backed anti-US cleric Muqtada al Sadr was the main target in Baghdad, while the homes of a judge and police officers were bombed outside of Ramadi. Iraqi forces detained al Qaeda's military commander in Anbar.

Iraqi forces detained al Qaeda's 'Ruler of Baghdad'

Manaf Abdulrehim al Rawi had been appointed the emir of the Iraqi capital in 2008 by the recently slain leader of the Islamic State of Iraq. Rawi's detention several weeks ago helped lead to the deaths of al Qaeda's top two leaders in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi.

Iraqi forces kill al Qaeda's top military commander in the north

The death of the northern emir takes place two days after the two al Qaeda leaders in Iraq were killed in a raid near Tikrit.

US and Iraqi forces kill Al Masri and Baghdadi, al Qaeda in Iraq's top two leaders

Abu Ayyub al Masri and Abu Omar al Baghdadi were killed during raids in the Thar Thar region. Also killed were a top aide to al Masri and Baghdadi's son.

Iraqi forces capture two senior al Qaeda leaders in Mosul

Al Qaeda in Iraq's emir for Mosul and the emir for eastern Mosul are thought to have been detained during separate operations in the city.

35 killed in attacks against civilians in Baghdad

Seven bombs were detonated in residential areas of the capital as al Qaeda in Iraq attempts to reignite a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia.

Terror attacks near embassies rock Baghdad, kill 41

Three suicide bombers targeted the Egyptian, Iranian, and German embassies one day after an al Qaeda assault team attacked just south of the capital, killing 25.

Iraqi forces strike blow to al Qaeda in Iraq's northern leadership cadre

Al Qaeda in Iraq's top emir in northern Iraq and Mosul is among six leaders killed or captured since mid-March.

US sanctions two Europe-based al Qaeda operatives

Ahmad Khalaf Shabib al Dulaymi supports al Qaeda in Iraq as well as the global network, while Atilla Selek supports the Islamic Jihad Union and has operated in Pakistan.