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US releases Iranian Qods Force agents

IRGC-poster.jpgThe release of the Irbil Five follows the release of Laith Qazali. "You'd better get used to it," US officials said.

US sanctions Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades and Qods Force adviser

A deputy to Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani, Qods Force's commander, was designated for directly supporting the Mahdi Army Special Groups activity inside Iraq.

US releases Iraqi Shia terror group leader

Laith-Qazali.JPGLaith al Qazali, the brother of Qais Qazali and a leader of the Qods Force-backed League of the Righteous, a Mahdi Army splinter group, was set free as part of negotiations to secure the release of five British hostages.

Al Qaeda operatives targeting Pakistani leaders

After a meeting held recently in Afghanistan's Paktia province, Al Qaeda has transferred seven operatives from the Iraq theater to target senior Pakistani leaders.

US, Iraqi forces target Syrian-based network

The raid targeted the foreign fighter facilitation network run by Abu Khalaf, who was designated as a global terrorist just days ago. Three of Khalaf's aides were captured.

Senior al Qaeda leader in Syria sanctioned by US Treasury

Abu Khalaf funnels suicide bombers into Iraq and the Levant while operating from Syria and Iraq.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle update: May 2009

Iraqi troops are receiving training on 120mm mortars while K9 training is underway for both Army and police units.

Al Qaeda leader Abu Omar al Baghdadi confirmed captured: Prime Minister Maliki

Iraq's leader said security forces captured Baghdadi after a two-month-long covert intelligence operation. The US military has not confirmed the report.

US breaks up Mahdi Army 'Promise Day Brigade' cell in Al Kut

The Mahdi Army is working directly with the Iranian-backed Special Groups. The operation sparked controversy as Iraqi officials claimed the US conducted the raid without permission, a charge the US denied.

Islamic State of Iraq leader reported captured

Unconfirmed reports from the Iraqi Army said Abu Omar al Baghdadi was captured in eastern Baghdad. The US military has not confirmed the report. More than 60 Iraqis have been killed in two suicide bombings in Baghdad and Diyala.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: April 2009

The budget crunch has halted the expansion of the Iraqi Security Forces. The purchase of major weapons systems is up in the air.

Iraqi ground forces 'total force' mobilization structure

A look at existing and planned ground components of the Iraqi Armed Forces at the end of Phase 3 development in 2020.

Three Iranian Qods Force agents captured in Iraq

The Qods Force operatives were detained in Diyala province, where a senior Qods Force officer was captured three months ago.

Al Qaeda in Iraq strikes for third time in Baghdad area

Three major bombings in the Baghdad region indicate al Qaeda in Iraq can still effectively conduct terror attacks but lacks the capacity to exert real influence.

Coalition cuts combat brigades by half since peak of US 'surge'

The recent announcement to cut three brigades in Iraq by the summer will halve the number of brigades in Iraq since the summer of 2007, while the number Iraqi Security Forces personnel has doubled.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: March 2009

The dramatic drop in oil prices has created a budget crunch that may impact equipment purchases for the Army and police forces.

Female suicide bomber kills 30 in Karbala, Iraq

The attack is the third targeting Shia pilgrims traveling to Karbala over the past three days.

Iraqi forces kill senior Mahdi Army operative

Tariq Azab was killed in Diwaniyah during a raid by police; he had recently returned from Iran. US warns that Iran continues to back Shia terror groups.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle update: February 2009

The transfer of control of provincial security will be completed by July; Diyala, Ninewa, and Baghdad are the last provinces to be transferred.

Iraqi Army Movements In Kirkuk and Salahadin

Kurdish press report Iraqi Army movements as a threat, but the purpose of these movements is to provide election support and the training of a new division headquarters and two new brigades.