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US, UN sanction al Qaeda in Iraq leader

Muthanna Harith Sulayman al Dhari, the son of the leader of Iraq's radical Association of Muslim Scholars, provides logistical and financial support for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Race tightens between Iraq's Maliki, Allawi

With more than 80 percent of the vote counted, Maliki's State of Law party and Allawi's secular Iraqi National Movement party are in a dead heat.

Maliki, Allawi surge in Iraq's early vote count

Iraq-election-results-2010-thumb.jpgPrime Minister Maliki looks strong in the South, while Iyad Allawi gets the vote in much of the North. The Shia Islamist parties are coming in a distant third.

Suicide attacks pick up as Iraqis begin voting

Over the past 24 hours, al Qaeda suicide bombers have struck at polling stations and police in Baghdad and Baqubah as preliminary voting for the national parliamentary election begins.

Iraqi, US forces kill 10 during clash with Hezbollah Brigades near the Iranian border

The clash began after Hezbollah Brigades fighters attacked a joint US-Iraqi force north of Amarah. Twenty-two Hezbollah Brigades fighters were captured.

Iranian-backed Shia terror group kidnaps US civilian in Baghdad

Salomi-thumb.jpgThe League of the Righteous has kidnapped a US citizen and backed out of "reconciliation talks" with the Iraqi government. The kidnapping comes only a month after the US released the top leader of the group.

Bombings kill 41 Shia pilgrims in Karbala

The attack is the third major strike against Shia worshippers in five days and the sixth major strike since Jan. 25.

Female suicide bomber kills 54 pilgrims in Baghdad

The suicide bomber killed mostly women and children as they traveled to Karbala as part of a religious ritual.

US kills senior Syrian-based al Qaeda facilitator in Mosul

Abu Khalaf was killed during a Jan. 22 raid in the northern city. According to US intelligence, he entered Iraq last fall to direct operations.

Suicide attack at Baghdad police forensics lab kills 18

More than 80 Iraqis were wounded in the second suicide attack in the Iraqi capital in two days.

Bombings hit Baghdad's hotels

Three car bombs detonated 10 minutes apart outside the Sheraton, Al Hamraa, and Babylon hotels, killing 36 and wounding 71 more.

US releases 'dangerous' Iranian proxy behind the murder of US troops

Qais Qazali, the leader of the League of the Righteous, an Iranian-backed terror group that operates in Iraq, was set free in exchange for a British hostage.

Iraq continues crackdown on Iranian-backed terror groups

Since Nov. 6, Iraqi security forces have detained 60 members of the Shia terror groups who are collectively known as the Special Groups by the US military.

Iraqi troops capture Mahdi Army military leader

A senior Promise Day Brigade facilitator with direct links to leadership in Iran was captured in Baghdad. Iraq has stepped up operations against the Mahdi Army.

Suicide attacks killed more than 120 Iraqis in Baghdad

A series of coordinated suicide and car bomb attacks in Baghdad targeted a court complex, a neighborhood near the Interior Ministry, a mosque, and a market.

Eastern Syria becoming a new al Qaeda haven

Al Qaeda is teaming up with Ba'athist elements, sparking fears that eastern Syrian will "begin to look like northwestern Pakistan."

Tajik rebels join al Qaeda

Members of a rebel military unit have enlisted to fight with al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, according to the Tajik National Security Committee.

Iraqi forces search for Qods Force agents

Security officials in Al Kut have launched a search for four known Iranian Qods Force operatives.

Al Qaeda takes credit for Baghdad suicide bombings

Al Qaeda's front, the Islamic State in Iraq, said the attacks were against "the rejectionist Shi'ite state." The attacks are thought to have been executed from inside the International Zone.

Suicide bombers target Iraqi ministries, kill 132

A pair of suicide bombers detonated simultaneously outside of Iraqi government buildings in the heart of Baghdad, killing more than 130 Iraqis in one of the worst attacks in the capital in years.