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Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: September 2008 update

Anbar is the eleventh province to go under Iraqi control, the 17th Division takes control of southern Baghdad, and more.

US detains 7 League of the Righteous operatives in Iraq

The US has captured several senior leaders of the Iranian-backed, Mahdi Army offshoot since identifying the group two weeks ago.

Coalition forces target Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad

Twenty Hezbollah Brigades operatives have been captured in the past two months. The detentions have provided insight on the group's propaganda efforts.

Senior Special Groups leader captured at Baghdad airport

The unnamed leader has traveled to Iran and Lebanon to consult with Iranian agents and Hezbollah. He was also behind the June 24 bombing attack at the Sadr City District Advisory Council meeting that killed two US soldiers, two members of the US State Department, and six Iraqis.

Three senior al Qaeda in Iraq leaders captured in Baghdad

A senior al Qaeda adviser, a district commander, and an adviser to Obu Omar al Baghdadi were captured during raids over the past two weeks. Both played a crucial part in al Qaeda's terror campaign in 2007.

US draws down forces as Iraqis stand up security forces

The US plan to draw down forces in Iraq was announced by General Petraeus in a September 2007 briefing to Congress. The drawdown schedule is based on the Iraqi forces taking over responsibility for security.

Bungled raid in Diyala threatens political developments, military operations

Sunni-Shia tensions boil over in Diyala province as an unidentified force raided the governor's office and killed his aide after attempting to arrest a Sunni member of the provincial parliament.

New Special Groups splinter emerges on Iraqi scene

The Asaib al Haq, or League of the Righteous, a terror group backed by Iran's Qods Force, is being targeted by Coalition forces in the Baghdad region and the South.

Sons of Iraq patrol recon - building relationships one night at a time

US troops accompany Tarmiyah's local security forces during patrols in the city.

US Army creates non-lethal platoon to handle reconstruction as violence subsides

A Stryker platoon is assigned to administer reconstruction and security projects in northern Diyala province.

Tarmiyah's Sons of Iraq: security for the short term

Tarmiyah's Sons of Iraq provide a crucial component to securing the one-time al Qaeda in Iraq stronghold.

Iran continues to train Shia terror groups for attacks in Iraq

US military intelligence identifies the location of Qods Force camps inside Iran. Hezbollah is involved in the training of Shia terror groups.

Iraqi Army beefs up armored forces

Iraq's arms purchases provides insight on the potential distribution of armor in the Iraqi Army.

Diyala governor survives potential coup d'état, suicide bomber

Governor Ra'ad Rashid al Tamini may have one of the toughest jobs in the world trying to bring order in Iraq's turbulent Diyala province. Tamini fired the provincial chief of police after he failed to take orders from the provincial government.

Sons of Iraq payday - The '$100 Bill Strategy' in action

The US administers the payment of the local security forces in Tarmiyah. The strategy is paying dividends.

Coalition forces capture 9 Hezbollah Brigades operatives in Baghdad

The suspects were detained in Adhamiyah, which borders Sadr City to the northwest. A cell leader and weapons smuggler, a propaganda expert, and an IRAM facilitator were among those captured.

The Chai count

The US Army discovers a new way to measure the effectiveness of counterinsurgency efforts in Diyala province.

On the offensive in northern Diyala

afghn-attacks1-v2-thumb-2.jpgIraq's Quick Reaction Forces moves through upper Diyala province in the largest Iraqi offensive in five years.

More than 375 suspected al Qaeda fighters detained in Diyala operation

One week into Operation Omens of Prosperity, the Iraqi-led operation has resulted in the capture of six senior al Qaeda leaders and has secured the Balad Ruz region.

In Pictures: US and Iraqis in Tarmiyah

The Sons of Iraq, US soldiers, and Iraqi troops work together to secure Tarmiyah, a former al Qaeda stronghold in Salahadin province.