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Iraq develops the National Police mechanized forces

Iraq's National Police will begin to take over internal security as capabilities increase, freeing the Army to focus on external threats.

In Mosul, Americans felled by rogue Iraqi soldier

An Iraqi soldier who has served for four years was behind last week's shooting that killed two American soldiers and wounded six. His motive is still unclear.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: December 2008

Iraqi forces are massing in Mosul to battle al Qaeda and the insurgency.

Coalition forces target Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad

Seven Hezbollah Brigades terrorists have been captured or killed during raids over the past three days.

Iraqi Army develops the heavy mechanized and armored forces

Armored and mechanized forces convert the existing, basic light infantry force into a heavier, more capable force able to deal with external threats.

US military defines Mahdi Army as 'militia insurgency group'

Muqtada-Sadr-image.jpgThe move may signal a change in posture against the Mahdi Army and Muqtada al Sadr. It also highlights the decline of the Sadrist movement over the past two years.

Iraqi Army develops its light armored forces

Recent weapons purchases shed light on the possibile force structure of Iraqi Army's light armored forces, including reconnaissance and cavalry units.

16 Iraqis killed in morning bombings in Baghdad

Al Qaeda suspected of using a mentally handicapped female suicide bomber in one of the attacks outside of Baghdad's Green Zone.

On walk across Mosul, general sees gains and room for more

The US commander of Multinational Division North assesses the security situation in Mosul during a visit to the northern city.

US forces capture 14 Iraqi Shia terrorists in Baghdad

Eight League of the Righteous operatives and six Hezbollah Brigades operatives are captured in Baghdad over the past 24 hours.

US forces kill al Qaeda in Iraq's leader in eastern Anbar

Hajji Hammadi, al Qaeda's emir in Karmah and Abu Ghraib, was behind numerous deadly attacks, including the suicide bombing in June that killed a US Marine battalion commander. Hammadi is the fourth senior al Qaeda leader killed in the past six weeks.

Iraq develops its light combat divisions

The Iraqi Army is equiping seven to eight light divisions, including commando, air assault, mountain units.

In Mosul, Iraqi units overshadow Americans

Iraqi Army and Police units are at the forefront of the fighting in Mosul, a city often described as al Qaeda's last urban stronghold in Iraq.

US forces detain senior Iranian Qods Force officer in Baghdad

The Iranian agent used a construction company as cover to enter Iraq. US forces found cocaine in his possession.

Leaving Baghdad, battalion recalls a long deployment

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment reflect on a year's tour in Northwestern Baghdad, where the security situation has improved drastically since last spring, and the changing nature of the mission.

After nemesis' death, Sons of Iraq leader recovers from attack

Abu Ghazwan was behind numerous attacks in the Tarmiyah region, including a bombing that seriously wounded the leader of the Sons of Iraqi who helped restore the peace.

In Shia Baghdad, a Sunni tribe recalls weathering the storm

The Abu Ghaydat tribe in a small Sunni corner of the Kadhimiya district fended off attacks by the Mahdi Army for several years before the "surge." The attacks stopped after US forces took down the Mahdi Army command in the district.

Iraqi, US forces strike al Qaeda's network in the North

Security forces killed five al Qaeda operatives and captured 149 suspects during operations in Diyala and Ninewa provinces. An Iraqi soldier killed two US troops and wounded six during a patrol in Mosul.

Iraqi troops kill senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader

Abu Ghazwan, the former leader of the "northern Baghdad belts," was killed in a joint raid in the Tarmiyah region.

In Hurriyah, Sunni families trickle home

Sunni families begin to return to a neighborhood in northwestern Baghdad that was the focal point of the Mahdi Army's efforts at sectarian cleansing more than a year ago.