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US analysts see Sadr move aimed at Mahdi Army rogues

Anatomy of a Tribal Revolt

Pilgrims flee Iraqi city or Karbala as clashes between police, Mahdi Army kill 52

US troops raid Baghdad's Sheraton hotel, Iranians reported detained

As British leave Basra, militias dig in

Iraq: Marked Decrease in Al-Qaeda Operations

How Marines pulled Fallujah out of Hell

Iraq governor escapes assassination attempt

Former Iraqi leader returning 'to fight for our country'

Britain pulls out troops from Basra's joint coordination center

Anbar Salvation Council says named candidates for vacant portfolios

Iraq's leaders agree on key benchmarks

Sunni Arab party to join new alliance - Iraq PM

Armed groups fight by government's side against Qaeda - Iraqi General

Former Sunni rebels aiding US military in Iraq (1920s Revolution Brigades)

PRT Leaders Detail Successes In Anbar Province

When are we going to admit that Iran is at war with a sovereign Iraq - as well as with America?

Generals Differ on the Timing of Troop Cuts

Gen. Pace denies will urge troop cut in Iraq

Iranian operatives step up flow of weapons and training to Iraq: general