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Security forces detained two al Qaeda fighters in Kirkuk. Two Iranians were found dead in Baghdad. The Iraqi Air Force is close to purchasing 18 US-made F-16 fighters.

Turkey "may act with Iran against PKK in Iraq"

Insurgents killed a traffic officer and a civilian in attacks in Baghdad. Security forces captured 11 suspects thought to be involved in the massacre of 22 Shia travelers near Rutbah.

Insurgents killed 17 Iraqis in bombings and shooting in Hillah, Anbar, and Baghdad. Four policemen and two soldiers were among those killed in the attacks.

Baghdad Assailed Over Attack in Anbar

Cross-border incursion into Iraq possible at any time, Turkish minister says

Iraq: Iranian connected militia member arrested

Al Qaeda 2.0: What the next 10 years will bring

"Gunmen" executed 22 Shia pilgrims near the southwestern city of Rutbah near the Jordanian and Syrian border. The gunmen ordered the men off two buses and gunned them down; the women, children, and elderly were not killed.

Security forces detained 24 wanted men during raids in Ninewa province. Muqtada al Sadr ordered his followers to halt attacks against US forces "until the invader forces complete their withdrawal."

US considering Ankara's request to base Predators in Turkey to fight a Kurdish group in northern Iraq

Al-Qaida will keep trying to attack us, Barack Obama tells Americans

Many Iraqis Have Second Thoughts as US Exit Nears

Insurgents killed two civilians in attacks in Mosul and Baqubah. Security forces detained a military commander of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq in Wasit.

The 9/11 Decade

Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier in Mosul. Security forces arrested 22 wanted men in Basrah. Iran claimed it killed 123 PJAK fighters, including the deputy military commander, during shelling in Iraq over the past month.

US Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno said the US "had to be careful about leaving too many people in Iraq" to avoid the perception of an occupation. Iraqi forces detained six "wanted men" in Amara.

US says no decision on keeping troops in Iraq

Insurgents killed two Awakening leaders in Diyala and Dijail. Police captured five terrorists involved in the Ramadan bombing in Al Kut that killed 40 people.

America safer 10 years after 9/11, but new terrorism threats have emerged, experts say