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After Arab Revolts, Reigns of Uncertainty

Insurgents killed 12 Iraqis in attacks throughout the country, including six policemen in a suicide attack in Ramadi. Security forces arrested nine terrorists in Iskandariyah.

Nuclear Experts Warn of Libya 'Dirty Bomb' Material

Turkey claimed it killed nearly 100 PKK fighters in airstirkes in northern Iraq. Insurgents killed a councilman and his son in Hit, and a tribal leader and his son in Ninewa.

Insurgents killed a police officer in Mosul. "Gunmen" kidnapped a Navy officer in Basrah. Security forces arrested 20 members of an assassination gang in Baghdad.

Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Basrah, four members of an assassination squad in Baghdad, and a suicide bomber in Diyala. Insurgents killed a civilian in Anbar.

Panetta: Iraqis want some US troops to stay

US Defense Secretary Panetta said Iraq is negotiating to have the US remain in the country beyond 2011. Insurgents killed one Iraqi civilian in Mosul.

US defense chief says Iraq has consensus on extended US presence: report

Security forces killed four terrorists in Baghdad and detained 11 terrorists in Kirkuk and four insurgents in Mosul. Insurgents killed two policemen and three civilians in Anbar, Tarmiyah, and Mosul.

Iran is the biggest threat to Iraq's security, says Pentagon official

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed an engineer in Diyala by strapping a bomb on his body and detonating it. Security forces detained five members of a cell thought to have executed the deadly bombing in Al Kut. The Promised Day Brigade claimed it executed eight attacks against US troops in six provinces.

Panetta: Bigger defense cuts would 'weaken' US

Terrorists dressed as soldiers pulled seven men from a mosque in Yusafiyah and executed them. Four policemen were killed in a mortar attack in Musayab.

Iraq bomb attacks blamed on al-Qaeda

Threat Resurges in Deadliest Day of Year for Iraq

Insurgents killed over 60 people in attacks throughout Iraq. More than 30 Iraqis were killed in Al Kut, and two policemen were killed as they stopped a pair of suicide bombers from freeing al Qaeda prisoners from a jail in Tikrit.

Insurgents killed three Iraqis in a pair of bombings in Ramadi and a member of the Sunni Endowment in Al Kut. Security forces detained six wanted men in Kirkuk.

Two insurgents were killed in a premature detonation while planting a bomb in Fallujah. Muqtada al Sadr said that Iran refused to turn over Abu Duraa, the "Shiite Zarqawi," to Iraq.

In Iraq's oil-rich south, concerns about the neighbors