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US drops keeping troops in Iraq

Insurgents killed an Interior Ministry official and an intelligence officer in Baghdad, and a civilian in Mosul. Security forces killed an "assassin" in Mosul and captured an Iranian-backed militia member in Wasit. The US is reportedly abandoning plans to keep US troops in Iraq after December 2011.

Insurgents killed 16 Iraqis yesterday in a pair of bombings at a market in Sadr City. Prime Minister Maliki accused a neighboring country of inciting recent violence in Anbar province.

Iraqi authorities assume full control of Baghdad airspace

Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Salahadin, and captured an al Qaeda emir and an explosives expert in Mosul, and two terrorists in Kirkuk. Insurgents killed a woman in a bombing in Fallujah.

Iran terror plot: agent may have already fled to Iran

Iran's Qods Force commander involved in plot to kill Saudi ambassador

Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani has directed attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as aided al Qaeda.

Twenty-three Iraqis, including several policemen, were killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad. Ten of those who were killed died in a suicide attack at a police station in the capital.

More on the US designations of top Qods Force leaders

Mastermind of deadly raid on American soldiers coordinated plot against Saudi ambassador

The US Treasury Department designated five Iranians who were allegedly involved in a plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the US. One of the five planned a deadly assault on American soldiers in Karbala, Iraq in 2007.

Iraq reportedly agreed to keep 5,000 US soldiers in country after 2011. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Wasit and dismantled three bombs planted on oil pipelines in Basrah.

In western Iraq, a bloody American legacy

Insurgents killed two Iraqi soldiers using silenced pistols. Six members of a de-mining group were killed in an explosion north of Basrah. Iraq threatened to break military relations with the US and use private contractors to train their forces.

If US Leaves Vacuum in Iraq, Disliked Iran May Not Fill It

Insurgents killed a woman in Mosul. The Iraqi Army has delayed withdrawing its forces from major cities due to security concerns.

State Department readies Iraq operation, its biggest since Marshall Plan

Two bomb blasts at the Rumaila oil field in Basrah forced Iraq to halve the production of oil produced at Iraq's largest facility. Production was cut by 600,000 barrels from an estimated 1.25 million barrels per day.

Insurgents killed five civilians and a policeman in Baghdad and a civilian in Mosul. Security forces arrested a council official in Daqouk on terrorism charges. US Defense Secretary Panetta said US troops must have immunity to remain in Iraq.

US plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq becomes clear, mostly

Insurgents killed a soldier in Baghdad and two civilians in Mosul and Ramadi. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader in Mosul.