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A former al Qaeda leader who renounced the group and became an Awakening commander was assassinated in Baghdad. Insurgents decapitated a policeman and killed a civilian in a barber shop in Mosul.

Insurgents killed eight Iraqis in a bombing in Sadr City, a policeman in Ramadi, and a civilian in Shirqat. Muqtada al Sadr threatened to attack US Embassy employees traveling in Baghdad.

Vice President Hashemi said he would face a court in Baghdad if Prime Minister Maliki resigns. Insurgents killed a soldier in Mosul and an Awakening commander and three others in Kirkuk.

Insurgents killed five policemen during an attack on a checkpoint in Rutbah near the Jordanian border. Abu Mustafa al Khazali, the head of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigades, said his militia would not surrender its weapons despite the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq.

Is Al Qaeda actually involved in the Syria uprising?

Insurgents killed 11 Iraqis and wounded dozens more in car bombings in Mosul and Hillah. Security forces detained 14 al Qaeda members, including a leader, in Kirkuk.

Asserting Its Sovereignty, Iraq Detains American Contractors

Iraqi insurgents dressed as policemen attacked a government compound and a police station in Ramadi with four suicide bombers; seven police officers and at least six attackers died in the clashes. A car bomb targeting a police station in Baiji killed at least one person and injured 12 others.

US Warns Israel Against Iran Strike

US intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate

A suicide bomber killed more than 50 Shia pilgrims and injured 91 others as they gathered for Arbain in Basra. An explosion targeting Shia pilgrims east of Mosul injured three civilians and two policemen. Prime Minister Maliki strongly criticized Turkish "interventions" in Iraqi affairs and warned that "Turkey itself would suffer if its actions sparked conflict in the Middle East."

US Embassy workers detained in Baghdad

Insurgents killed four policemen in Al Qaim; one insurgent was also killed. Police killed two "masked men" in Kirkuk. The Kurdish Regional Government has balked at turning over Vice President Hashemi to the central government.

Pentagon Tries to Counter Low-Cost but Potent Weapons

Is the conflict in Iraq really sectarian in nature?

Insurgents killed seven people in two bombings in Baghdad and a soldier in Fallujah. Security forces detained four al Qaeda fighters in Karbala.

Iraq Turns Justice Into a Show, and Terror Confessions a Script

Security forces captured al Qaeda in Iraq's "financial officer" and several aides during a raid in the Hamrin Mountains near Kirkuk. Vice President Hashemi, who is wanted by the government, set up an office in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish areas.

Iraqi Moves to Embrace Militia Open New Fault Lines

Suicide, car bombings kill 73 Iraqis