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The last convoy of US combat troops has left Iraq, ending nearly eight years of occupation. Iraqi forces detained eight terrorists in Karbala.

Iraqis celebrate US exit, but worry for future

Secretary Eyes Cuts in Marines and the Navy

US transfers dangerous Hezbollah leader involved in murder of 5 US soldiers to Iraqi custody

Musa Ali Daqduq, who was tasked with establishing a Hezbollah-like Shia terror group in Iraq, and who was involved in the 2007 attack on US troops in Karbala, is now in Iraqi custody.

Iraq mission officially ends

US War in Iraq Declared Officially Over

Obama confronted al-Maliki on "secret alliance" with Sadr - White House source

US F-16 Sale to Iraq Remains a Distant Target

The Sunni Awakening Braces for an Iraq Without US

Arrests in Iraq Raise Concerns About Maliki

NATO will end its mission to train the Iraqi military after the US withdraws from Iraq at the end of December. The US will sell Iraq an additional 18 F-16 fighters.

Iran's bid for power in postwar Iraq

Military's Last Detainee in Iraq Poses Dilemma for Obama

NATO to halt Iraq mission at year-end: official

Pakistani Extremist Group In Focus After Unprecedented Attack On Afghan Shi'a

Sweden - 'There's no reason to fear another attack'

The last days of a suicide bomber

US General says Iraq vulnerable from the air

The US military transferred control of Al Asad Airbase in Anbar province over to the Iraqi military. The US now has just over 8,000 solider in country.

Assad Officials Dismiss Protests