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Suicide, car bombings kill 73 Iraqis

Attacks against Shia pilgrims before the Arbaeen holiday have killed over 60 civilians, the deadliest being a suicide attack against a security checkpoint that killed 44 and wounded dozens more in Nasiriya. Qais Qazali, the notorious leader of the Shia death squad Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq, is prepared to disarm and join the political process.

US adds Al Qaeda Kurdish Battalions to list of terror groups

The terror group was formed in 2007 and operates under the aegis of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq.

Iran intensifies efforts to influence policy in Afghanistan

Turkey's Glow Dims as Government Limits Free Speech

Pentagon military review 'will axe US troops'

Ansar al Islam names new leader

Ansar-al-Islam-banner.jpgAnsar al Islam, an al Qaeda-linked terror group based in northern Iraq, named Abu Hashim Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman al Ibrahim as its new emir.

Pentagon to Present Vision of Reduced Military

Conflicting Reports of Attack on Iraq's Finance Minister, Rafe al-Essawi

Analysis: Blocs pursue short-term fixes for Iraq political crisis

America in Iraq

Analysis: US fighter sales soar in time for campaign

Changed by Iraq, Military Asks What Will Stick

Prime Minister Maliki said he was prepared to accept most of the demands of the Anbar provincial government. Insurgents killed four civilians in Fallujah. Security forces arrested five insurgents in Wasit.

Turkey expresses regret over air strike that killed 35 Kurds

Turkish military offensive against the PKK beset by errant airstrike

US Military Sales to Iraq Raise Concerns

Iraq's sectarian political crisis

Three security contractors, two of them US veterans and one from Fiji, were freed almost three weeks after being detained by the Iraqi Army. Militants fired a Katyusha rocket at a camp housing several thousand Iranian exiles in northeastern Iraq. Baghdad has not extended the end-of-year deadline to expel the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) from Iraq.

How to Save Iraq From Civil War