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How to Save Iraq From Civil War

Adbullah Azzam Brigades denies responsibility for Damascus suicide attacks

The terror group accused Syrian intelligence of staging the deadly Dec. 23 suicide attacks to hide the "failure of the regime of the tyrant in the Levant, Bashar al Assad, in subduing the rebels by force, murder, and exaggeration of crimes."

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims Baghdad suicide attack, bombings

Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq said it targeted the institutions of the "Safavid government" as the country is on the brink of a political and sectarian crisis.

A suicide bomber killed seven Iraqi policemen during an attack outside the Interior Ministry. The government and the UN signed an agreement to close Camp Ashraf.

Iran ready to expand military links with Iraq

US Loses Leverage in Iraq Now That Troops Are Out

As Christmas arrives, crisis for Mideast Christians

An Iraqi Army officer was killed in an IED attack in Shirgat. Iraqi forces captured a "finance minister" of al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq.

40 killed in 'suicide bombings' in Damascus

US Seeks Program to Buy Up Missiles Loose in Libya

US intelligence warned of strife after Iraq pullout

Sixty-three Iraqis were killed in a suicide attack and a series of bombings in Baghdad. Two more Iraqis were killed in a bombing in Mosul.

63 killed in Baghdad as political crisis worsens

Prime Minister Maliki urged the Kurdish Regional Government to hand over Vice President Hashimi, who is wanted for terrorism charges. Insurgents killed an Awakening leader in Abu Ghraib. Security forces detained 16 suspected terrorists in Basrah.

Soldiers just back from Iraq get new orders: Afghanistan

Iraqi PM asks Kurds to hand over Vice-President Hashemi

Tariq al-Hashimi Denies Ordering Assassinations in Iraq

The government issued an arrest warrant for Sunni Vice President Tariq Hashimi for running death squads that attacked security forces. Hashimi has fled to the Kurdish regions. Three of Hashimi's bodyguards have been arrested on terrorism charges.

Analysis: Iraq resumes political strife in vacuum left by U.S.

The last convoy of US combat troops has left Iraq, ending nearly eight years of occupation. Iraqi forces detained eight terrorists in Karbala.