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Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Has the US turned off the Islamic State's oil spigot?

Special Report: How Syria policy stalled under the 'analyst in chief'

Obama to commanders: US will keep making progress in Iraq, Syria

Islamic State fighters executed 15 civilians in Mosul. The Islamic State shot down an Iraqi Army helicopter with a shoulder-fired missile and killed both crewmen near Bayji. The US, UK, and the Netherlands launched five airstrikes against the Islamic State near Fallujah, Ramadi, and Sinjar. Yesterday, the US launched five airstrikes against the Islamic State in Sinjar and Rabiah. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 30 Islamic State fighters in Tikrit.

Islamic State uses MANPADS to shoot down Iraqi helicopter near Baiji

'Boots in the air': US helicopters return to combat in Iraq for first time

Street fighting rages in Syrian town as Islamic State moves in

Pentagon yet to decide on Syrian rebel force central to offensive against Islamic State

Arab Leaders Attack Islamic State With Intel

Islamic State accused of using chlorine gas on Iraqi soldiers

ISIS' Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in US and China

Germany plans expanded engagement against Islamic State in Iraq

Pakistani Taliban group urges jihadists in Iraq and Syria 'to reconcile'

Omar Khalid al Khorasani, a top leader in Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, offered to help mediate the dispute between the Islamic State and the Al Nusrah Front and other jihadist rivals.

Kurds issue desperate call to arms as Islamic State closes in

Opinion over jihadists divides hajj pilgrims

Vatican seeks Mideast Christians' right of return

UK Army chiefs tell Government: stop Gulf states funding terrorism

Islamic State reportedly on Baghdad's outskirts after week of victories

The US acted to save Iraq's Kurds. Why not Syria's?