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Insurgents assassinated a general in Baghdad and killed a civilian in Mosul. The Iraqi military seized a media center for al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq in Mosul.

UN urges Iraq to move Iranian dissidents to new camp

Insurgents killed three people in attacks in Mosul and Baghdad. Security forces detained two terrorists, including one who was previously sentenced to death, in Thi Qhar.

Insurgents killed an Awakening leader and two of his bodyguards in an IED attack in Anbar. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Mosul and Diyala. A court sentenced an al Qaeda in Iraq leader to life in prison.

For Iraqis, Aid to Syrian Rebels Repays a War Debt

Four members of the PKK were killed as Turkish warplanes bombed their bases in northern Iraq. Iraq opened a new crude oil export terminal in Basra that should increase exports by 300,000 barrels per day.

Al Qaeda leader backs Syrian revolt against Assad

Jihadists, weapons 'moving from Iraq to Syria'

Insurgents killed an Awakening member in an IED attack in Fallujah. The government freed 18 senior Baathists in Wasit, and said others would soon be released.

Insurgents killed a policeman near Kirkuk. The government is seeking to tighten the rules for security contractors operating in Iraq.

US still lacks Guantanamo transfer safeguards: lawmakers

Iraq executed Abu Talha, a senior aide to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, and sentenced a Saudi al Qaeda in Iraq leader to death. A tribal sheikh was killed in an IED attack in Diyala.

Iraq executes Zarqawi aide

CIA digs in as Americans withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan

US Is Planning to Halve Its Staff at Iraq Embassy

Security forces captured al Qaeda in Iraq's finance minister in Mosul. A court sentenced two Islamic Army in Iraq members to death for the kidnapping and murder of two French journalists and an Iranian diplomat.

US to elevate Special Operations forces' role in Afghanistan

Security forces killed two teenage boys as they were planting a roadside bomb in Mosul. Insurgents killed a police officer in Baghdad.

US Plans a Shift to Elite Forces in Afghanistan

Syria -- It's not just about freedom