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The government denied US claims that it is allowing Iranian weapons and personnel to pass through Iraqi territory to support the Syrian regime. Prime Minister Maliki accused unnamed governments of inciting sectarian strife.

Foreign fighters, extremists increasingly appearing on front lines in Syria's civil war

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

Insurgents killed two soldiers and a civilian in separate attacks in Mosul. Senator John Kerry threatened to dial back US aid to Iraq if the government does not restrict Iran's use of Iraqi airspace to support the Syrian regime.

Turks Weary of Leaders' Support for Syria Uprising

Security forces detained 62 people, including several on terrorism charges, in Diwaniyah, three "terrorists" in Karbala, and two more in Nassiriyah. Iraq has reopened the border with Syria, but is not allowing young men to cross.

A suicide bomber killed seven Iraqis in an attack outside the Green Zone in Baghdad; a member of parliament was among 24 people wounded. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda financier in Diyala.

Abdul Mehdi al Karbalai, the representative to Iraq's senior Shia cleric, called for the UN to criminalize insults against the Prophet Mohammed. The leader of the Asaib al Haq, who was freed by the US in 2010, threatened to attack US interests in Iraq.

Anti-American Protests Over Film Expand to More Than a Dozen Countries

US adds 2 senior Hezbollah military leaders to terror list

Mustafa-Amine-Badr-Al-Din.jpgThe US Treasury Department added Hezbollah's military leader and the head of its External Security Organization to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

US braces for more violence from anti-Muslim film

Iranian-backed Shia terror leader freed by US threatens to attack

Qais al Qazali, the leader of the League of the Righteous, said a controversial film "will put all the American interests Iraq in danger." Qazali was released from custody by the US in 2009.

Anti-Islam film protests spread across Middle East

Two "gunmen" were killed and six policemen were wounded in two clashes in Samarra and Balad. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Fallujah.

Civilian 'hacktivists' fight terrorists online

Insurgents killed three Awakening fighters during an attack at a checkpoint in Dujail. The governor of Dhi Qar province said that 18 men detained for bombings in Nassiriyah are connected to Vice President Tareq al Hashemi.

Insurgents killed 58 Iraqis, including soldiers and policemen, in attacks in Amara, Basrah, Nassiriyah, Dujail, Baquba, Samarra, Kirkuk, and Tuz Khurmato. One attack, a complex suicide assault against a military base in Dujail, killed 11 Iraqi soldiers. A court sentenced fugitive Vice President Hashemi to death.

How Islam's Ancient Sectarian Divide Fuels Conflict in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia's al-Qaeda challenge

Coordinated attacks kill 58 in Iraq