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Denmark - Army accused of allowing prisoner abuse

Insurgents killed five Iraqis and wounded 15 more in separate attacks in Baghdad. Two policemen and three civilians were killed in the bombings.

Iraqi Shi'ite militants fight for Syria's Assad

Insurgents killed two policemen, two soldiers, and a civilian in bombings and a shooting in Kirkuk and Tuz Khormato. Insurgents also killed two Awakening members in Samarra and a military officer in Baghdad.

Turkish jihadists eulogize slain German al Qaeda leader

Islamic World, a Turkish jihadist magazine, said that Bekkay Harrach fought against Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, traveled to Iraq, where he was wounded, and was detained by Syrian security forces. Harrach also lived with Atiyah Abd al Rahman in Pakistan.

Security forces captured two al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in Suwaira and another in Mosul. A Baghdad court issued death sentences for two men convicted on terrorism-related charges.

Security forces detained eight al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in Kirkuk. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for the Sept. 27 assault and jailbreak at the Tasfirat prison in Tikrit. The military agreed to purchase 28 Czech-made military aircraft worth $1 billion.

Interview with Vladimir Yakunin on Tensions Between Russia and West: 'Russia and the West are drifting apart'

The Army detained 21 men on terrorism charges and discovered 52 bombs during raids south of Baghdad. Police seized two bomb-making factories in Hillah.

Iraqi and US officials said al Qaeda in Iraq has doubled in strength to 2,500 fighters and has re-established training camps. Insurgents killed three soldiers, a judge, and two civilians in attacks in Abu Ghraib, Mosul, and Tal Afar.

The government executed 10 Iraqis and an Algerian who were convicted on terrorism charges. Iraq has executed 113 people so far this year. Security forces detained four "wanted men" in Babil.

Insurgents killed five people, including a soldier, in IED attacks in Taji and Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for a series of attacks last week, including a jailbreak in Tikrit.

An Iraqi court sentenced Omar Rashad Khalil, an American citizen, to death for his role in financing and executing terrorist attacks in Baghdad. The government said it would separate terrorists from criminals and place the former in special prisons.

Qassim Suleimani, Iran's Master of Iraq Chaos, Still Vexes the US

Syria despatch: meeting Assad's snipers as they fight rebels in Homs

Insurgents killed 32 Iraqis in car bombings in Taji, Madaen, and Al Kut. Iraq said it would stop and inspect Iranian flights that are suspected of transporting weapons to Syria.

Iraq official says jailbreak that killed 20 was inside job

Kurds to Pursue More Autonomy in a Fallen Syria

More than 90 inmates were freed after al Qaeda in Iraq launched an attack on the Tasfirat prison in Kirkuk. Ten prison guards and two inmates were killed during the attack, which included a suicide bomber.

Al Qaeda in Iraq launched a suicide assault on the Tasfirat prison in Tikrit; one guard was killed. Security forces detained a senior terrorist in Baghdad. US special operations forces reportedly have deployed to Iraq to advise and train security forces.