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Insurgents killed 32 Iraqis in car bombings in Taji, Madaen, and Al Kut. Iraq said it would stop and inspect Iranian flights that are suspected of transporting weapons to Syria.

Iraq official says jailbreak that killed 20 was inside job

Kurds to Pursue More Autonomy in a Fallen Syria

More than 90 inmates were freed after al Qaeda in Iraq launched an attack on the Tasfirat prison in Kirkuk. Ten prison guards and two inmates were killed during the attack, which included a suicide bomber.

Al Qaeda in Iraq launched a suicide assault on the Tasfirat prison in Tikrit; one guard was killed. Security forces detained a senior terrorist in Baghdad. US special operations forces reportedly have deployed to Iraq to advise and train security forces.

UN nuclear inspectors in acute dilemma if Iran faces attack

Insurgents killed four policemen, including a senior commander, two soldiers, and a civilian in attacks in Hillah, Iskandiriyah, and Balad. A military court sentenced the commanding general of the 3rd Division to two months in prison for corruption.

A Fragile Iraq Faces New Perils From Syria's War

Insurgents killed nine Iraqis in bombings and shootings in Baghdad, Fallujah, and Tarmiyah. Among those killed were a brigadier, four policemen, and a soldier.

Insurgents killed four children in a car bombing in Hit and shot two policemen dead in Kirkuk. The government is speeding up executions, citing security concerns; 96 people have been executed this year.

Saudi steers citizens away from Syrian jihad

Insurgents killed five soldiers in an IED attack in Dhuluiyah and a civilian in a bombing in Baqubah. A senior Iraqi politician described the US's policy towards Iraq as "very weak."

Iraq stopped a North Korean airplane that is suspected of transporting weapons to the Syrian regime from using Iraqi airspace. Security forces detained eight people, including several terrorists, in Kirkuk.

Taliban Targeted by Local Uprisings

The government denied US claims that it is allowing Iranian weapons and personnel to pass through Iraqi territory to support the Syrian regime. Prime Minister Maliki accused unnamed governments of inciting sectarian strife.

Foreign fighters, extremists increasingly appearing on front lines in Syria's civil war

Italian Supreme Court upholds guilty verdict against 23 Americans

Insurgents killed two soldiers and a civilian in separate attacks in Mosul. Senator John Kerry threatened to dial back US aid to Iraq if the government does not restrict Iran's use of Iraqi airspace to support the Syrian regime.

Turks Weary of Leaders' Support for Syria Uprising

Security forces detained 62 people, including several on terrorism charges, in Diwaniyah, three "terrorists" in Karbala, and two more in Nassiriyah. Iraq has reopened the border with Syria, but is not allowing young men to cross.