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Insurgents killed 36 Iraqis in a series of five bombings in the central and southern cities of Amara, Diwaniyah, Mahmudiyah, and Karbala. Iraq's speaker of parliament said the government should resign and new elections should be held.

Sunni tribes in Anbar formed the "Army of Pride and Dignity" and are preparing to defend the province from government forces. Insurgents killed four soldiers in Ramadi and three policemen in Taji. Security forces killed a senior al Qaeda leader in Baqubah.

Awakening threatens to turn on the Iraqi government

Insurgents killed four civilians and wounded 46 more in a bombing at a mosque in Baghdad, and assassinated a police commander west of Kirkuk. Security forces detained nine wanted terrorists in Rubia near the Syrian border.

Thirty-one "militants" and 10 policemen were killed during clashes in Mosul; it is unclear if the militants are members of insurgent groups or Sunni protesters. Two policemen were killed in an attack at a checkpoint in Fallujah.

Eight soldiers, a policeman, and seven civilians were killed as Iraqi security forces clashed with Sunni protesters in Tuz Khurmatu and Baiji for the second day straight. Al Qaeda in Iraq is attempting to recruit children in Diyala to become suicide bombers.

Iraqi troops clashed with protesters in Hawijah; 20 protesters and six soldiers are said to have been killed. Seven soldiers and one "insurgent" were killed in clashes in Ramadi and Tuz Khurmato. Al Qaeda killed five family members of an Awakening leader. Security forces captured an al Qaeda governor in Babil.

Insurgents killed six Iraqis in an IED attack at a restaurant in Fallujah and two construction workers at a jobsite in Nakhib near the border with Saudi Arabia. Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Mosul.

An estimated 51 percent of Iraqis are thought to have turned out for provincial elections yesterday. Iraqi security forces are reportedly hunting for wanted former Saddam Hussein deputy Izzat Ibrahim al Douri in Tikrit.

Iraq held its first election, for provincial councils, since the US withdrew at the end of 2011. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in a rocket attack on their base near Haditha. Iraqi soldiers killed an al Qaeda leader during a raid in Rabia.

Insurgents killed nine Iraqis in a pair of attacks at two mosques in Kirkuk and Khalis, and an Awakening leader in Taji. Security forces captured six Al Nusrah Front members on the Syrian border and five al Qaeda operatives in Kirkuk.

Iraq Failing Security Test Ahead Of Vote

A suicide bomber killed 26 Iraqis in an attack at a cafe in Baghdad. Insurgents assassinated the top judge of Fallujah's criminal court. Two al Qaeda fighters died while planting a bomb in Baghdad. Security forces detained nine al Qaeda fighters in Mosul.

Insurgents killed 35 Iraqis yesterday in a series of bombings and armed attacks throughout the country. The Interior Ministry announced that it hanged 21 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges.

Iraqi interpreter picks exile over certain death after 'working for enemy'

Insurgents killed 10 people, including a politician, in attacks in Mosul, Fallujah, and Muqadiyah. Security forces captured 18 al Qaeda commanders and operatives as they were crossing the border into Syria.

Afghan Interpreters for the US Are Left Stranded and at Risk

Al Qaeda killed 14 people in two bombings outside of a mosque in the town of Kaanan in Diyala. An Awakening leader was assassinated in Kirkuk. Security forces uncovered a bomb factory in Kirkuk.

Insurgents killed two soldiers in Ninewa and a policeman in Anbar. Security forces detained nine al Qaeda fighters in Hawijah and five "terrorists" in Anbar.

In Syria, some brace for the next war