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Al Qaeda killed three policemen in a suicide assault in Hawija and eight other Iraqis in other attacks throughout the country. Two policemen and six al Qaeda fighters were killed in a clash in Al Khor in Anbar province on June 21.

A suicide bomber killed 12 people in an attack at a mosque near Taji. Four more Iraqis were killed in a suicide attack in Azba. Twenty-two Iraqis were killed in other attacks by al Qaeda throughout the country. The government allocated $129 million to fund the Awakening.

Iraqi Militias Make Comeback Amid Surging Sectarian Violence

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed seven people in an attack at a vote counting center in Ramadi. Al Qaeda killed three people in an IED attack in Sharqat. Security forces captured two al Qaeda fighters at the Al Waleed crossing point with Syria.

Utah soldier finally awarded Bronze Star for service in Iraq

Iraq, Lebanon alarmed at spreading Syria war

A suicide bomber killed a political leader in Ninewa province and four of his family members in an attack at a gathering at the politician's home. A counterterrorism officer was killed in an IED attack in Karma.

A suicide bomber killed 15 Iraqis in an attack on a Shia mosque in Baghdad. Insurgents killed two policemen in an IED attack in Ninewa. Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Baghdad. Police seized a truckload of explosives bound for the Egyptian Sinai.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 15 Iraqis in attacks across the country; in Fallujah, three Iraqi policemen were killed in a suicide bombing. Al Qaeda also assassinated a senior Sunni cleric in Ramadi. The Mukhtar Army claimed it attacked the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq.

At least 51 Iraqis were killed in a wave of attacks throughout Iraq. One of the attacks was a suicide bombing in Baghdad. More than 1,000 Kurdish soldiers from the Iraqi Army's 16th Brigade defected to the Peshmerga after refusing to defend the Sunni Arab town of Sulaiman Bek.

The emir of the Islamic State of Iraq rejected Ayman al Zawahiri's order to allow the Al Nusrah Front to remain its own group. Insurgents killed three soldiers in Al Qaim. Security forces captured six al Qaeda fighters near Tikrit.

Security forces killed three al Qaeda in Iraq fighters in an operation in Abu Saida near Baqubah. Al Qaeda is suspected of executing a candidate for office in Ninewa; the gunmen used a silenced weapon.

A military intelligence unit captured two al Qaeda in Iraq leaders during a raid in Al Riyadh south of Kirkuk. Security forces also broke up a plot to bomb three oil wells in northern Kirkuk; three IEDs planted on the wells were dismantled.

Insurgents killed more than 70 Iraqis in a series of attacks, which included suicide bombings, in Iraq. Among those killed was Sheikh Abdul Rahman Rashid al Issawi, the leader of the Awakening in Fallujah. Security forces arrested an al Qaeda leader in the Thar Thar area south of Samarra.

Analysis: Zawahiri's letter to al Qaeda branches in Syria, Iraq

Al Jazeera has published a letter purportedly written by Ayman al Zawahiri to al Qaeda's franchises in Iraq and Syria. Two US intelligence officials say the letter is genuine. In the letter, Zawahiri rules on a dispute between the two al Qaeda branches and appoints a new representative in the region.

Syrian war enters new phase but no end in sight

How Syria conflict affects its neighbours

Insurgents killed three Iraqis in a bombing in Baghdad, and executed an Awakening member who was kidnapped in Kirkuk. Security forces arrested three members of a gang linked to al Qaeda in Baghdad. The Awakening issued a fatwa against Iraqis fighting in Syria.

Hezbollah fighter tells of Syria battle

A suicide bomber killed five Iranian pilgrims in Baquba. An Iraqi soldier was killed in an IED attack in Mosul. The leaders of 26 tribes in Anbar and Ninewa provinces denounced al Qaeda, and said its tribal militias would assist security forces in tracking terrorists.