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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed five worshippers in a bombing at a mosque in Madain and two policemen in an attack in Kirkuk. Iraqi special forces captured five al Qaeda fighters in a remote area of Babil.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 26 people in bombings and attacks in Balad, Baqubah, and Fallujah. The attack in Fallujah was carried out by a suicide bomber; five soldiers were killed. Security forces in Mosul killed a suicide bomber before he could detonate his explosives.

State Department confirms al Qaeda in Iraq leader has relocated to Syria

Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for a deadly string of bombings inside Iraq on Aug. 10. The State Department also confirmed that the ISIL's emir has relocated to Syria.

For Maliki, Retaining Power Trumps Iraqi Unity

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed seven people in a series of bombings and attacks throughout Iraq. Dozens of tribal leaders in Anbar province vowed not to shelter al Qaeda leaders and fighters who escaped from Abu Ghraib prison last month.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 69 people in a wave of car bombings in major cities throughout Iraq. In one attack, a suicide bomber killed 8 people in an attack in Tuz Khurmatu. The body of a wanted al Qaeda leader was found in Babil.

Al Qaeda killed a policeman, his wife, and three children in an attack on his home in Tikrit; eight more people were killed in a car bombing outside of his home. An al Qaeda bombmaker died in a premature detonation. Police killed an al Qaeda fighter and captured two more on a boat on the Euphrates River in Anbar.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 17 people, including four policemen in attacks throughout the country. The death toll from yesterday's attack across the country rose to 42.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 12 people in bombings in Baghdad, a policeman in a shooting a Fallujah, and two more civilians in a bombing in Khanaqin. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda leader during a series of raids in western Anbar province.

Insurgents killed four Iraqis in a bombing in Baghdad and two more in a shooting in Madain. Muqtada al Sadr is rumored to have shut down his political office and withdrawn from politics.

A senior Army general survived a blast in Diyala that killed nine soldiers. Two Awakening fighters, two policemen, and six civilians were killed in separate attacks across the country. Security forces killed two al Qaeda leaders in Salahuddin.

Interpol issues global security alert linked to jailbreaks

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed five soldiers and two police officers in three attacks in Kirkuk and Mosul, and an Awakening leader in Fallujah. Security forces killed two suicide bombers in Mosul.

Kurdish Struggle Blurs Syria's Battle Lines

Iraq security forces outmatched as 'open war' returns

A suicide bomber killed seven people at a Shia mosque in Baghdad; two more people were killed outside of another mosque in the capital. Security forces killed 10 al Qaeda fighters during a raid on a hideout in the Jazeera desert in Salahuddin.

The military claimed it recaptured 349 of the 559 prisoners who escaped from Abu Ghraib during a complex al Qaeda in Iraq-led jailbreak; the military also said another 105 were killed during clashes. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed credit for yesterday's bombings in Baghdad, Basrah, and Al Kut.

In Afghanistan, troop drawdown hems in US diplomats who oversee development

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 40 civilians in a series of bombings in predominantly Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad. Bombings killed 11 more civilians in Al Kut and Basrah. More than 500 Iraqis have been killed in terrorist attacks this month.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Abu Ghraib Jailbreak a Counterterrorism Nightmare