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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 23 people in a series of bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Mosul, and Samarra. Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda leader in Mosul and dismantled a bomb factory in Yusufiyyah and detained four al Qaeda fighters there.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed more than 70 people in a series of coordinated attacks in Shia neighborhoods Baghdad that included suicide car bombers, IEDs, and shootings. Security forces killed an al Qaeda fighter and captured three more in Fallujah.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 31 people in bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Balad, and Baqubah. In Qaiyara, al Qaeda killed five soldiers and their bodies were then burned.

Security forces captured al Qaeda in Iraq's finance minister and six fighters at the al Walid border crossing in Anbar, and eight more al Qaeda fighters in Albu Aitha. A prominent cleric cal led al Qaeda a "disease infecting Iraqi and Arab society in general" and said the terror group needed to be rooted out militarily.

A suicide bomber killed 26 people at a park in Baghdad. Six more people were killed in attacks in Baghdad and Dujail. A suicide bomber killed six Iraqi soldiers and four civilians in an attack west of Ramadi. Security forces captured 14 al Qaeda fighters in Babil.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed the leader of the Awakening in Madeen in a bombing at his home. Iraqi border guards fought with "armed groups" that attempted to cross from Syria into Anbar and Ninewa province.

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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed seven people, including an Awakening leader, an Army officer, and two Kurdish soldiers in attacks throughout the country. Insurgnets also bombed an oil pipeline. Security forces detained two prisoners who escaped from Abu Ghraib during a raid in Rashidiya.

Al Qaeda killed three Iraqi soldiers in a bombing in Fallujah. Security forces killed three al Qaeda fighters and detained 13 more in Tikrit, and captured al Qaeda's governor for Kirkuk and three of his aides.

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The government executed 15 Iraqis, including two women, and an Egyptian, for terrorism-related charges. Security forces killed a senior al Qaeda leader in Babil and captured another in Diyala. Al Qaeda killed an Awakening leader and his three-year-old niece in an attack in Kirruk.

Four civilians were killed in a pair of bombings in Sunni neighborhoods in Baghdad. Security forces captured 29 suspected terrorists and seized 12 IEDs during raids in Mosul.

Syrian refugees pour into Iraq as Baghdad asks US for military help

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed nine Iraqi soldiers in attacks in and around Baghdad. A truck bomb was detonated at the Umm Qasr port; no one was killed and port operations were not affected. Iraq's foreign minister said his country would accept intelligence and counterterrorism assistance, to include the deployment of drones.