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Lebanon detains wife of Islamic State leader

Indian ISIS recruit goes home after having to clean toilets: reports

Islamic State cell strikes Shiites in Saudi Arabia

Syria says US-led strikes have not weakened Islamic State

Pentagon aims to train 'leaner, meaner Iraqi army'

US advisers stay out of harm's way in Iraq

Pope urges solidarity to stop aggressors in Syria and Iraq

US Adds Planes to Bolster Drive to Wipe Out ISIS

Jihadists tout training camps for children in Iraq and Syria

The Islamic State, the Al Nusrah Front, the Islamic Front, and Junud al Sham have been showcasing camps in Iraq and Syria that are used to indoctrinate and train children to wage jihad.

Hezbollah arrives in Iraq

Iraqi forces, tribal fighters advance against ISIS in Anbar

No letup in flight of Iraqi Christians into Lebanon

Iraq to overhaul Baghdad security to stop bombings

Islamic State releases images from recent fighting in Ramadi

Islamic State attacks Iraqi border crossing with Jordan

Turkey, US ease strains on Islamic State but differences remain

Islamic State toughens tactics in Iraq's Anbar, targeting potential enemies

More jihadist training camps identified in Iraq and Syria

Four new training camps in Iraq and Syria, three of them operated by the Islamic State, have been identified, including one used by a so-called jihadist "special forces" unit. The Long War Journal has identified 46 jihadist training camps in Iraq and Syria.

Turkey training Kurdish peshmerga forces in fight against ISIS

Combatting ISIS requires ground forces: Saudi Prince Miteb