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Forty-three Iraqis were killed after two bombs were detonated outside of a Sunni mosque in Baqubah. The second bomb was detonated after people rushed to help the victims of the first blast.

Insurgents killed 28 Iraqis in attacks in Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Tarmiyah. Security forces detained six members of an Al Nusrah Front cell in Al Qaim and six al Qaeda fighters in Siniya.

Insurgents killed 35 Iraqis in a string of bombings, including a suicide attack, in Baghdad, Mosul, and Kirkuk. Al Qaeda fighters killed two Awakening members near Abu Ghraib. Security forces captured an al Qaeda leader in Fallujah.

Insurgents killed 11 people in attacks on liquor stores in Baghdad, three Awakening fighters in Tarmiyah, and a cleric in Basrah. Police arrested five al Qaeda fighters north of Hillah.

A suicide bomber killed three people in an attack outside the home of an intelligence general in Mosul. Al Qaeda killed a colonel in Al Qaim. Two Iraqi soldiers and three "gunmen" were killed in fighting north of Mosul. The Defense Ministry said it would provide support to tribes that fight al Qaeda in Anbar.

Three people were killed in a bombing at a Sunni mosque in Mahaweel. Security forces captured two al Qaeda operatives involved in the assassination of Member of Parliament Aifan al Issawi. The government executed three al Qaeda operatives who were convicted on terrorism charges.

Insurgents killed three university students in Baghdad and two soldiers in Diyala. Security forces killed a suicide bomber before he could attack a police station in Mosul and detained seven wanted men in Wasit.

A suicide bomber killed a Kurdish security guard in Kirkuk. Gunmen killed three Iraqi policemen in Fallujah. Jordan and Iraq are starting work on an oil pipeline from Basrah to Aqaba.

Security forces captured a senior al Qaeda leader in Mahmudiyah just two days after he entered Iraq from Syria, and three al Qaeda fighters who were transporting IEDs in Anbar. Two people were killed in a bombing at a mosque in Abu Ghraib.

Iraqi clerics: keeping silent on terrorist groups prohibited under sharia

Insurgents killed nine Iraqi civilians in attacks and bombings in and around Baghdad. In one attack, the mayor of Mahmudiyah and his son were killed after gunmen stormed their home. Three more civilians were killed at a bombing near an Internet cafe in the capital.

Insurgents killed seven Iraqis in a bombing at a Sunni mosque in Baghdad. Al Qaeda killed two soldiers in Taji. Security forces detained a wanted al Qaeda leader in Mawahil and three al Qaeda propagandists in Anbar.

Suicide bombers killed four soldiers in Ramadi and five Awakening fighters in Fallujah. Insurgents killed two Iraqi soldiers in an IED attack in Yusufiyah. The UN said that more people were killed in April than in any month since 2008.

A suicide bomber killed three Iraqis in Fallujah. Eight more people were killed in attacks elsewhere in Iraq. Royal Dutch Shell broke ground on a natural gas field in Basrah.

Insight: Rebel gains in southern Syria sharpen Jordan's dilemma

Insurgents killed six Iraqis in bombings in Baghdad and Nahmudiyah. Tribes in Anbar handed over 16 al Qaeda operatives to the government. Security forces captured eight al Qaeda fighters in Babil.

Insurgents killed 36 Iraqis in a series of five bombings in the central and southern cities of Amara, Diwaniyah, Mahmudiyah, and Karbala. Iraq's speaker of parliament said the government should resign and new elections should be held.

Sunni tribes in Anbar formed the "Army of Pride and Dignity" and are preparing to defend the province from government forces. Insurgents killed four soldiers in Ramadi and three policemen in Taji. Security forces killed a senior al Qaeda leader in Baqubah.

Awakening threatens to turn on the Iraqi government

Insurgents killed four civilians and wounded 46 more in a bombing at a mosque in Baghdad, and assassinated a police commander west of Kirkuk. Security forces detained nine wanted terrorists in Rubia near the Syrian border.