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Latest Treasury designation targets al Qaeda's fundraising network

A newly released terrorist designation by the Treasury Department highlights the extent and cohesion of al Qaeda's global fundraising network. Treasury reports that Ayman al Zawahiri's main representative in the Levant, Abu Khalid al Suri, has been funneling cash from Gulf donors to al Qaeda.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 11 people, including three Pakistani pilgrims, in suicide bombings and armed attacks; ISIS suicide bombers killed six people in Khalis and two policemen in Ramadi. Yesterday, the ISIS killed two Awakening fighters in an IED attack in Kirkuk. Security forces captured seven ISIS fighters in Ninewa.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 10 Shia pilgrims in attacks in Mahmudiyah and Baghdad. In Mahmudiyah, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives-laden belt in the midst of a crowd of worshippers. Security forces detained five ISIS fighters in Abu Ghraib.

Syrian Kurds jockey for seat at Geneva talks

More than 70 people were killed in a series of bombings and attacks in Baghdad, Bayji, Mosul, Tikrit, and Jisr Diyala. In Bayji, a suicide assault team killed eight policemen in an attack on a police station. In Tikrit, another suicide assault team killed two civilians in an attempt to storm the city council building.

ISIS launches 2 more suicide assaults in Iraq

Insurgents killed 20 people in attacks throughout the country. Among those killed were a female reporter in a shooting in Mosul and a government employee and his family in a home invasion in Sadiyah.

A look at 2 suicide bombers who sought death in Syria, driven by jihadist ideology

Insurgents killed 15 Iranian workers and two Iraqi guards at a gas pipeline from Iran to Iraq in the Al Nida area near Baghdad last night. Twenty-three Iraqis, including five policemen, were killed in a series of bombings and shootings throughout the country.

Syrian war revitalises al-Qaeda in Iraq

Twenty-five prisoners, including some facing the death penalty for terrorism charges, killed two guards and escaped from a prison north of Baghdad; 11 of the escapees were recaptured. Security forces killed three al Qaeda fighters after they killed an Awakening leader near Ramadi.

Insurgents killed an Awakening leader in an IED attack in Madeen; three suspects were captured after the attack. Security forces captured six al Qaeda fighters in Anbar near the Syrian border. The military will purchase 24 light attack fighters from South Korea.

Al Qaeda tightens grip on western Iraq in bid for Islamic state

A suicide bomber killed 11 people in an attack at a funeral in Baqubah. Seventeen more Iraqis were killed in bombings and attacks in Abara and at a Shia shrine near Baqubah.

Iraqi troops in Anbar province repelled an armed assault from gunmen on the Syrian side of the border. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed three policemen in Abu Ghraib and nine civilians in Buhriz. Security forces killed two suicide bombers and captured an ISIS commander in Ramadi.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 39 people in a series of bombings and attacks throughout Iraq. Many of the attacks took place in predominantly Shia areas of Baghdad. Iraq's foreign minister warned that jihadists in Syria and Iraq threaten to establish an "Islamic emirate" in the region.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 18 people in attacks throughout the country. In Baghdad, nine people were killed in coordinated attacks on several liquor stores. Security forces captured six ISIS fighters in Baghdad. The Interior Ministry released the identity and photographs of 120 ISIS fighters who escaped from Abu Ghraib prison in July.

Last night, the Islamic State of Iraq took 15 people hostage during a suicide assault on a mall in Kirkuk. Two hundred guards at the Badush prison resigned due to threats from the ISIS. Security forces detained five Ansar al Sunnah operatives in Salahaddin and discovered a bomb factory in Fallujah.

ISIS continues to launch suicide assaults in Iraq