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Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 11 people, including an Awakening leader and his family, in attacks throughout the country. Security forces detained eight wanted al Qaeda fighters in Hawijah.

Lessons from Iraq, Libya loom large as diplomats ponder Syrian weapons probe

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 53 people in a series of car bombings and attacks throughout the country. Yesterday's attack that killed 21 people at a funeral was carried out by a suicide bomber.

A suicide bomber killed 21 people during a funeral in a village north of Mosul. Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Taji and detained another in Fallujah.

Al Qaeda killed 30 Iraqis in two bombings at a mosque in Baqubah; the second blast targeted those who were attempting to aid the victims of the first attack. Three Awakening members and two al Qaeda fighters were killed in a clash in Abu Ghraib. Three al Qaeda fighters were killed in a premature detonation in Ramadi.

What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

An al Qaeda suicide bomber killed 30 Iraqis at a Shia mosque in Baghdad; a second suspected suicide bomber was killed by Iraqi citizens. Nine more Iraqis were killed in attacks and bombings in Baghdad, Kirikuk, and Mosul.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 24 Iraqis in a series of attacks and bombings in Yusufiyah, Latifiyah, Baghdad, and Mosul. Security forces arrested an al Qaeda leader, two aides, and three fighters in Ninewa, and a "terrorist" in Basrah.

Syria backs chemical weapons plan, bombs Damascus

Christian village becomes a battleground in Syrian war

Security forces captured four members of an al Qaeda assassination cell in Baghdad, an al Qaeda "money collector" and three aides in Kirkuk, and three "gunmen" in Rubaia near the Syrian border. Police also found a large bomb factory and arrested two al Qaeda operatives in Anbar.

Hezbollah, Iran and Syria prepare for counterattack

Intercepts indicate IRGC Qods Force seeks response to US strikes in Syria

Security forces killed a senior al Qaeda commander in Mosul; one soldier was killed during the raid. Al Qaeda killed three Awakening fighters in Al Haswa. The head of the Awakening in Anbar urged Syrians to reject the Al Nusrah Front, an al Qaeda affiliate.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 16 members of a Shia family in an attack on a home in Lutafiyah. The terror group killed five policemen in Baghdad, five soldiers in Tarmiyah, and an Awakening leader, his wife, and three children in Arab Jabur.

Car Bombings in Baghdad Follow a Familiar Pattern

Middle East - Christian figures to hold coordination talks over growing threat

Al Qaeda killed 67 people in a series of bombings and attacks in and around Baghdad. The United Nations said that 52 people were killed at Camp Arsharf, where members of the Mujahadin-e-Khalq reside.

Al Qaeda attempted to assassinate a senior leader of the Awakening in Baghdad in a suicide attack; six of his bodyguards were killed. Another suicide bomber killed four people in Baqubah. Al Qaeda also attempted to assassinate the Turkish consul in Mosul.

The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq claimed that Iraqi soldiers guarding the camp killed 44 of its members; two Iraqi soldiers are also reported to have been killed. The United Nations said that more than 800 Iraqis were killed during fighting in the month of August.