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Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant killed 11 people in bombings in Baghdad, Fallujah, and Abu Ghraib. Al Qaeda fighters also gunned down an Awakening leader and his son in Jalam. Four al Qaeda fighters and two tribesmen were killed during a clash in the Abou al-Khanajer Valley.

Rebel clashes highlight complexities of Syria's civil war

Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 54 people in a series of bombings and attacks in Baghdad. Twelve Iraqis, including soldiers, were killed in a suicide assault on a base in Mosul.

Syrian Kurds capture border crossing with Iraq

Al Qaeda Sets Sights On Iraq's Anbar Province

In Syrian civil war, emergence of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria boosts rival Jabhat al-Nusra

Al Nusrah Front denies emir killed by Syrian troops

Syrian government news agencies claimed that Abu Muhammad al Julani was killed, but the al Qaeda group denied the reports.

Turkey, Iraq eye closer cooperation on Syria as relations thaw

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed nine people in bombings in Yusafiyah and Baqubah, and three soldiers in an IED attack in Tal al Rumman. Security forces launched an offensive against the ISIS in the western part of Anbar; five ISIS fighters, including a Tunisian, were captured in Albu Aitha. Two large tribes in Ninewa declared war on the ISIS. The Iraqi government wants the US to supply drones and F-16s to fight the ISIS.

Violence Reverses Gains in Iraq

A suicide bomber killed four policemen and three civilians while blowing up a bridge on the border with Jordan. Security forces captured eight al Qaeda operatives, including a senior leader, near the Syrian border. Awakening forces captured six al Qaeda fighters near Rutbah.

Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 14 people in bombings that targeted civilians in Baghdad and Madain. Members of a human rights organization in Fallujah known as Herak launched a campaign called "We are against al Qaeda."

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham executed three suicide attacks in Mosul, Jurf al-Sakhar, and Rutba, and an armed attack in Ramadi, killing 22 Iraqi security personnel. The ISIS killed three civilians in a mortar attack in Hit. Security forces captured 19 "terrorists" in Ninewa.

ISIS launches 3 more suicide attacks against Iraqi security forces

Kurdish rebels threaten new fight in Turkey as Syria clashes intensify

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed seven policemen in a suicide assault in Fallujah. Two suicide bombers and several fighters were also killed in the attack. Since Oct. 1, the ISIS has used 22 suicide bombers in Iraq.

ISIS launches another suicide assault in Anbar

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed three members of Rawa's local council and three policemen in a complex attack that included eight suicide bombers. An ISIS suicide bomber killed 35 Iraqis in an attack in Baghdad.

ISIS uses 8 suicide bombers in complex attack in western Iraq

The ISIS has not had difficulty in recruiting and deploying suicide bombers to conduct complex assaults in either Iraq or Syria.

Insight Into How Insurgents Fought in Iraq