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Al Qaeda in Iraq shot down an Iraqi Army helicopter as the military was conducting an operation in the desert near Bayji; four Iraqi soldiers and were killed. Al Qaeda killed 14 Iraqis in attacks throughout the country. Security forces captured two insurgents as they planted an IED in Fallujah.

Al Qaeda's affiliates continue joint operations in Syria

Reporting from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights shows that al Qaeda's two affiliates inside Syria continue to collude despite a leadership dispute that became public in April.

Qaeda Branch in Syria Pursues Its Own Agenda

A three-man al Qaeda suicide team killed five Iraqi soldiers, including a colonel, in Tikrit. Al Qaeda fighters killed an Awakening member in Abu Ghraib. Nearly 900 Iraqis were killed in terror attacks in September.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed at least 55 Iraqis and wounded more than 150 in a series of coordinated bombings throughout the capital of Baghdad. More than 20 car bombs were detonated in mainly Shia neighborhoods throughout the capital. One blast occurred outside a Sunni mosque.

Iran's secret trade links to bypass sanctions

Has Turkish Foreign Policy Created a 'Syrian Taliban'?

A suicide bomber killed 40 people and wounded 50 more in an attack at a Shia mosque in an attack in Mussayab. A pair of suicide bombers killed four people and wounded 29 more in an attack in Irbil.

AL Qaeda in Iraq killed six people in attacks in Tarmiyah and Baghdad that targeted police and military personnel and their families. Security forces captured two al Qaeda leaders during raids in Baghdad and Ninewa.

Ten people were killed in bombings and attacks throughout Iraq; seven of those were killed in bombings outside of two Sunni mosques in Baghdad. Ninewa province's tribal council renounced al Qaeda and vowed to support the Iraqi security forces.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 25 people in attacks throughout the country. In one attack, seven civilians and two soldiers were killed in a suicide assault on a district center in Hawija. Security forces killed five al Qaeda fighters near the Syrian border and four more in south of Mosul, and detained four Ansar al Islam members in Kirkuk.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed nine policemen in a suicide assault and attacks on police and military bases in Haditha. Security forces detained an escaped inmate from the July Abu Ghraib prison break in Anbar, and two al Qaeda fighters as they were planting an IED outside the home of an Awakening leader in Samarra.

Al Qaeda launches suicide assault on security forces in western Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraqi and the Levant killed nine policemen in Haditiha in a coordinated assault on police and military bases.

Two bombs planted in a funeral tent in a predominately Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad killed 16 people. Two people were killed in an IED attack that targeted an ambulance in the capital.

Qassem Suleimani, the Middle East's Most Powerful Operative

A suicide bomber killed 16 Iraqis and wounded 35 more in an attack at a funeral in Baghdad. Two Iraqi policemen were killed in attacks in Tikrit and two soldiers were killed in a bombing in Mosul.

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed more than 70 people in a series of suicide attacks and bombings in Baghdad and Bayji. In one of the attacks, in Bayji, a suicide assault team killed seven policemen and penetrated the perimeter of a special forces base.

Al Qaeda ramps up attacks in Iraq

Turkey's Syria Nightmare Goes From Bad to Worse

Al Qaeda in Iraq killed 18 Sunni worshippers in a pair of bombings at a mosque in Samarra. Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Mosul, captured 12 al Qaeda fighters in Madeen, four more in Tikrit, and another in Mosul.