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ISIS suicide bomber kills Anbar Awakening leader

Nearly 800 killed in Iraq's bloodiest month this year: UN

ISIS again touts French and other foreign suicide bombers

Iraq PM calls for "jihad" against Anbar jihadists

AQAP eulogizes 2 Mukallah prison escapees

In the past week, a Twitter account affiliated with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula tweeted the biographies of two fallen militants who had previously traveled to Iraq.

US Training Elite Antiterror Troops in Four African Nations

Zawahiri again addresses jihadist infighting in Syria

In a newly released three-page statement, Ayman al Zawahiri again says that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) owed its allegiance to al Qaeda's senior leadership before disobeying orders. Any pledges of allegiance collected by the ISIS since then "are null pledges, because they arose from a direct violation of my command as his direct emir," he states.

Iraqi Kurdistan makes first oil sale amid exports row

The military said it killed 20 Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fighters during a raid on a camp in Al Sadda near Fallujah. The ISIS executed eight soldiers after stopping their bus in Sulaiman Bek.

ISIS names Danish, French suicide bombers killed in 'Ninewa Division'

A Frenchman and a Dane were among six foreign suicide bombers who conducted attacks in the Islamic State of Iraq's northernmost administrative unit in Iraq.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 14 people, including five policemen and soldiers, in attacks in Mosul, Baghdad, and Mahmoudiya. A candidate in the recent election was kidnapped in Baghdad. Iran is calling on Iraq to send more than 3,000 members of the People's Mujahideen Organization of Iran home to face a "fair trial."

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed five Awakening fighters in Balad and two soldiers in Baghdad. Security forces killed eight ISIS fighters while sinking their boat on the Tigris river south of Mosul. The military destroyed three ISIS camps in Rawa.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 29 people in a series of attacks in and around Baghdad. In one attack, Army officers were executed after being stopped at a fake ISIS checkpoint. Security forces captured six Ansar al Islam fighters in Kirkuk.

Kurds could opt out of Iraqi government

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham killed 24 people, including three soldiers, in a series of bombings in Baghdad. In Rashad, a suicide bomber killed five soldiers. The ISIS's spokesman rejected Ayman al Zawahiri's plea for the group to quit Syria and return to Iraq.

'Iran owes al Qaeda invaluably,' ISIS spokesman says

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham captured and then executed 20 Iraqi soldiers in Ain al-Jahash in Ninewa province. The ISIS also killed six policemen, six soldiers, and a member of the Ninewa provincial council in attacks throughout the country.

Christians persecuted at alarming rate in Iran, Arab world, US report says

ISIS executes 20 Iraqi soldiers

Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham fighters dressed in military uniforms captured 20 soldiers after ambushing their convoy, and shot them in the head shortly afterward.

Iraqi army faces death, desertions as it struggles with Anbar offensive