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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham took control of the town of Mansouriyat al-Jabal and a nearby oil field. A suicide bomber killed 19 people in Baghdad. The military claimed it killed 32 ISIS fighters in airstrikes in Tikrit and in Anbar.

Jihadist returnees stir concern in the Maghreb

Saudi king orders 'all' measures to protect nation

ISIS Jihadists Step Up Recruitment Drive

ISIS advances on oil fields in Salahaddin, Diyala

Iraqi oil infrastructure "sabotaged" before ISIS attack--industry source

Jordan shaken by threats from ISIS, Iraq, Syria

Egyptian Al Nusrah Front commander on Syrian border defects to ISIS

Abu Yusuf al Masri, a leader in Albu Kamal, swore allegiance to a senior "Chechen" commander in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham. The move could strengthen ISIS' hold on the Iraq-Syrian border.

Syrian Qaeda wing pledges loyalty to ISIS in border town

Jordan on alert after ISIS seizes border crossing

Records show how Iraqi extremists withstood US antiterrorism efforts

ISIS holds military parade in Mosul

The military claimed it killed an al Qaeda leader and 19 fighters during clashes at the Bayji refinery, and 30 more fighters in airstrikes north of Fallujah. Iraqi officials claimed to have retaken the Tarbil and Al Walid border crossings in Anbar, but the report is unconfirmed. The ISIS took control of Nukhaib in Anbar. Kurdish President Massoud Barzani called for an independent Kurdistan.

Obama's disastrous Iraq policy: an autopsy

ISIS recruits Kurdish youth, creating a potential new risk in a peaceful part of Iraq

Iraqi military facing 'psychological collapse' after losses, desertions

Anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al Sadr retakes stage amid Iraq turmoil

Analysis: A protracted struggle ahead for Iraq

While Sunni Iraqi support of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham is not monolithic, the central government's security forces are unlikely to decisively uproot the terrorist organization from the more distant provinces of Iraq anytime soon.

ISIS photos show control of command center, execution of prisoners

The Ninewa Division of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham shows its fighters taking control of "The Second Operations Command Center" as well as executing three Iraqi soldiers.

Kerry promises 'intense and sustained' US support for Iraq