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Marine general: Freed Iraqis not rejoining insurgency

Iraq willing to hand over wanted detainees to Saudi Arabia

Killings decline in western Baghdad neighborhood of Ameriya

Climate of fear stymies Basra reporters

Turkey issues fresh warning of military incursion into Iraq

Al Qaeda suicide bombers target the Salahadin Awakening

SAC-attack-AQI.jpgThe second major suicide attack in Salahadin in five days targeted the leader of the Salahadin Awakening Council and the Baiji police chief.

Al Qaeda targeted a police chief and a tribal leader in two suicide car bomb attacks in Baiji; 22 were killed. The Sunni insurgent group Army of Truth has halted operations and seeks reconciliation. Nine al Qaeda operatives were killed and 22 captured in raids throughout the country. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured six al Qaeda operatives, including an emir in Mosul; six more al Qaeda operatives were killed in Mosul while emplacing an IED.

Iraq: 300 Sheikhs Gather to Plan Security Transition

UK plans Iraq troop cut to 2,500

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: October 2007 Update

An update on the development of the Iraqi Security Forces.

US soldiers killed five Special Groups operatives and captured three during an operation in eastern Baghdad. Ten Special Groups operatives were captured and one killed in Wasit Province. US and Iraqi forces captured 17 suspected terrorists in Mahmudiyah. Iraq and US special forces killed five terrorists in Baghdad and destroyed a bomb factory in Thar Thar.

USMC briefing on Anbar province [video]

Petraeus Outs an Iranian

Change in Iraqi province obvious in rare drive

General Petraeus: Iran's ambassador to Iraq "is a Qods force member"

IRGC-poster.jpgMultinational Forces Iraq commander said Hassan Kazemi-Qomi is an Iranian agent.

Muqtada al Sadr and his Mahdi Army were behind the attacks at the Karbala shrines in August. US troops captured three insurgents and dismantled four EFPs in eastern Baghdad, and three Special Groups operatives were captured in Sadr City. One al Qaeda operative was killed and eight captured during raids throughout Iraq.

Baghdad bombings kill at least 9 Iraqis

Muqtada al Sadr and Abdul Aziz al Hakim signed an agreement to put aside religious and sectarian issues. Sunni and Shia tribal leaders in Muqdadiyah signed an agreement to put aside tribal differences to fight al Qaeda. Special operations forces killed six al Qaeda operatives and captured 18 in raids throughout Iraq. US soldiers captured six rogue Mahdi Army fighters in Sadr City. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured a Shia extremist company commander in Khalis.

Al Qaeda's Ramadan assassination campaign

Al Qaeda in Iraq continues its Ramadan assassination program and Sunni insurgent groups continue to turn on the terror group.

Four Iraqis were killed and and 30 wounded in a car bomb attack in Tal Afar. Coaltion special forces killed 12 al Qaeda operatives and wounded four in raids in central and northern Iraq. Iraqi police killed a Yemeni al Qaeda operative near Salman Pak. The Iraqi Army and Concerned Citizens captured eight al Qaeda operatives in Hawr Rajab.