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Iraq's Maliki reaches out to Sunnis in Anbar Province

Former IRA commander helps hammer out Iraqi 'road map' to peace

Iraqi official arrested over Askari Shrines'' bombing of last year

Bombs kill 20 in Iraq

Iraq: Baghdad calmer, but politics not

Sunni Arab bloc rejoins Iraqi parliament

Iraq cleric seeks religious separation

Top aide of Sadr killed in Najaf

A look at Operation Lightning Hammer II in Ninewa and Salahadin

Iraqi Army and police lead operations in the northern provinces of Ninewa and Salahadin. Al Qaeda safe havens are being targeted in the Za'ab triangle, Mosul, and Tal Afar.

AP: Bin Laden told his followers "to help Saddam Hussein fight Americans"

Progress in the Iraqi Security Forces - What the Jones Report really says

Cells from Mahdi army did not honor Sadr's orders - MNF

US troops, Iraqis clear village of al Qaeda

Operation Lightning Hammer II launched in Iraq's North

A corps-level operation is launched against al Qaeda havens in the northern and central provinces of Salahadin, Ninewa, Diyala, and Kirkuk. The offensive consists of a joint force of 26,000 Iraqi and US troops and follows a series of operations designed to keep al Qaeda off balance while expanding the security zone outside the Baghdad Belts.

British troops 'proxy war with Iran'

Senior Qods Force link captured in Karbala

Coalition forces capture a senior member of the Special Groups with direct links to senior members of Iran's Qods Force. Raids against the Iranian-backed network continue and are increasingly being led by Iraqi Security Forces.

US seizes 'Iran agent' in Iraq

A quieter Anbar Province rebuilds

Sadr militia lying low: US general

US GAO report sees scant Iraq progress