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Operation Lightning Hammer in Diyala ends

The fighting continues in Diyala province as Operation Lightning Hammer ends. The Diyala River valley north of Baqubah is cleared and Iraqi and Coalition forces work to hold the territory.

Conducting the surge, one raid at a time

Joe Talley of Tango Alpha Productions is currently embedded with US forces south of Baghdad. You can read part 1, The surge: Gunners on patrol,.

Al Qaeda attacks Coalition Outpost in Northern Baghdad

Iraqi Security Forces, US Special Forces capture high-level terrorist in Mosul

US general blames Britain for Basra crisis

Platoons tackle Iraq brush in hunt for al Qaeda leader south of Baghdad

Iraq: Bike bomber kills 38 in Baqubah marketplace

Iraq: Suicide Truck Bomb Kills At Least 24 in Bayji

"Iranian Weapon" Killed Diwaniya Governor

Some of Muthanna governor's murderers arrested- police

Iraq Report: Al Douri flips on al Qaeda

14 US soldiers killed in Iraq helicopter crash

The surge: Gunners on patrol

Forward Operating Base Loyalty, Baghdad, Iraq -- The signs of war are never far from the men and women of the 2nd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, currently stationed at Forward Operating Base Loyalty in eastern Baghdad. Yesterday at lunch, a...

Iran Denies Guards' Involvement in Iraq

Iraq: Locals protest against al-Qaeda in restive Diyala province

Iraqi authorities issue list of wanted people

Mahdi Army kill baby, 6 others in home

Al-Sadr denies militia killed governors

Europe must play greater role in Iraq: Kouchner

Baghdad Confidential: Strung-out stringers

Fallujah catches its breath