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Dropping the AK-series for the M4/M16 platform

Triangle of Death Hostage Search: Day Six

Turkish army chases PKK elements

Iraq: Ansar al Sunna offers al Qaeda an olive branch

The search in the Triangle of Death continues

a U.S. Army Blackhawk drops reward leaflets over Owesat Village on May 14 [U.S. Army photo]. Click to view. U.S. and Iraqi forces continue to scour the farming regions around Yusifiyah and Mahmudiyah in an effort to recover its...

Just another day of close calls in Dora

Street Battles in Iraqi Cities Point to Dire Security Status

Prince Harry won't go to Iraq

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Detain Suspects in Search for Missing Troops

Remarkable turnaround in Ramadi?

Report: Closing in on Al Qaeda in the Triangle

Iraqi soldiers conduct a joint search mission with US troops near Yusifiyah [Getty]. Click to view. Coalition forces may have narrowed the search for the missing soldiers missing since last Saturday's attack U.S. and Iraqi Security Forces, backed by...

US says closing in on Al Qaeda kidnap gang

Iraqi soldiers switching over to M-16s and M-4s

US seeks gains in Shiite militia rifts

Iraq makes progress on crucial constitution plan

Iraqi Military Faces Hurdles in Its Quest to Take Charge

US detains 11 Iraqis in search for GIs

US Army hunts comrades as 3 troops killed in Iraq

Iraq "has become new epicenter for 'holy war' against West," says terror expert

Suspected Ansar Al-Sunna Administrator, nine others detained