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Number of Saudi Insurgents in Iraq Greatly Exaggerated - Saudi Security Source

Mistrust as Iraqi Troops Encounter New US Allies

Thousands of US-Iraqi troops strike Qaeda strongholds

Pace: Another troop build up possible

Twin bombings in northern Iraq kill 80

Iraq border ambush kills eight

Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 10, Wounds 25 During Deadly Day in Iraq

Robot air attack squadron bound for Iraq

Aide: Iraqi PM's comments misconstrued

Iraq: Has America lost the will to win?

Iraq: Al-Maliki Faces His Sternest Test Yet

A long day on patrol in Mahmudiyah - Americans and Iraqis slog door-to-door looking for insurgents

Truce lets two tribes now battle insurgents

US 'benchmarks' report not fully accurate: Iraqi PM

Iraq PM: Country can manage without US

US kills six militants using 'human shields' in Iraq

Al Qaeda and its role in the Iraq insurgency

An al Qaeda operations map. Click to view. The attempts to minimize the role played by al Qaeda in Iraq in the larger Sunni insurgency took a significant step over the past week. Clark Hoyt, the public editor of...

Iranian forces, Kurdish guerrillas clash

Iraq and benchmarks, a mixed assessment

A breakdown of the progress and shortcomings of the Iraqi government in the Initial Benchmark Assessment Report to Congress Iraq. Click map to view. The Initial Benchmark Assessment Report, the interim report prior to the September assessment of the Iraqi...

Quick US Exit From Iraq: Seven Scenarios