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Increasingly, the US sits down with Iraqi militants

In Iraq, Conflict on a Second Kurdish Front

Turkey says it will try talks before striking PKK

Osama bin Laden on the state of Iraq

In his latest audiotape, al Qaeda's leader admits leadership problems in Iraq, laments the splits between al Qaeda and insurgent and tribal organizations, and implores Sunnis to eschew tribal and national loyalties for the sake of jihad.

Al Qaeda, Islamic Army clash south of Baghdad

Over 60 reported killed as Sunni insurgent group battles al Qaeda after a local leader of the Islamic Army of Iraq was kidnapped in Madain. Osama bin Laden calls for Sunni insurgents to unite and reject the tribe and nation.

Violence in Iraq is down 70 percent since June. Over 60 were killed in clashes between the Islamic Army and al Qaeda in Khannasa. Two Mahdi Army terror cell leaders were captured in New Baghdad, and one cell member was killed. Six Mahdi Army fighters and one policeman were killed during fighting in Karbala. Terrorists bombed the Adhamiyah Islamic Party headquarters; the party is allied with Coalition forces.

Iraq Calls for Kurd Rebels to Lay Down Their Arms or Leave

Poland will seek 2008 Iraq troop withdrawal

US Planners See Shiite Militias as Rising Threat

Interview With New Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Daoud Ouhnane, one of the masterminds behind the Madrid train bombings in 2004, was reported killed in Iraq in late 2006. Coalition forces killed four wanted al Qaeda operatives and detained 11. US troops captured seven insurgents in Adwaniyah. Police captured 35 Shia insurgents suspected of firing Katyusha rockets in Karbala.

Syria Shuts Main Exit From War for Iraqis

Iraq Awakening Conference urges displaced persons to return home

Iraq and neighbours to boost intelligence exchange

Iraq unable to hand over rebels to Turkey says Talabani

Raid in Baghdad's Sadr City kills 49 Special Groups operatives

Coalition and Iraqi forces continue to target the Iranian-backed Shia terror groups while warning Muqtada al Sadr at the same time. The Mahdi Army is also targeted in Diwaniyah.

Iraq says foreign fighters continuing to infiltrate

National Guard Brigades Alerted for Iraq, Afghanistan Deployments

Sadr's mouthpiece newspaper building wrecked in arson attack in eastern Baghdad

Iraqi forces captured 34 al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad, while three police were killed and nine wounded. US forces killed Thamir Aziz Abbas Ashuri, an al Qaeda leader of an IED cell of 250 terrorists in the Baqubah area. Eleven al Qaeda suspects were captured in raids in central Iraq. US forces captured an 11-man al Qaeda cell near Salman Pak, while four militia leaders were captured in Iskandariyah. Over 41,000 pounds of explosives were seized in a raid in Salahadin.