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Warnings on Iraq ISIS attack ignored--Kurdistan official

UN chief opposes military strikes on extremists in Iraq

More Dutch jihadists traveling to Iraq: minister

How ISIS is spreading its message online

Baghdad's Sunni fighters: we are ready for zero hour

Top Shiite cleric calls for new government in Iraq

Ansar al Islam claims attacks against Iraqi military, police

Ansar al Islam, a jihadist group founded in northern Iraq in September 2001, has claimed a number of attacks against the Iraqi government since the rebel offensive began earlier this month.

Official: 150 Australians fighting in Syria, Iraq

Kurdish peshmerga prepare to fight again to reclaim homeland

Iraqis, Saudis call the shots in ISIS 'capital' Raqqah

ISIS storms Saddam-era chemical weapons complex in Iraq

US should launch targeted military strikes on 'terrorist army' ISIS, says General David Petraeus

ISIS photos show gains and Iraqi support

Photos released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham to social media sites illustrate the group's gains in Ninewa as well as public support for the offensive.

Iraq has asked for air power, says top US military official

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham took control of the Bayji oil refinery. The Iraqi government has requested US air support to help fight ISIS. US officials are indicating that Prime Minister Maliki must step down to resolve the crisis.

US signals Iraq's Maliki should go

ISIS takes control of Iraq's largest refinery in Bayji

Cameron says foreign fighters in Iraq, Syria most serious threat to UK

French Islamists with ISIS in the perfect terrain for jihad

Iraqi Christians flee homes amid militant push