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Najaf takes in Christians displaced by Islamic State

Iraq crisis: live

US begins airstrikes against Islamic State near Irbil

Obama Allows Limited Airstrikes on ISIS

The Islamic State took control of several towns outside of Mosul, including Qaraqosh, Tal Kayf, Bartella, and Karamlesh after Kurdish forces retreated. The US is considering launching airstrikes against the Islamic State or dropping supplies to refugees fleeing the fighting. Kurdish officials claimed the US launched airstrikes, but the Department of Defense denied the reports. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 60 Islamic State fighters in northern Amirli. Five Iraqis were killed in a car bombing in Baghdad.

Obama authorizes limited airstrikes to protect US personnel in Irbil

Hollande Pledges French 'Support' for Forces Fighting Iraq Jihadists

Kurdish Peshmerga request US arms to battle ISIS: official

Patriarchs decry Christian exodus, demand UN act

Islamic State pulls down church crosses in northern Iraq as 200,000 flee

Islamic Militants in Iraq Are Widely Loathed, Yet Action to Curb Them Is Elusive

Iraq's largest Christian town falls to Islamic State

Qaraqosh, as well as Tal Kayf, Bartella, and Karamlesh, fell to the Islamic State after Kurdish Peshmerga abandoned the towns without a fight.

The Iraqi military killed 60 people in an airstrike on an Islamic State sharia court in Mosul; it is unclear how many civilians were killed. Security forces claimed to have killed an Islamic State commander and eight fighters in Anbar. Insurgents killed 32 people in attacks in Baghdad and four policemen in Jurf al Sahkar.

40,000 Iraqis stranded on Sinjar mountain after Islamic State death threats

Saddam's allies moved his corpse, fearful Shi'ite militias would harm it: tribal leader

Islamic State leader who defected from al Qaeda reported killed in Mosul

Abdul Rahman al Amjad al Pakistani is thought to be Abdullah al Punjabi, one of nine mid-level al Qaeda commanders to openly defect from the global jihadist group and join the Islamic State.

The military claimed it killed 50 Islamic State fighters in Dhuluiyah, 20 in Taji, and two more in Sinjar, and an Islamic State leader and five fighters in Mosul The military also claimed it retook control of the Barwana district in Anbar. Iraqi military reports have been unreliable.

UN says jihadis killed 40 minority children in northwestern Iraq

ISIS inches closer to Iraq's two biggest dams

New Border Fighting Between ISIS and Lebanon's Army