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Exclusive: Iraq tells UN that 'terrorist groups' seized nuclear materials

ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq

The government said the Islamic State has taken control of the Muthanna Chemical Weapons complex in the Thar Thar area northwest of Baghdad. The Islamic State has rounded up scores of Baathists in Mosul. The military claimed it killed dozens of Islamic State fighters north of Bayji.

Is Obama's Foreign Policy Too European?

Jihadists demolish Sunni and Shiite mosques and shrines in Mosul

Updated: Popular Australian cleric seeks to travel to Syria, join Islamic State

Shortly after the Islamic State declared the formation of the caliphate, Musa Cerantonio, a popular cleric, announced he was planning to travel to Syria.

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the emir of the Islamic State who is now called Caliph Ibrahim, gave a sermon at the "Grand Mosque" in Mosul. The Iraqi military claimed the sermon was faked. An Iranian colonel is confirmed to have been killed while fighting in Samarra. Prime Minister Maliki relieved the commanders of Iraq's ground forces and national police.

Al Nusrah Front weakened in Syria by ISIS Islamic State: Analysts

US overtakes Saudi Arabia as biggest oil producer

In Iraq, Islamic State jihadists destroy ancient mosques, shrines

How a talented footballer became world's most wanted man, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Islamic State's 'caliph' speaks at Mosul mosque

Iraq lacks ability to fly F-16s it seeks, US trainer says

Iraq crisis: ISIS rebels 'hunt opponents', say refugees

Jordan Salafi leader warns of chaos

Islamic State Militants Seize Oil Field, Expand Syrian Domain

Obama's Blueprint for Fighting Terrorism Collides With Reality in Iraq

Islamic State consolidates gains in eastern Syria

With the fall of Mayadin as well as Shujail, the home town of the Al Nusrah Front's emir, the Islamic State controls contiguous territory along the Euphrates River Valley from the town of Jarabulus, which borders Turkey, in Syria's northern Aleppo province to the town of Anah in Anbar province in Iraq.

Islamic State seizes oil field and towns in Syria's east

Prime Minister Maliki offered amnesty to Sunni tribes that are supporting the Islamic State and other insurgent groups. Security forces clashed with a Shia militia in Karbala; several security personnel and followers of Mahmud al Sarkhi were killed.