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Leaders Express Outrage as Britain Tries to Identify Beheaded Journalist's Killer

Saudi Arabia toughens stance on jihadist groups

UN Launches Aid Operation for 500,000 in Northern Iraq

Iraq says it is troubled ISIS smuggling oil to export markets

The US launched 14 airstrikes against the Islamic State in northern Iraq today. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 21 Islamic State fighters in airstrikes in Barwana. Three civilians were killed in three separate bombings in Baghdad. The US may send up to 300 additional military personnel to Iraq.

US launched raid in Syria to rescue American hostages held by Islamic State

The raid failed to rescue "a number of American hostages held in Syria" by the Islamic State, the Department of Defense's spokesman said today.

US confirms Islamic State executed American journalist

Syria and Iraq: Why young German men bring terror and death

Obama Holds to Afghanistan Withdrawal Deadline

The Islamic State beheaded a US journalist who was captured in Syria in 2012. The group said it would behead another American in captivity if the US did not end airstrikes in Iraq. The Islamic State repelled an Iraqi military assault on Tikrit. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 33 Islamic State fighters in Babil and 13 more in Fallujah.

Kurdish commander: ISIS worse than Saddam

Scholars call for Christian safe haven in Iraq

Islamic State beheads American reporter

James Wright Foley, a journalist who was captured in Syria by the Islamic State in November 2012, was executed on camera. The Islamic State threatened to kill another captive American reporter if the US military does not halt its air campaign against the jihadist group in northern Iraq.

Washington, Damascus at odds in fight against ISIS

Islamic State repels Iraqi military's 3rd attempt to retake Tikrit

Iraqi forces broke off their advance on Tikrit after taking heavy fire from Islamic State fighters based in and around the capital of Salahaddin province.

Islamic State recruits at record pace in Syria: monitor

Morocco ramps up counter-terror fight

The Iraqi military and the Peshmerga claimed to have retaken control of Mosul Dam. The US launched 15 airstrikes to aid the Iraqi forces near the Mosul Dam. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 17 Islamic State fighters in an airstrike in Mosul.

US airpower supports Peshmerga, Iraqi forces to retake Mosul Dam

President Obama expanded the US military mission in Iraq to include protecting "critical infrastructure" and supporting Iraqi Army and Peshmerga offensive military operations in northern Iraq.

Exclusive: Kurdish fighters protect Yazidis fleeing IS terror campaign