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Militias that fought US now lead charge against Sunni militants

ISIS Expels Last Iraqi Christians From Mosul

UN accuses Islamic State of executions, rape, child abuse in Iraq

Religious minorities facing oppression in ISIS-controlled areas in Iraq: sources

Islamic State uses Turkish Consulate in Mosul as headquarters

World should help 'generous' Kurdistan: UN refugee chief

An Islamic State suicide bomber from Australia killed five people in an attack at a Shia mosque in Baghdad. Islamic State fighters set up a sophisticated ambush to repel government forces in their attempt to take control of Tikrit.

Iranian Commanders on Front Line of Iraq's Fight

Australian Islamic State suicide bomber attacks Shia shrine in Baghdad

The Baghdad Division of the Islamic State claimed that Abu Bakr al Australi detonated his vest at a Shia mosque in the Shorja district.

Behind the Sharp Change in the US Tone on Iraq

Weeks of combat in Iraq show Shiite militias have few offensive capabilities

For Iraq, debacle in Tikrit as forces walk into trap set by militants

Top Marine commander: Iraq chaos shows costs of US withdrawal

Iraq deploys drones to monitor southern oil fields

Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict

Islamic State, allies blunt Iraqi offensive to retake Tikrit

Iraqi military units, SWAT units, and Shia militias withdrew from Tikrit after facing heavy fire. It is the second failed attempt to retake the city.

Legendary Marine Maj. Zembiec, the 'Lion of Fallujah,' died in the service of the CIA

US advisers give dark assessment of state of Iraqi military

Iraqi army remains on defensive as extent of June debacle becomes clearer

UN grants aid convoys access to rebel-held areas in Syria