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US-Iraq Negotiations Come Down to the Wire

Coalition forces detained five al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide. US troops detained a Special Grousp cell leader and a fighter in Abu T'shir. Iraqi troops detained four "wanted persons" in Nasiriyah. One Iraqi soldier and three al Qaeda fighters were killed during a clash in Salahadin province.

Iraqi forces arrested 15 al Qaeda fighters in Ninewa, 14 fighters in Diyala, and 13 "wanted men" in Maysan. US troops captured five Special Groups fighters in Bagdad and eight al Qaeda operatives in central Iraq.

Iraqi forces kill, capture Iranian agents

Iraqi soldiers killed one Qods Force agent and captured another in Al Kut. Nine Iranian agents have been killed or captured in eastern Iraq the past week.

AFP: In peaceful Anbar, US commander optimistic about troop cuts

Navy trains Iraqi water patrol

Babil province is the 12th of 18 provinces to transfer security to Iraqi control. Ten Iraqis were killed and more than 20 wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Iraqi forces arrested five "wanted men" in Amarah. Coalition forces captured two al Qaeda bomb makers in Habbaniyah and detained three Special Groups operatives in Baghdad.

Iraq: Face to face with the insurgency

US turns over control of 12th Iraqi province

Suicide car bomber hits Iraq convoy, 11 killed

Iraq seeks changes to wording not backbone of pact

Iraqi forces arrested 21 insurgents in Mosul, 13 in Kirkuk, and seven al Qaeda fighters in Diyala. Coalition forces captured an Qaeda bomb maker in Tikrit. Four Iraqis were killed and three were wounded in a car bombing in Mosul.

Iraq tribesmen clash with Al Qaeda gunmenk

Former Al Qaeda Emir in Crosshairs

Iraq: Sadrist cleric issues edict against security pact with US

Iraqi security forces arrested 29 suspected insurgents in Baghdad, a car bomber in Tal Afar, an al Qaeda fighter in Jalawlaa, and five members of the Popular Committees in Diyala. Coalition forces detained three drunken Hezbollah Brigades operatives in Baghdad, four Special Groups operatives in Al Jadidah, and five al Qaeda operatives in central and northern Iraq. Terrorists bombed a water station in the Dalouiya region.

US military chief warns Iraq on security deal

US referees Iraq's troubled Kurdish-Arab fault line

Iraqi army creates civil affairs program

Police captured three Qods Force officers in Al Kut. Iraqi troops killed a Saudi al Qaeda leader in Diyala province. Iraqi forces detained 65 suspected insurgents in Ninewa province, 15 in Baghdad, and ten in Maysan province. Coalition forces captured 15 al Qaeda operatives in and around Baghdad.