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15 bodies found in Iraqi village

New Special Groups splinter emerges on Iraqi scene

The Asaib al Haq, or League of the Righteous, a terror group backed by Iran's Qods Force, is being targeted by Coalition forces in the Baghdad region and the South.

Iraqi forces arrest Sunni Arab politician's son

Iraqi Sunnis outraged over Diyala raids, arrests

US troops detained two Special Groups leaders in Baghdad and an Asaib al Haq operative in Diyala. Iraqi troops captured two Special Groups operatives in central Iraq, three Mahdi fighters in Maysan, four more in Basrah, and four al Qaeda operatives in Miqdadiyah. Iraqi and US forces captured 12 al Qaeda suspects in raids nationwide. A US soldier was killed in a rocket attack near Amarah.

US military hawks tanks to Iraqis in deal worth up to $2B

Policemen kill Diyala governor's escort, beat deputy

Sons of Iraq patrol recon - building relationships one night at a time

US troops accompany Tarmiyah's local security forces during patrols in the city.

Jihadis shift attention to war in Afghanistan

More than 460 wanted persons have been detained since the latest operation began in Diyala and 1,323 others surrendered as part of the amnesty program. Iraqi security forces detained 20 insurgents in Baghdad, eight in Basrah, and three in Wasit. Iraqi forces detained 14 al Qaeda-linked insurgents in raids nationwide. Coalition forces detained 11 al Qaeda operatives during raids in central and northern Iraq. A suicide car bomber killed five policemen in Ramadi.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard to Train Iraqi Shiite Youths

Saudi Arabia to Contact Iraq on Saudi Detainee Spying for Iran

Shia cleric killed, 17 wounded in Baghdad violence

Resilient Sunni Stronghold Tests the Iraqi Army's Best

Iraqi Army Provides Security, Builds Wall in Northwest Sadr City

A female suicide bomber killed 12 Sons of Iraq fighters and wounded 24 in Baghdad. Iraqi forces captured 99 insurgents in Karbala and 29 in Baghdad. US troops captured four Special Groups fighters in Baghdad. Coalition forces detained eight al Qaeda fighters in central and northern Iraq.

US Army creates non-lethal platoon to handle reconstruction as violence subsides

A Stryker platoon is assigned to administer reconstruction and security projects in northern Diyala province.

Nine Iraqis were killed and 40 wounded in a car bombing in Balad; 17 Iraqis were wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained a Special Groups weapons supplier in Hillah, 15 Shia terrorists in Karbala, and two in possession of SA-7 Strella anti-aircraft missiles in Baghdad. Coalition forces captured a Special Groups operatives in Al Kut. Iraqi forces detained 27 insurgents in Baghdad, five al Qaeda fighters in Makhmour, and four in Mosul. Coalition forces captured 13 al Qaeda operatives in central and northern Iraq.

Tarmiyah's Sons of Iraq: security for the short term

Tarmiyah's Sons of Iraq provide a crucial component to securing the one-time al Qaeda in Iraq stronghold.

Iran continues to train Shia terror groups for attacks in Iraq

US military intelligence identifies the location of Qods Force camps inside Iran. Hezbollah is involved in the training of Shia terror groups.