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US troops already out of cities of most Iraqi provinces: Petraeus

Letters from al Qaeda leaders show Iraqi effort is in disarray

A series of letters from Zawahiri, Baghdadi, and al Masri found on the body of al Qaeda in Iraq's former information minister show senior al Qaeda leaders have lost confidence in al Qaeda in Iraq's leader. Captured operatives say the war is lost.

Intercepted Letter Shows Al Qaeda Weakened in Iraq

Foreign Minister Zebari said the US-Iraqi negotiations on the status of forces agreement are nearing completion. Iraqi troops detained seven Special Groups operatives in central Iraq; US troops captured a cell member in Baghdad and four operatives in Muwaffaqiya. Police captured 15 al Qaeda fighters in Buhriz, three in Touz Khormato, and two in Kirkuk.

Safer Iraq draws foreign investors

Zebari: US-Iraqi negotiations at final stage

Iraq strengthens the Counter Terrorism Bureau

The Counter Terrorism Bureau, which houses much of Iraq's special operations capable forces, provides the third leg of the security forces troika.

In Iraq -- US has entered 'endgame' in Iraq-Pentagon chief

Iraqi leaders form panel to resolve election law dispute

Petraeus: Iraq Is 'Central Front' for Extremists

The US will maintain troop current levels in Iraq through the end of the year. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and detained two suspects during raids in the Baghdad area. Two policemen were killed in Mosul and one was killed in Isahaqi. One Iraqi was killed and six were wounded in eastern Baghdad.

US Foils Iraqi Terror Plot Using Clues Found in Bakery

Qaeda fighters prove stubborn in one of group's last bastions

US and Iraqi Officials Try to Reassure Citizen Patrols About Transfer

Coalition forces detained 15 suspected al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained 71 insurgents in Baghdad and four Special Groups fighters in Wasit. One policeman was killed and four were wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in Mosul. An Awakening leader was kidnapped in Diyala. The US released 433 detainees during the first week of Ramadan.

Bahraini Ambassador to Iraq due end of year

Bush to order a few thousand troops out of Iraq

Petraeus to hand over Iraq command

Six Iraqis were killed and 32 wounded in a suicide car bombing in Tal Afar. Coalition forces detained 12 al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide. Iraqi forces detained 24 insurgents in Baghdad and 13 terrorists and criminals in Basrah. US and Iraqi forces detained two Special Groups operatives in Hillah and Baghdad.

Electricity powers more normalcy in Iraq suburb