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IED hunters take on insurgency in northern Iraq

Investment in 'alien-like' mine-detection equipment pays off with more bomb discoveries, less attacks.

Iraqi troops killed four al Qaeda fighters, including two suicide bombers, and captured six in Dalouiya. Iraq security forces captured seven suspected terrorists during raids throughout Iraq, including four behind the suicide attack in Karmah in May. Coalition forces captured 21 al Qaeda operatives during raids in Baghdad and Mosul.

Fewer Iraqi civilians killed in July

The Diyala security operation has resulted in 189 detentions to date. US and Iraqi troops captured 14 al Qaeda operatives in Bayji, Baghdad, Mosul, Diyala, and Haditha. Coalition forces captured a Hezbollah Brigades operative in Baghdad. US troops captured 10 Special Groups fighters in Baghdad, including an EFP maker.

Tours of duty shortened as US deaths in Iraq plummet

US Military Deaths in Iraq Fall to Lowest Since 2003 Invasion

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader May Be in Afghanistan

Coalition forces capture Hezbollah Brigades operative in Baghdad

A Hezbollah Brigades propaganda expert and an associate are detained by special operations forces in New Baghdad.

Report: US suspects al Qaeda has cells to recruit women for bombings

A Day In The Life Of Georgian Peacekeepers

Firebrand cleric tells followers not to attack Iraqi government forces

US and Iraqi forces have detained 54 suspected insurgents since the security operation in Diyala began. Iraqi and Coalition forces detained 12 suspected al Qaeda operatives during raids in central Iraq. Police captured three insurgents in Kirkuk. US troops captured four Mahdi Army fighters in New Baghdad. An Iraqi soldier was killed and 10 were wounded in an IED attack in eastern Baghdad.

US combat deaths in Iraq plunge in July

Iraq's growing female bomber fear

The Diyala operation has begun; 20 "wanted men" have been captured and 10 IEDs have been defused. Coalition forces killed one known terrorist facilitator and detained 18 al Qaeda fighters. More than 100 senior and mid-level Mahdi Army and Sadrist leaders have been killed or captured since last summer. A "key" Mahdi Army leader and four associated were captured in New Baghdad.

Prominent names on al-Sadr's martyr list

`Martyrs' List' tallies Mahdi Army's troubles

Violence in Iraq nearing 'normal' levels: Petraeus

Operation Omens of Prosperity begins in Diyala

The rural northern and eastern districts are the likely target of the operation. Iraqi troops redeploy in Kirkuk, police detain three Ansar al Islam operatives.

Four female suicide bombers killed 70 Iraqis and wounded more than 300 in attacks in Kirkuk and Baghdad. Iraqi and Coalition forces captured 88 al Qaeda operatives and killed four during operations in central and northern Iraq. Iraqi security forces captured 50 insurgents and defused 50 IEDs in Baghdad. Police detained five wanted men in Basrah.