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Coalition forces detained 15 suspected al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained 71 insurgents in Baghdad and four Special Groups fighters in Wasit. One policeman was killed and four were wounded in a suicide car bomb attack in Mosul. An Awakening leader was kidnapped in Diyala. The US released 433 detainees during the first week of Ramadan.

Bahraini Ambassador to Iraq due end of year

Bush to order a few thousand troops out of Iraq

Petraeus to hand over Iraq command

Six Iraqis were killed and 32 wounded in a suicide car bombing in Tal Afar. Coalition forces detained 12 al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide. Iraqi forces detained 24 insurgents in Baghdad and 13 terrorists and criminals in Basrah. US and Iraqi forces detained two Special Groups operatives in Hillah and Baghdad.

Electricity powers more normalcy in Iraq suburb

Iraq to go ahead with local polls

Car bomb targets controversial Shiite politician

Coalition forces detained 14 al Qaeda operatives during operations in the Mosul region. US and Iraqi forces detained four Special Groups fighters in Maysan province. A senior police official in Wasit province and his wife were killed in an attack. More than 12,000 detainees have been released this year.

Jihadis Dispute Role of Iraq™s Female Suicide Bombers

The Mumahidun: Muqtada Al Sadr™s New Militia

Petraeus Recommends One Brigade Leave Iraq Before New President Takes Over

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: September 2008 update

Anbar is the eleventh province to go under Iraqi control, the 17th Division takes control of southern Baghdad, and more.

Pentagon Urges a Pause in Iraq Drawdown Until 2009

Petraeus Says US Combat Troops Could Exit Baghdad by July

The Iraqi government will take over the Sons of Iraq program in October. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and detained 15 during raids in Baghdad and the Tigris River Valley. Iraqi forces killed one insurgent and captured 18 in Baghdad. Two US soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Construction starts on new Iraqi Army command in Maysan

Iraqi Police and Army join forces in Basra

Baghdad to take control of Sunni anti-Qaeda groups: US

Coalition forces killed an al Qaeda weapons facilitator and detained eight fighters during raids in the Tigris River Valley and captured six operatives in Bayji and Mosul. Iraqi forces detained 40 insurgents in Baghdad. Iraqi and US soldiers detained four Special Groups operatives during air assaults in Dhi Qar and Maysan provinces. Police captured seven "wanted individuals" in Basrah.