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Western Journalists in Iraq Stage Pullback of Their Own

Deadwalkers in Ramadi

Wesley Morgan reports from Anbar province. A battalion of US Marines provides overwatch for Iraqi police in Ramadi, the city once the capital of Zarqawi's Islamic State of Iraq.

US forces arrest anti-Qaeda leader in Baghdad

Sadrist leader arrested in Amara

Baghdad papers blame assassinations on Iran

Clashes in Sadr City, 1 US soldier wounded

Ten Iraqis were killed and 25 wounded in a car bombing in Baghdad. Four Iraqis were killed and 18 wounded in an IED attack in Mosul. Eight Iraqi soldiers were wounded in a car bombing in Fallujah. Coalition forces captured eight al Qaeda fighters in northern Iraq. Iraqi troops killed three al Qaeda fighters and 12 in northern Iraq, and captured two Special Groups leaders. Saudi Arabia will reopen its embassy in Baghdad.

Huge weapons cache found west of Baghdad

Assassinations replacing car bombs in Iraq

A Sadrist member of parliament and three civilians were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. The director of the Karbala provincial council was killed in an IED attack. Iraqi forces captured eight al Qaeda operatives and a Special groups fighter in raids nationwide. US troops captured three Special Groups fighters in Baghdad and two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul.

US Army says it has disrupted Iraq weapons network

As violence drops, Iraqi tribes begin to make amends

Marking Second Anniversary, 'Islamic State of Iraq™ Cites 'Accomplishments™

Iraq ready to replace US troops in Baghdad

Qaeda clings to Mosul as violence falls in Iraq

A female suicide bomber killed nine Iraqis in Baqubah. Coalition forces killed two al Qaeda operatives and detained 12 suspects in raids throughout Iraq. Policemen captured nine al Qaeda operatives while three policemen were killed in an IED attack in Ninewa province. US and Iraqi troops captured two Special Groups fighters in Babil and one in Baghdad.

Iraqi police: Suicide bomber kills 9 in Baqouba

Coalition forces captured 16 al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq. Police detained 10 insurgents in Mosul. Coalition forces captured five Hezbollah Brigades operatives in Al Kut and a Special Groups fighter in Baghdad. A US Soldier was killed in Mosul.

US soldier killed in northern Iraq gun battle

Turkey: PM warns of Iraqi incursion to target Kurdish militants