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Iraqi Sheik Offers To Take Fight to Bin Laden

Anbar Salvation Council announces 4-member alliance

Ex-Saddam loyalists face transfer to Iraqi prisons

One US soldier was killed and 18 wounded in a suicide car bombing in Kirkuk. Al Qaeda fighters killed five civilians in an attack at a market in the Khanaqin district in Diyala. Three Iraqis were killed and seven wounded in a mortar attack outside the Defense Ministry. Coalition forces captured an al Qaeda leader, a bombing cell leader, and four fighters in Mosul, and captured a Basrah-based Special Groups operative and his associate in the Rusafa district of Baghdad.

Treaty tensions mount as Iraq tells the US it wants all troops back in barracks

Coalition forces capture Basrah-based Special Groups criminal in Baghdad

Iraq suicide bomber kills US soldier, wounds 18

Iraqi Pm Meets Iranian Leaders

Iraqis get on their feet up in the air

Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured a Special Groups operative in Amarah. Iraqi security forces arrested seven "wanted persons" in Wasit province, six in Basrah, and one in the Hartha area north of Basrah. Iraqi security forces arrested 19 "gunmen" in Baghdad.

PM al-Maliki urges fostering Sunni-Shiite alliance in Iraq

Iraqi woman describes daughter's descent into suicide bombing

Abu Ghraib reformer Stone hands over command of detainee system in Iraq

Coalition forces killed four terrorist and detained more than 20 during an operation targeting an al Qaeda terrorist network along the Tigris River Valley. Iraqi troops killed three al Qaeda operatives and captured six in Baqubah. Coalition forces detained 32 al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad and northern Iraq. The Salahadin SWAT detained two insurgents in Tikrit. Two Special Groups operatives surrendered near Al Kut.

Four Special Groups leaders captured in South

Three of the operatives, including two senior leaders, are captured near the Iranian border in Wasit province ove rthe past two days.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: June 2008 Update

Qadisayah province will transition to Iraqi control; Operations in Basrah, Sadr City, and Mosul have put another operation on hold; National Police to expand; Improvements in the security forces.

Iraq says it wants to restrict movement of US troops

Recruitment of suicide bombers down - official

Iraqi security forces arrested 19 wanted men in Basrah. Coalition forces captured a Special Groups smuggler and financier for Al Kut and a leader in Mahawil near Hillah. Iraqi soldiers found four EFPs amongst weapons caches in Sadr City. Iraqi troops killed five al Qaeda operatives and captured five in Baqubah. Police arrested a senior leader int he al Qaeda linked Mustafa Army in Mosul.

Mahdi Army uses "flying IEDs" in Baghdad

"Improvised Rocket Assisted Mortars" and "Lob Bombs" are being fired from crude launch systems. The improvised weapons system uses Iranian components.