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Ultimatum issued to Mahdi Army in Basrah; 15 Mahdi fighters killed in Sadr City

The general in charge of the Basrah operation said Mahdi Army leaders have 24 hours to surrender. More than 56 Mahdi fighters have been killed Baghdad since Sadr threatened to conduct a third uprising. Iraqi press reports Sadr's murdered brother-in-law advocated disbanding the Mahdi Army.

Petraeus picked to lead Mideast command

Western forces 'in Basra raids'

Negotiations with Americans "red line" - Sadrist lawmaker

US troops killed five Mahdi Army fighters in Sadr City and another seven fighters in New Baghdad. Iraqi police detained seven members of the Mahdi Army in Karbala. Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and detained 23 during raids in Sharqat and Kirkuk.

The Real Surge Continues: Iraqi Army Corps Formation

The Iraqi Army will not stand up additional divisions this year as it is focusing efforts on building independent formations, and establishing support formations and corps headquarters.

Sadr City residents caught in the middle of Iraq showdown

Coalition forces detained 20 al Qaeda operatives during raids in Mosul and Bayji, including a leader of the terror group. A US air weapons team killed three armed "criminals" as they were carrying weapons at a known cache site. Members of the Sadrist bloc asked former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to mediate with US troops to end military operations against the Mahdi Army and to resolve the Sadr city crisis.

Iraq: After the bombs, the tomatoes

Female suicide bomber kills three in Iraq city

Gates says Air Force not doing enough in Iraq war effort

Iraq will confront Sadr, not allow open war

New Iraq front folds in anti-al Qaeda members

US and Iraqi forces killed 27 Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad and captured 40 in Nasariyah as Sadr threatens to withdraw the cease-fire. Coalition forces killed four al Qaeda operatives north of Baqubah and captured 22 suspects in northern Iraq. Iraqi soldiers freed college students just hours after they were kidnapped in Diyala. Al Qaeda bombed a power plant in Sinjar.

Sadr threatens new uprising; Iraqi and US forces press attack

Sadr threatens to end his cease-fire as Iraqi security forces and US troops press the offensive. Iraqi soldiers and special police respond to an ambush in force and captured 40 members of the Special Groups at a Sadrist office. Twenty-seven Mahdi Army fighters were killed in Baghdad over last 24 hours.

Iran groups offering extra aid to Iraq rebels: US

Al-Sadr's Followers Refuse to Disband Militia as Tension With Iraqi Government Rises

New al Qaeda in Iraq tape calls for monthlong offensive

Iraqi Army Takes Last Basrah Areas From Sadr Force

Anti-US cleric al-Sadr threatens new uprising in Iraq