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The military claimed it killed 31 Islamic State fighters in Dhabetiya and the group's "financial officer" and six fighters in Babil. The Islamic State killed six Peshmerga and executed four civilians in Jalawla. The head of the Anbar Awakening said 25 tribes have united to fight the Islamic State. Prime Minister Maliki said he will relinquish his position.

ISIS leader flees to Syria fearing US airstrikes: Kurdish official

'Barbaric' sexual violence perpetrated by Islamic State militants in Iraq - UN

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The military claimed it killed 71 Islamic State fighters in Anbar, 17 in Bayji, and five more in Babil. The Islamic State killed five Peshmerga near Baqubah. The US destroyed two armored vehicles and an MRAP in airstrikes near Irbil.

Iraqi military claims to retake control of 4 cities north of Baghdad

Maliki finally steps aside as Iraq Sunni leader sees US help

Despite US Claims, Yazidis Say Crisis Is Not Over

Obama administration shows little urgency for stemming Islamic State violence

After US troops' assessment mission, rescue on Sinjar 'far less likely'

The military claimed it killed 17 Islamic State fighters in airstrikes in Anbar while the Peshmerga said it killed 11 more during operations in Jalawla. Eight Iraqis were killed in two separate bombings in Baghdad.

Iraqi Kurds accuse local Arabs of supporting IS

Why is Turkey supporting Islamic State fighters in Iraq?--commentary

AQAP ideologue praises jihadi victories in Iraq, comments on Berghdal release

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Islamic State advances against jihadist foes in Aleppo

The jihadist group ejected the rival Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's branch in Syria, and allied jihadist groups from five towns and villages in Aleppo province.

Disrupt ISIS's Cash Flow in Iraq

Exclusive: Islamic State militants seize wheat from state silos - Iraq Grain Board