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AQAP ideologue praises jihadi victories in Iraq, comments on Berghdal release

Iraq crisis: International boost to arms and aid supply

Islamic State advances against jihadist foes in Aleppo

The jihadist group ejected the rival Al Nusrah Front, al Qaeda's branch in Syria, and allied jihadist groups from five towns and villages in Aleppo province.

Disrupt ISIS's Cash Flow in Iraq

Exclusive: Islamic State militants seize wheat from state silos - Iraq Grain Board

Islamic State seizes more territory in Syria: monitor

In Turkey, a late crackdown on Islamist fighters

Syrian Kurdish fighters rescue stranded Yazidis

US airstrikes have had 'a very temporary effect' on Islamic State

US military role in its 3rd Iraq conflict unlikely to accomplish much

Iraq militants changing tactics, complicating US airstrike mission

The US targeted an Islamic State mortar pit in an airstrike north of Sinjar. Nine Iraqis were killed in two bombings in Baghdad. The Iraqi military claimed it killed 89 Islamic State fighters in Diyala and 65 more in northern Hillah. The military also claimed it killed 14 more Islamic State fighters while clearing the town of Hamdhiya north of Ramadi.

Pentagon Says Airstrikes Have Slowed but Not Stopped Sunni Militants

Vatican calls on Muslim leaders to denounce ISIS

Aleppo's forgotten Christians

Chechen-led jihadist group in Syria releases video of training camp

Jamaat Ahadun Ahad, or the Group of the One and Only, is led by a Chechen commander and its fighters include "many Chechens, Turks, Arabs, Europeans, and even several former members of the Taliban."

Meet Haider al-Abadi, the man named Iraq's new prime minister

President Masoum appointed Haidar al Abadi as the new prime minister. Former Prime Minister Maliki said the move is "unconstitutional" and vowed to fight the appointment. The US is sending weapons and munitions to the Kurds. The US launched airstrikes against an Islamic State convoy near Irbil. The Iraqi military said it killed an Islamic State commander and five Syrian aides in an airstrike in Mosul, seven Islamic State fighters in Salahaddin, eight fighters in Baqubah, 15 in Anbar, and 20 more "with Israeli weapons" in Babil.

Power struggle on Baghdad streets as Maliki replaced but refuses to go

US strike aircraft destroyed three Islamic State armored personnel carriers and a technical in four airstrikes in the Sinjar Mountains. The Peshmerga is said to have regained control of Gwair, Makhmour, and Zumar. The military claimed it killed 16 Islamic State fighters in Tikrit.