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Prominent member of Awakening movement arrested in Iraq

Iraqi Arabs and Kurds pursue a common ground

Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader and captured eight fighters south of Samarra. Security forces also detained 74 Baathists for involvement in the Oct. 25 suicide attack in Baghdad, five al Qaeda operatives in Salahadin and Diyala, and two wanted men in Kirkuk. Insurgents killed two policemen and wounded two more near Balad.

Iraq passes election law

Iraq's Presidency Council is likely to ratify the election reform law. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah and two more in Kirkuk, an al Qaeda fighter in Tikrit, a Hezbollah Brigades member in Baghdad, and an Awakening leader in Baqubah. Two US pilots were killed in a helicopter crash in Salahadin province.

The parliament passed the election reform law. Security forces detained the al Qaeda emir of Tuz Khurmatu, six al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad and two more in Al Qaim, a senior Naqshabandi leader in Ninewa, eleven insurgents in Kirkuk, and seven more in Diyala. Two insurgents were killed in a premature detonation in Mosul.

Iraq: The raveling*

US and Iraqi troops hunt an al Qaeda bomb cell in Mosul

Iraqi security forces detained 27 wanted men in Basrah, nine terrorists and an al Qaeda motorcycle bomb maker in Fallujah, and four wanted men in Ninewa. Police discovered and defused a large IED in a hospital in Amarah. Insurgents wounded three civilians in a bicycle bombing in Abu Ghraib.

Iraqi forces search for Qods Force agents

Security officials in Al Kut have launched a search for four known Iranian Qods Force operatives.

The Iraqi parliament missed its deadline to pass election reform laws. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in Diyala, four Special Groups operatives in Al Kut, three members of the Promise Day Brigade in Baghdad, and two al Qaeda operatives in Sharqat. Insurgents wounded five civilians in Mosul and killed an Awakening fighter near Kirkuk.

Prime Minister Maliki submitted evidence of Syrian involvement in recent Baghdad bombings to the UN. Insurgents killed a civilian and a policeman and wounded 20 Iraqis in bombings in Hillah, Ramadi, and Mosul. Security forces detained seven insurgents in Diyala, six al Qaeda fighters in Bayji and Tall Zalat, and two members of an IED cell in Fallujah.

Iraqi forces killed one al Qaeda fighter and detained three more in Mosul, and detained 21 al Qaeda cell members in Baghdad and Bayji, three wanted men in Kirkuk, and another three in Wasit. Insurgents killed a US soldier in Northern Iraq and wounded 20 Iraqis in four bombings in Baghdad.

Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Ninewa and 14 more in Basrah, 13 members of a car bomb network in northern Iraq, two al Qaeda operatives in Makhmour, and a key leader in al Qaeda's network in the North. Iraqi special operations forces also arrested two individuals suspected of acquiring illegal weapons and financing Lebanese Hezbollah operations.

Blaming the bogeymen in Baghdad

Terrorists killed five civilians in a bike bomb in Hillah, two more in a car bombing in Mosul, and a woman in a bombing at a checkpoint in Karbala. Security forces detained six insurgents in Jalawlaa, four wanted men near Al Kut, and a Jaish al Rashideen member in Kirkuk.

A suspect in last week's deadly bombings in Baghdad killed a policeman and a security guard during questioning. Insurgents wounded 23 Iraqis in bombings and mortar attacks in Mosul and Baghdad. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Karbala and three men behind bombings in Hillah.

Sectarianism and politicization of the Iraqi Army

Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah and an al Qaeda in Iraq operative near Ramadi. Three civilians were wounded in a bombing in Tal Afar. A US soldier died in a vehicle accident in Baghdad and another died of a non-combat related injury in the South.

Insurgents killed three policemen in Mosul. The Interior Ministry detained 11 officers and 50 policemen after the deadly bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah, six insurgents in Kirkuk, three al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad, and an al Qaeda bomb coordinator in Ramadi. A suicide bomber was killed in a premature detonation in Tal Afar.