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Coalition forces detained 16 al Qaeda operatives during a series of raids and captured seven more in Baghdad. Iraqi forces killed one al Qaeda fighter and captured 15 in Khanaan, and captured another six in southern Diyala. An Iranian with forged documents was detained in Wasit province.

Iraqi parliament to vote on US pact Wednesday

Iraqi general claims British troops allow insurgents to rule BasraH

Police captured an al Qaeda in Iraq leader and three cell members in Diyala. Iraqi troops killed one insurgent and captured three during an operation in Diwaniyah. US troops detained three "criminals" in Baghdad. Three civilians were killed and 19 were wounded in bombings in Baghdad.

New joint security centre opens in Basrah

US forces kill al Qaeda in Iraq's leader in eastern Anbar

Hajji Hammadi, al Qaeda's emir in Karmah and Abu Ghraib, was behind numerous deadly attacks, including the suicide bombing in June that killed a US Marine battalion commander. Hammadi is the fourth senior al Qaeda leader killed in the past six weeks.

Iraq steps up security on Iran border

Coalition forces captured five al Qaeda operatives and detained 10 more. Iraqi forces captured four al Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq operatives in northern Iraq and detained two "wanted men" in Wasit province. Two al Qaeda suicide bombers died during premature detonations during a raid in Diyala province. An Iraqi soldier was killed while attempting to defuse a bomb in Diyala.

Top Iraq Shiite cleric demands MP vote on US pact

Iraq develops its light combat divisions

The Iraqi Army is equiping seven to eight light divisions, including commando, air assault, mountain units.

Unofficial Translation of US-Iraq Troop Agreement from the Arabic Text

Iraqi parliamentarians clashed over the status of forces agreement while supporters of the agreement rallied in Sunni and Shia cities. Iraqi forces detained 42 insurgents in Baghdad and killed four more in Tikrit. Coalition forces captured nine al Qaeda operatives. Iraqi and US troops captured seven insurgents in Baghdad.

Terror campaign empties towns in Iraq farming belt

In Mosul, Iraqi units overshadow Americans

Iraqi Army and Police units are at the forefront of the fighting in Mosul, a city often described as al Qaeda's last urban stronghold in Iraq.

Iraqi Sunni, Shias demonstrate in favour of US pact

Iraqi Lawmakers Brawl Over Security Pact

US forces detain senior Iranian Qods Force officer in Baghdad

The Iranian agent used a construction company as cover to enter Iraq. US forces found cocaine in his possession.

US forces captured a senior Qods Force officer in Baghdad. Iraqi forces killed one insurgent and captured 14 in Baghdad, US troops captured 10 insurgents in Tarmiyah and captured 18 al Qaeda fighters during raids nationwide. US and Iraqi forces killed two al Qaeda fighters and captured four more during operations in Mosul. One Iraqi was killed and 16 were wounded in a bombing in Sinjar.

US Commits to Iraq Withdrawal by 2011, But Could Seek Extension

Iraq™s Diyala province known for female suicide bombers