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Iraqi city under curfew after prison break

Empowered by the US, imprisoned by Iraqis

Iran! Iran! Iran! (in Iraq)

Police arrested 20 al Qaeda leaders and fighters in Babil. Insurgents killed three soldiers and a policeman in IED attacks in Mosul. Five civilians and three soldiers were wounded in bombings in Fallujah. Insurgents wounded four civilians in Diyala and three more in Baghdad.

Boarding Blackhawks in Taji

US-Iraqi partnership growing, general says

Attacks on Eid were rare; only one attack in Babil, with three killed, was reported. Security forces detained 17 wanted men in Baqubah and six more in Basrah, an al Qaeda operative near Hillah and a female al Qaeda operative in Muqdadiyah, and a weapons smuggler and deal near Ramanah. Al Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq reorganized its cabinet.

Mahdi Army members assassinated in Syria?

One US soldier was killed and 12 more were injured when a Blackhawk helicopter crashed at Balad Air Base. The cause of the crash has not been disclosed. One Iraqi was killed and four more were wounded in an IED attack in Iskandariyah. Security forces detained 31 wanted men in Thi Qhar and one more in Babil.

The government said talks with Syria have failed after the Syrians refused to hand over two Baathist leaders behind recent attacks in Baghdad. Security forces detained 33 terrorists in Baqubah, and 10 wanted men in Basrah. Insurgents killed a child and an Iraqi soldier in separate attacks in Mosul.

Security forces killed a senior leader in the Naqshabandiya group in Khanaqin and detained two insurgents in Mosul. Insurgents killed seven civilians and wounded 21 more during a bombing at a market in Mahmudiya and kidnapped 11 civilians in Babil.

Insurgents killed five civilians and security personnel and wounded 13 more during attacks in Touz Khormato, Baghdad, Babil, and Tal Afar. An insurgent was killed while planting a bomb in Amiriyah. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in Basrah and seven more in Baqubah. The US has shut down detainee operations at Camp Bucca.

Iraq: Political parties looking towards 2010 elections

Insurgents killed seven Iraqi civilian and security personnel and wounded 15 more in attacks in Fallujah, Baqubah, Mosul, Baghdad, and near Kirkuk. Security forces detained two Ansar al Islam fighters in Erbil.

US military closes largest detention camp in Iraq

Three foreign fighters and two policemen were killed in a clash near Tal Abtah. Insurgents killed a policemen in Hillah and wounded one policeman in Mosul and three civilians in Kirkuk.
Security forces detained nine policemen with links to the insurgency in Tal Afar, three wanted men in Basrah, two terrorists in Baghdad, and an al Qaeda suspect in Wasit. A US Predator crashed in central Iraq.

Mortars hit Baghdad Green Zone during Biden visit

Turkey to host Iraq-Syria talks in Istanbul

Iraqi VP confirms al Qaeda behind Baghdad bombing

Two terrorists and two policemen were killed during a clash in Mosul. Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah, three in Kirkuk, and a municipal council leader in Al Kut. Four Iraqis were killed and 27 were wounded in Diyala and Baqubah and in two attacks in Mosul.