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Insurgents killed two policemen and wounded 11 more in bombings and attacks in Baghdad and Dhi Qhar. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah and three more in Amarah, and eight insurgents in Kirkuk. The Ninewa Operations Command said an insurgent commander and 12 fighters were detained during a new operation in Mosul.

Iraqi troops arrested 140 suspected al Qaeda fighters and Ba'athists during a four-day sweep in Diyala province. Police arrested five Sunni insurgents and a Hezbollah Brigade member during raids in Kirikuk, Baghdad, and Mosul, and a Mahid Army cell leader in Ninewa. Insurgents killed a policeman and a civilian in Mosul.

The Iraqi government said 203 people were killed during September, the lowest total since the US invasion in 2003. Security forces killed an insurgent in Mosul and detained 45 wanted men in Basrah and IED cell members in Baghdad and Kirkuk. A US soldier was killed in a mortar attack in Baghdad.

Iraqi police detain Hezbollah Brigades leader

A Hezbollah Brigades financier and recruiter was captured by Iraqi paramilitary police in Sadr City. The US continues to release Iranian-backed terrorists.

Insurgents killed three Iraqi soldiers in Mahmoudiyah, a policeman in Tal Afar, and two civilians in Baghdad. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah, 12 in Baqubah, eight more in Daqouq, and a Hezbollah Brigades leader in Sadr City.

The effective ambassador in Baghdad

General Odierno said the US may accelerate the withdrawal of US forces. One Iraqi was killed and 18 more were wounded in three separate bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained 47 suspected insurgents in Kirkuk and nine more in Daqouq. A judge ordered the release of 36 MEK members.

Gen. Odierno says troop reductions in Iraq may quicken

Iraqi Air Force assumes control of C-130 operations

Insurgents killed a political leader in a bombing in Mosul. Iraq security forces killed a suicide car bomber in Baghdad and detained 22 wanted men in Basrah, three insurgents in Maysan, and two al Qaeda operatives in Mosul. Police captured one of the al Qaeda escapees from a prison in Tikrit; seven are still at large.

Insurgents killed three soldiers and two policemen in a series of bombings in Baghdad and Mosul. A suicide bomber killed four people in Ramadi. Two insurgents were killed in a premature detonation in Tal Afar. Security forces detained 15 police for suspicion in a bombing in Diwaniyah, seven wanted men in Basrah, a Special Groups leader in Hillah, and an Islamic Army emir in Baghdad.

More Shiite militants freed by US in Iraq

Iraq frees 'kidnap group' members

Iraq's president: Iran sanctions won't work

A suicide bomber killed three policemen in Ramadi. Al Qaeda killed a policeman in Mosul and has threatened an economic blockade in a neighborhood in Mosul. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah and four more in Jalawlaa, and six suspected members of a car bomb cell in Ramadi.

Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Diyala and six more during raids nationwide. Police detained three al Qaeda escapees from last week's prison break in Tikrit; seven remain free. Insurgents killed one policeman in Mosul and wounded two more policemen and two soldiers in Mosul and Khaniqan.

Fifteen Iraqi soldiers were killed while trying to defuse a car bomb in a facility north of Mosul. Iraqi forces detained 66 wanted men in Dhi Qhar, 17 terrorists during raids nationwide,
14 insurgents in Kirkuk, and four escaped al Qaeda prisoners. Two policemen were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad.

General Petraeus: Al Qaeda is "diminished"

Sixteen al Qaeda in Iraq fighters escaped from a prison in Tikrit; one was recaptured. Three policemen were killed in separate attacks in Mosul. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah, four in Diyala, and two more near Makhmour.

Iraqi city under curfew after prison break