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"Iran continues to fund, train, equip, and direct " Shia terror groups in Iraq: General Pertaeus

Bombings in Mosul killed four civilians and a policeman; another policeman was killed in a shooting. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Diyala, eight terrorists in Baghdad, and two members of an IED cell in Kirkuk. Warrants have been issued for two Sunni politicians.

US releases Iranian Qods Force agents

IRGC-poster.jpgThe release of the Irbil Five follows the release of Laith Qazali. "You'd better get used to it," US officials said.

Terrorists conducted a bombing campaign in Iraq. Thirty six Iraqis, including 12 security personnel, were killed in a dual suicide attack in Tal Afar; 14 Iraqis were killed in dual car bombings in Mosul; six Iraqis were killed in two car bombings in Sadr City and another was killed in a bombing in southern Baghdad; and another Iraqi was killed in a bombing in Kirkuk. Security forces detained a terrorist cell leader in Ladafiyah and a facilitator in Salahadin.

Nine Iraqis were killed and 22 more were wounded in two bombings in Mosul. Two Iraqis were killed and seven more were wounded in a rocket attack in Fallujah. Police detained an Iranian-trained labor activist accused of being a Special Groups leader.

Security forces detained 12 wanted men in Al Kut, 12 in Fallujah, and 10 more in Diyala, and arrested four kidnappers in Dhi Qhar. Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and wounded two policemen and a civilian in Baghdad.

Hezbollah Brigades Logo

Insurgents kidnapped a policeman in Kirkuk and wounded another during a shooting in Mosul. Fourteen Iraqis were wounded in a car bombing in Mosul. Two al Qaeda leaders were detained in Wasit province.

Insurgents killed two policemen in separate attacks in Mosul and wounded 23 civilians in bombings in Diyala and Mosul. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Diyala, a terror cell leader in Kirkuk, and two insurgent cell members in Bayji and Hawijah.

US could end engagement in Iraq if volence erupts, Biden warns

Sheikh Safi pushes for Iraq sovereignty

Insurgents killed a policeman in Kirkuk, a civilian in Baghdad, and an Iraqi contractor in Mosul. Security forces detained nine wanted men in Jalawlaa, an al Qaeda fighter in Wasit, a mufti for the Islamic State of Iraq in Buhriz, a car bomb cell member in Kirkuk, and a Special Groups leader in Al Kut.

Two Iraqis were killed and nine were wounded in a bombing in Kirkuk. Security forces detained two wanted men in Makhmour. Four electricity towers were bombed in Baghdad. A US UAV crashed near Al Kut.

US sanctions Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades and Qods Force adviser

A deputy to Brigadier General Qassem Suleimani, Qods Force's commander, was designated for directly supporting the Mahdi Army Special Groups activity inside Iraq.

Five Iraqis were killed and 30 were wounded in bombings in Baghdad, Kirkuk, Fallujah, and Mosul. Iraqi security forces detained seven insurgents in Baghdad, Salahadin, and Diyala. The Sadrist movement called for an end to attacks in cities where the US has withdrawn its forces.

Odierno: Troop levels to drop to 120,000

Iraqi forces detained five al Qaeda fighters and two IED cell members in Diyala. Insurgents killed one soldier and wounded three more in an IED attack in Diyala. US troops have pulled back to five large bases in Diyala province.

British hostages 'were shot dead'

Iraq: Talabani calls for support after US withdrawal

US troops have withdrawn from Iraq's major cities in line with the Status of Forces Agreement signed last year. Insurgents killed 26 Iraqis during a car bombing in Kirkuk. Four US soldiers were killed in Baghdad on June 29. Iraqi special forces detained a terrorist leader in Baghdad.