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A suicide bomber killed 14 Iraqis and wounded 80 more in a mosque in Tal Afar. Security forces detained four al Qaeda operatives in Tamin and Diyala provinces, an al Qaeda emir in Baghdad, and an operative in Mosul. Mohammad Al Daini, a wanted Member of Parliamant, was arrested in Malaysia.

Security forces detained four members of IED cells in Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Mosul; three al Qaeda cell members in Baghdad and Salahadin; an Islamic State of Iraq leader in Mosul; a senior al Qaeda leader in Ninewa; and an escaped al Qaeda prisoner in Kirkuk. One civilian was killed and three more were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad.

Seven Iraqis were killed and 14 were wounded in an armed attack in Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed and 42 were wounded in bombings in Karbala. Security forces detained three insurgents in Sinjar. Six soldiers were released from duty for failure to prevent an armed robbery.

A suicide bomber killed six Iraqis and wounded 10 more in an attack on a tribal leader in Baqubah. Insurgents killed two soldiers and wounded four more in an attack in Kirkuk. Security forces detained three wanted men in Amarah, two insurgents in Fallujah, and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala.

Iraq: Maliki's State of Law bloc to pay for campaign with member donations

Police arrested Iyad Jalal Abdulwahid, Izzat Ibrahim al Douri's senior aide and a financier of Ba'athist insurgents. Iraqi security forces detained 10 wanted men in Basrah, seven in Salahadin, and three more in Kirkuk. Also detained were five insurgents in Baghdad, four insurgents in northern Taji, including a car bomb cell leader behind attacks in Ramadi, and a sniper in Ramadi.

Sixteen Iraqis were killed in three separate bombings in Ramadi. Iraqi forces arrested 31 members of al Qaeda in Iraq in Mosul and Ninewa, four wanted men in Basrah and three more in Diyala. Two members of the Naqshbandiya group were killed during a premature detonation in Kirkuk.

Iraqi and US forces arrested a senior al Qaeda leader near Daqouq and five members of a Naqshabandi media cell in Salahadin. Iraqi forces detained five wanted men in Basra and one more in Kirkuk. Insurgents wounded three civilians in a bombing in Babil.

Seeking consensus in Iraq™s divided North

Insurgents killed three Iraqis in Al Qasr Al Awsat, two policemen in Saadiya, and an Imam in Saqlawiyah. Security forces detained two wanted explosives-network facilitators and three additional suspects during raids in central and northern Iraq, and two gunmen in Dalouiya.

Roadside bomb kills three in Baghdad

Marines accomplish the mission in Anbar

A suicide bomber killed nine Iraqis and wounded 30 more in Fallujah. Insurgents killed two civilians in a grenade attack in Baghdad. Security forces detained five al Qaeda operatives during raids in the Hamrin Mountains and Kirkuk, and detained seven insurgents near Huwaiyja.

One terrorist was killed while attempting to plant a bomb in Ramadi. Security forces detained 46 wanted men in Dhi Qhar and 22 more in Basrah; six al Qaeda operatives in western Iraq; an IED cell leader, an ISI leader, and four operatives in Tarmiyah and Tuz Khurmatu; and three insurgents in Daqouq.

A suicide bomber killed six people and wounded 15 more in an attack at a funeral in Haditha. Insurgents killed a civilian in a bombing in Fallujah, and wounded 10 Kurdish security personnel in a car bomb explosion west of Duhuk. Insurgents also wounded three policemen and seven civilians in attacks in Mosul, Fallujah, and Baghdad. Security forces detained a policeman and three insurgents in Al Dourand an al Qaeda cell leader in Ninewa.

Insurgents killed two policemen and wounded 11 more in bombings and attacks in Baghdad and Dhi Qhar. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah and three more in Amarah, and eight insurgents in Kirkuk. The Ninewa Operations Command said an insurgent commander and 12 fighters were detained during a new operation in Mosul.

Iraqi troops arrested 140 suspected al Qaeda fighters and Ba'athists during a four-day sweep in Diyala province. Police arrested five Sunni insurgents and a Hezbollah Brigade member during raids in Kirikuk, Baghdad, and Mosul, and a Mahid Army cell leader in Ninewa. Insurgents killed a policeman and a civilian in Mosul.

The Iraqi government said 203 people were killed during September, the lowest total since the US invasion in 2003. Security forces killed an insurgent in Mosul and detained 45 wanted men in Basrah and IED cell members in Baghdad and Kirkuk. A US soldier was killed in a mortar attack in Baghdad.

Iraqi police detain Hezbollah Brigades leader

A Hezbollah Brigades financier and recruiter was captured by Iraqi paramilitary police in Sadr City. The US continues to release Iranian-backed terrorists.

Insurgents killed three Iraqi soldiers in Mahmoudiyah, a policeman in Tal Afar, and two civilians in Baghdad. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah, 12 in Baqubah, eight more in Daqouq, and a Hezbollah Brigades leader in Sadr City.