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Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah and an al Qaeda in Iraq operative near Ramadi. Three civilians were wounded in a bombing in Tal Afar. A US soldier died in a vehicle accident in Baghdad and another died of a non-combat related injury in the South.

Insurgents killed three policemen in Mosul. The Interior Ministry detained 11 officers and 50 policemen after the deadly bombings in Baghdad. Security forces detained 20 wanted men in Basrah, six insurgents in Kirkuk, three al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad, and an al Qaeda bomb coordinator in Ramadi. A suicide bomber was killed in a premature detonation in Tal Afar.

Iraq arrests senior officers, vows more over blasts

Air Assault in Balad

Insurgents killed six Iraqis and wounded 11 more in attacks in Baghdad, Mosul, and Jalawlaa. An Awakening leader was assassinated in Umm al-Nakhl, north of Baqubah. Security forces detained 25 wanted men in Baqubah, and 17 in Basrah, and three al Qaeda fighters in Kirkuk.

Iraq: Proposals for 2010 election law go to parliament

The Islamic State of Iraq took credit for the Oct. 25 suicide attacks in Baghdad that killed more than 155 Iraqis. Security forces killed an al Qaeda operative and captured five more in Mosul; security forces also detained 15 wanted men in Basrah and three more in Wasit, two Mahdi Army cell members in Baghdad, and a suicide bomber in Tal Afar. Insurgents killed two civilians in Mosul.

Al Qaeda takes credit for Baghdad suicide bombings

Al Qaeda's front, the Islamic State in Iraq, said the attacks were against "the rejectionist Shi'ite state." The attacks are thought to have been executed from inside the International Zone.

Bombings, politics, and the long view in Iraq

Iraq renews call for UN probe after Baghdad bombings

Iran: Foreign agents behind Iraq, Pakistan, Iran attacks

Insurgents killed three Iraqis in a car bomb attack in Karbala and two more civilians in an armed attack in Mosul. Yesterday's bombings in Baghdad killed 155 Iraqis. Security forces detained nine al Qaeda fighters south of Kirkuk, defused bombs in Mosul and Ramadi, and seized Katyusha rockets in Basrah.

Baghdad bombings death toll rises to 155

Suicide bombers strike in Baghdad

Baghdad bombing follows trend in violence in Iraq

Suicide bombers driving trucks packed with explosives detonated outside the Ministry of Justice and the Baghdad provincial administration, killing 132 Iraqis and wounding more than 500. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah and a Special Groups operative in Diwaniyah.

Suicide bombers target Iraqi ministries, kill 132

A pair of suicide bombers detonated simultaneously outside of Iraqi government buildings in the heart of Baghdad, killing more than 130 Iraqis in one of the worst attacks in the capital in years.

Some troops in Iraq look longingly to Afghanistan

A suicide bomber killed one person in an attack in Tikrit. Insurgents killed an Iraqi Army officer and a soldier in Mosul, and wounded two soldiers in Baghdad. Security forces detained 16 wanted men in Basrah and four more in Wasit.

Iraqi security forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah, 12 al Qaeda operatives in Diyala, an Islamic State of Iraq leader and three operatives in Bayji, three al Qaeda operatives in Mosul, and an al Qaeda fighter near Khanaqin. Insurgents killed a security guard in Mosul and wounded two civilians in Khanaqin.