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Security forces detained 18 wanted men in Basrah, 17 in Maysan, and two more in Al Kut; 16 insurgents in Mosul and four more in Fallujah; and 10 al Qaeda fighters in Jalawlaa. Insurgents wounded five policemen in Diyala and Baghdad, and two soldiers in Fallujah.

Carnage in Baghdad? Not quite.

Al Qaeda takes credit for last week's Baghdad bombings

The terror group said the goal of the attacks was to destroy the Iraqi people's faith in the government.

Fifteen Iraqis were killed and 21 were wounded during separate bombings that targeted buses north of Al Kut. Securiy forces detained 46 wanted men in Amara, 28 in Karbala, and 13 more in Basrah. A US soldier was killed during combat in Baghdad on Aug. 23.

Iraq: Maliki promises a crackdown that could reach political figures

Shiite groups announce new alliance minus Iraqi PM

The Iraqi government aired the confession of a man who claimed the Ba'ath party was behind last week's attacks in Baghdad that killed more than 90 people. Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and an Awakening official in Diyala, targeted a tribal leader for assassination near Fallaujah, and bombed the home of a policeman in Fallujah.

The Iraqi government has decided to rebuild the concrete blast walls around sensitive sites in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a mayor and two children in Mosul. Iraqi security forces detained six wanted men in Basrah, two Naqshabandiya group members in Diyala, three insurgents in Khanaqin, and a senior al Qaeda leader in northern Diyala.

Releasing Iranian-backed terrorists is hard to get used to

Senior al Qaeda leader leaves Pakistan, directs Iraq operations from Syria

Longtime jihadi religious and military leader Sheikh Issa al Masri left North Waziristan in Pakistan to aid in the revival of al Qaeda in Iraq's network inside Syria.

Two Iraqis were killed and 20 more were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad. Security forces detained nine suspected insurgents near Ramadi, two in Wasit, and broke up an "armed network" in Mosul. An Iraqi paper claimed the Special Groups conducted the mortar attacks on the Green Zone on Aug. 19.

Al Qaeda emerges as main suspect in Iraq bombings

Bombs hurt Maliki case that Iraq can guard itself

Syrian-based Iraqi tribal leader snubs Al-Maliki

Four Iraqis were killed and 65 more were wounded in bombings in Bail; two Iraqis were killed and eight were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad. The toll of yesterday's attacks throughout Baghdad is 82 killed and 1203 wounded; 11 security officials were detained for questioning. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah.

Iraqi PM orders security review

A series of bombings and mortar attacks in Baghdad killed 91 Iraqis and wounded 552 more. Prime Minister Maliki said the security plan must be reconsidered in light of the attacks. A policeman and a soldier were killed in separate attacks in Ninewa province. A US soldier was killed in southern Iraq.

Baghdad bombings kill 75 as US prepares to release all members of an Iranian terror group

The coordinated bombing attack took place outside of government ministries and also included mortar attack. The US will free all members of the League of the Righteous.

US to release members of Iraqi group that kidnapped five Britons

General Odierno wants to deploy US troops along Arab-Kurdish fault lines in the North. Two civilians were killed in a bombing in Baghdad and another was killed in a bombing in Mosul. Security forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah, two insurgents in Kirkuk, a terror cell leader and two cell members in Anbar, and two terrorists in Baghdad.