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Seven Iraqis were killed and 23 were wounded in a car bombing in a Shia neighborhood in Baghdad. Fallujah has been put under curfew after an April 7 suicide attack. Security forces detained an al Naqshabandiya member in Kirkuk. President Talabani warned of al Qaeda's return to Baghdad.

Bomb kills 7 near Baghdad Shi'ite shrine: police

Wanted Saddam deputy says to topple Iraq government, forge US ties

Iraq bombs linked to militias that fought with US against al Qaeda

A car bomb killed nine Iraqis in Baghdad. A suicide bomber killed one person and wounded 35 more in Fallujah. Security forces detained 65 wanted men in Basrah, 43 more in Dhi Qhar, and 10 insurgents in Kirkuk. An Iraqi tribal leader was assassinated near Mosul. President Obama visited Baghdad for talks with Prime Minister Maliki.

Thirty-four Iraqis were killed and scores were wounded in six car bombings in Baghdad. Seven soldiers were wounded in a suicide attack in Dalouyia. Security forces detained 74 suspected insurgents in Basrah, 21 in Dhi Qhar, 15 in Kirkuk, two Special Groups fighters in Al Kut, two al Qaeda fighters in Wasit, and two doctors aiding the insurgency in Baqubah.

Six car bombs kill 34 across Baghdad

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: April 2009

The budget crunch has halted the expansion of the Iraqi Security Forces. The purchase of major weapons systems is up in the air.

Terrorist eludes US in Iraq

Iraqi forces detained six al Qaeda fighters in Diyala and five insurgents in Babil. A senior interior ministry general was killed in Baghdad. One policeman was killed and five were wounded in two IED attacks in Fallujah. One policeman was killed and four were wounded in an attack in Baqubah. The governor of Basrah escaped an assassination attempt.

Iraqi forces arrest more US-allied Sunni guards

Security forces detained 30 al Qaeda fighters during separate raids in Diyala and eight more in Fallujah, and eight Special Groups fighters in Maysan. One civilian was wounded in a bombing at a market in Baqubah. Muqtada al Sadr called for a "million man march" on the anniversary of the liberation of Iraq.

Iraqi soldiers learn to combat improvised explosive devices

Insurgent group looks to future without US

Popular, pro-US Iraqi aims to redraw political map

A US air weapons team killed two Awakening fighters as they planted roadside bombs near their checkpoint on a road north of Taji. Ten Awakening fighters were reportedly detained in Baghdad. A policeman was killed after insurgents attacked his home in Qadissiya. An electrical tower was damaged in a bombing near Kirkuk.

One policeman was killed in Kirkuk and another was wounded in Mosul. Three civilians were killed in a bombing in Baqubah and 10 civilians were wounded in two bombings in and near Mosul. Security forces detained 50 wanted men in Basrah, 17 in Baghdad, and eight al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah.

Pentagon report cites gains in Iraq, despite rifts

Basrah offensive was 'turning point' for Iraq, general says

Monthly US death toll in Iraq lowest since beginning of war