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Security forces killed six al Qaeda fighters in Makhmour and detained six more north of Baghdad. Insurgents killed a civilian in an IED attack in Baghdad and detonated an IED in front of a hospital in Mosul.

Iraq panel reinstates election ban amid Shi'ite ire

Security forces detained 11 al Qaeda fighters in Touz Khormato, al Qaeda cell leaders in Sharqat and Diyala, the leader of an assassination cell in Mosul, and a terrorist in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a female candidate for parliament in Mosul and a civilian in Diwaniyah.

Iraq elections ban: It™s not over

The League of the Righteous kidnapped a US civilian contractor in Baghdad and called off reconciliation talks with the government. Six insurgents and a security guard were killed during a clash in Mosul. Police detained 55 suspects in the Karbala attacks, four insurgents in Mosul, and two terrorists in Basrah.

Iraq video shows missing US contractor

Iranian-backed Shia terror group kidnaps US civilian in Baghdad

Salomi-thumb.jpgThe League of the Righteous has kidnapped a US citizen and backed out of "reconciliation talks" with the Iraqi government. The kidnapping comes only a month after the US released the top leader of the group.

Forty-one Iraqis were killed in bombings in Karbala. Insurgents killed two policemen south of Mosul. Iraqi special forces killed a Syrian gunman during a clash along the border with Syria. Security forces detained six al Qaeda fighters in Mosul and a Mahdi Army cell member in Baghdad.

Bombings kill 41 Shia pilgrims in Karbala

The attack is the third major strike against Shia worshippers in five days and the sixth major strike since Jan. 25.

The Iraqi government said a court's decision to postpone a ban on electoral candidates was "illegal." Six Iraqis were killed in a bombing in Karbala. Security forces detained 22 wanted men north of Baqubah and 14 more in Basrah.

An Iraqi court temporarily overturned the ban of more than 500 politicians from the upcoming election. A suicide bomber killed 23 Iraqis in Karbala. Insurgents killed an Iraqi in Baghdad and an Army officer in Mosul. One civilian was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. Security forces detained 15 wanted men in Basrah, five al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq, a Promised Day Brigade leader in Baghdad, and a Naqshabandiya cell leader in Diyala.

Iraqi court overturns ban on hundreds of candidates

Bombings in Baghdad wounded 16 Iraqis. Security forces killed an al Qaeda operative and detained an al Qaeda leader and 12 more operatives during raids in in Diyala, Baghdad, Mosul, and northern Iraq. Security forces also detained "scores" of al Qaeda fighters in Anbar and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala, 14 wanted men in Basrah, 10 insurgents in Kirkuk, and two policemen suspected of working with insurgents in Khaniqin.

Female suicide bomber kills Shia pilgrims

Female suicide bomber kills 54 pilgrims in Baghdad

The suicide bomber killed mostly women and children as they traveled to Karbala as part of a religious ritual.

A female suicide bomber killed 54 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a senior police official in Ramadi. US troops killed three "violent extremists" and wounded one more south of Mosul. Iraqi forces detained three insurgents in Fallujah, two members of an explosive cell in Baghdad, and an undisclosed number of al Qaeda operatives in Karbala.

Security forces killed an al Qaeda fighter and detained four more in Mosul, and arrested 11 wanted men in Basrah and a suicide bomber in Tal Afar. Eight pilgrims were wounded in three bombings in Baghdad.

Iraq mends a system to treat trauma

A suicide bomber killed two Iraqis in a bombing at a restaurant in Samarra. Iraqi security forces detained 13 al Qaeda IED cell members in Baghdad and northern Iraq, 14 wanted men in Basrah, and two Naqshabandiyah cell leaders and three fighters in Ninewa and Salahadin. Police in Anbar arrested a senior al Qaeda leader as he crossed the Syrian border.

Blair warns that world faces decision to halt Iran™s nuclear programme