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Thousands celebrate in Baghdad as violence falls

General says Iraq work far from over

Iraqi forces detained 48 suspected insurgents south of Mosul, two al Qaeda fighters in Samarra, and three Mahdi Army fighters in Durayji. Coalition forces captured 10 al Qaeda fighters in central Iraq and a Mahdi Army weapons smuggler in New Baghdad.

US, Iraq set up detainee transfers

A suicide bomber killed 55 Iraqis in an attack on a tribal meeting between Sunnis and Kurds at a restaurant in Kirkuk. President Talabani was to have visited Kirkuk. Coalition forces captured six al Qaeda fighters in Baghdad and Mosul, and detained a "criminal leader" in New Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained four "suspects" behind attacks in Jalawlaa.

Iranian support for Iraq insurgency appears to wane: US general

Iraq restaurant bomb kills 55: police

Coalition force killed one al Qaeda operative and detained 18 more during raids in central Iraq. No security incidents were reported in Baghdad today. One civilian was killed and two others were wounded win an IED attack in Jalawlaa.

Iraq develops the National Police mechanized forces

Iraq's National Police will begin to take over internal security as capabilities increase, freeing the Army to focus on external threats.

Iraqi police arrest 30 in fatal truck bombings

British troops out of Iraq by June: media reports

Iraqi forces detained 17 wanted men in Basrah and disabled 50 IEDs in Diwaniyah. Coalition forces detained 14 al Qaeda fighters in raids throughout Iraq. US troops detained two al Qaeda fighters and three Special Groups operatives in Baghdad.

Police commandos will protect historic sites: Iraq

Iraqi mayor among 34 hurt by roadside bomb

General Odierno said al Qaeda still has the capacity to return to areas it once controlled. US forces detained four Hezbollah Brigades operatives in Baghdad. Iraqi forces detained 16 insurgents in Baghdad and al Qaeda's emir in Miqdadiyah.

Coalition forces detained 21 al Qaeda operatives, and al Qaeda cell leader, and a senior Hezbollah Brigades operative. Iraqi forces arrested 16 "wanted men" in Maysan, nine in Basrah, "several" men behind bombings in Fallujah, and an al Qaeda leader in Baqubah.

Iraqi forces arrested 73 wanted men in Maysan province and 43 more in Wasit province. Coalition forces captured 18 al Qaeda operatives during raids nationwide. A suicide bomber killed one policeman and wounded 10 Iraqis in Kirkuk.

In Mosul, Americans felled by rogue Iraqi soldier

An Iraqi soldier who has served for four years was behind last week's shooting that killed two American soldiers and wounded six. His motive is still unclear.

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: December 2008

Iraqi forces are massing in Mosul to battle al Qaeda and the insurgency.

Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda operative and captured 23 more in raids nationwide. A raid north of Baghdad uncovered an al Qaeda children suicide ring. Iraqi and US forces detained five "criminals" in Baghdad. The Iraqi military returned 276 former officers back to duty in Diyala. The government and the Kurds are close to setting the dispute over the northern oil fields.