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In eastern Mosul, veteran Iraqi unit adapts to new situation

An Iraqi battalion shifts from Baghdad to the northern city of Mosul to conduct counterinsurgency operations.

A suicide attack outside a Shia shrine in Baghdad killed 35 civilians and wounded 79 more. Iraqi forces detained seven al Qaeda fighters in Baqubah, four al Qaeda fighters in Mosul, four wanted men in Basrah, three more in Haweija, and two more in Daqook.

Iran leader warns Iraqi PM against US security pact

Baghdad area rocked by second large suicide attack in 3 days

An attack at a checkpoint in Baghdad comes two days after an attack at a tribal reconciliation meeting in Yusafiyah and as Iraqi security forces are asserting control.

US military takes first step to quit Iraqi cities

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Update: January 2009

The Interior Ministry continues building a National Emergency Response Brigade while training and arming the forces continues.

Police arrested two al Qaeda operatives attempting to conduct attacks during a religious festival in Karbala and detained two wanted men in Al Kut. A policeman was killed in a shooting in central Mosul. A Kurdish communist party leader was killed in Kirkuk.

A suicide bomber killed 23 and wounded 42 more in an attack on a tribal meeting in Yusafiyah. Two Awakening fighters were killed in an attack on a checkpoint in Hillah. Iraqi forces detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala and two insurgents near Makhmour.

The State of Jihad: 2008

LWJ-Globe.jpgThe Long War Journal's roundup of the major developments in the primary and secondary theaters during the past year.

Iraq has transitioned to full sovereignty as the status of forces agreement has taken effect. Iraqi forces detained 15 insurgent in separate raids throughout the country. Police killed three "gunmen" in Huwaiyja. Four police were killed in bombings in Mosul.

US vacates Baghdad palace ahead of handover

Iraqi forces detained the leader of a Shia cult and 18 wanted men in Basrah, and two al Qaeda leaders in Diyala. One US soldier was killed in Balad and another was killed in Baghdad. Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in Diyala and five civilians were killed in two attacks in Mosul.

Eight alleged Islamic militants held in Iraq: police

Iraq and UK agree to let troops stay until July

Seventy-six percent of the Sons of Iraq members will be under Iraqi government responsibility by New Year™s Day. Iraqi forces detained five insurgents in northern Iraq. Police detained five wanted men during raids in Dhi Qhar province. Four policemen were wounded in a bombing in Mosul.

Iraq - Diyala Sons of Iraq transfer underway (Diyala province)

Iraqi forces detained 51 suspected insurgents in Basrah, eight wanted men in Babil, eight wanted insurgents in raids nationwide, and three terrorists in Diyala. Two civilians were killed in attacks in Mosul and one civilian was wounded in a suicide attack in Tal Afar.

Three policemen were killed and 10 were wounded in two bombings in Fallujah. One Iraqi was killed and 21 were wounded in a bombing in Mosul. A US solider was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad. Police detained eight terrorists in Diyala and four more in Kirkuk.

Iraq: Imad the killer shot dead by cops