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Bombings in Baghdad wounded 16 Iraqis. Security forces killed an al Qaeda operative and detained an al Qaeda leader and 12 more operatives during raids in in Diyala, Baghdad, Mosul, and northern Iraq. Security forces also detained "scores" of al Qaeda fighters in Anbar and an al Qaeda leader in Diyala, 14 wanted men in Basrah, 10 insurgents in Kirkuk, and two policemen suspected of working with insurgents in Khaniqin.

Female suicide bomber kills Shia pilgrims

Female suicide bomber kills 54 pilgrims in Baghdad

The suicide bomber killed mostly women and children as they traveled to Karbala as part of a religious ritual.

A female suicide bomber killed 54 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad. Insurgents killed a senior police official in Ramadi. US troops killed three "violent extremists" and wounded one more south of Mosul. Iraqi forces detained three insurgents in Fallujah, two members of an explosive cell in Baghdad, and an undisclosed number of al Qaeda operatives in Karbala.

Security forces killed an al Qaeda fighter and detained four more in Mosul, and arrested 11 wanted men in Basrah and a suicide bomber in Tal Afar. Eight pilgrims were wounded in three bombings in Baghdad.

Iraq mends a system to treat trauma

A suicide bomber killed two Iraqis in a bombing at a restaurant in Samarra. Iraqi security forces detained 13 al Qaeda IED cell members in Baghdad and northern Iraq, 14 wanted men in Basrah, and two Naqshabandiyah cell leaders and three fighters in Ninewa and Salahadin. Police in Anbar arrested a senior al Qaeda leader as he crossed the Syrian border.

Blair warns that world faces decision to halt Iran™s nuclear programme

Insurgents killed a civilian in a shooting near Kirkuk and wounded four soldiers and two policemen in Baghdad and Mosul. Iraqi police detained three al Qaeda operatives in Mosul and Miqdadiyah. The Iraqi Army has detained two US citizens in Mosul.

Veterans see improvement in Iraqi Army

Iraqi security forces killed a suicide bomber in Mosul and detained seven members of al Qaeda IED cells in Baghdad, three insurgents in Mosul, and a member of the Promised Day Brigade in Baghdad. Insurgents killed an imam in Baghdad. The Independent High Electoral Commission banned nine parties from participating in the upcoming election.

US kills senior Syrian-based al Qaeda facilitator in Mosul

Abu Khalaf was killed during a Jan. 22 raid in the northern city. According to US intelligence, he entered Iraq last fall to direct operations.

Insurgents killed an Iranian and two Iraqis, including a mayor, in attacks in Baghdad and Mosul. A suicide bomber wounded five civilians near Mosul. Security forces detained four terrorists in Kirkuk, four wanted men in Basrah, three insurgents in Mosul, and two Baathists in Karbala.

Iraq militants using new tactics to foil security

A suicide bomber killed 18 Iraqis in an attack on a police forensics lab in Baghdad. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah, four al Qaeda operatives in Karbala, and two more in Mosul. A court sentenced a former member of parliament to death for terrorism-related charges.

Suicide attack at Baghdad police forensics lab kills 18

More than 80 Iraqis were wounded in the second suicide attack in the Iraqi capital in two days.

Damascus-based channels broadcast support for armed attacks in Iraq - Al-Maliki aide

Thirty-six Iraqis were killed in three car bomb attacks at hotels in central Baghdad. Insurgents killed two policemen in Kirkuk. Security forces detained six insurgents in Mosul, five al Qaeda fighters in Karbala and four more in Bayji, and two Promised Day Brigade fighters in Baghdad. Fifty-four candidates for parliament were crossed off the banned list for the upcoming election.

Bombings hit Baghdad's hotels

Three car bombs detonated 10 minutes apart outside the Sheraton, Al Hamraa, and Babylon hotels, killing 36 and wounding 71 more.

Afghanistan will take longer to tackle than Iraq, General David Petraeus says