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One member of an IED cell was killed and another was wounded in a premature detonation near Mosul. Security forces detained three Mahdi Army fighters in Baghdad, a Special Groups operative in Amara, and a wanted man in Kirkuk. Insurgents wounded five Iraqis in a bombing in Baghdad.

Down, not out

Iraq election decision postponed until Sunday

A suicide bomber killed the chief of Salahadin's anti-riot force and seven other Iraqis in an attack in Tikrit. Insurgents killed two Iraqi soldiers in Ninewa and a civilian in Baghdad. Iraqi security forces detained four wanted men in Kirkuk and four more in Salahadin, and a weapons smuggler in Baghdad.

What throws around ...

Iraqi security forces killed one al Qaeda fighter and detained two commanders and eight al Qaeda operatives in Ninewa, As Sadiya, and Duluiyah, and detained five wanted men in Basrah. Insurgents killed a soldier and a civilian in Baghdad.

Iraqi filmmakers defy militants with screenings at bomb sites

Civilian deaths in Iraq have dropped to a six-year low in November. Iraqi and US forces detained 11 al Qaeda fighters in Northern Iraq and two more in Diyala, and four insurgents in Dalouiya. Insurgents killed a civilian and wounded a soldier and 14 more civilians in Kirkuk, Baghdad, and Mosul.

Insurgents killed one policeman and a civilian in separate attacks in Mosul. Iraqi security forces detained four al Qaeda IED cell members near Baghdad and Kirkuk, three insurgents near Fallujah, and a woman who recruits and trains female suicide bombers in Baqubah.

US - Logistics agency prepares to move 'mountain™ from Iraq

Insurgents assassinated a member of the municipal council in western Baghdad and wounded two soldiers in a bombing in Diyala. Security forces detained five wanted men in Basrah, four al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq and four more in Diyala, and the leader of the Promised Day Brigade in Amarah.

Militia return to Basra and threaten those who helped force them out

US soldiers: Afghan war more challenging than Iraq

The speaker of parliament said national elections will likely be held in March. Security forces detained six al Qaeda operatives in northern Iraq, Baghdad, and Baqubah, three Promised Day Brigade fighters in Baghdad, and three Hezbollah Brigade operatives in northern Baghdad.

Iraqi security forces detained the northern emir of the Islamic State of Iraq in Ninewa, the head of a Naqshabandi cell in Kirkuk, and a Jaysh Al-Islami cell leader in Anbar. Insurgents killed three civilians in a series of bombings in Baghdad and one soldier in Mosul.

Joint drills help Iraq Kurd, Arab police thaw ties

Iraq will not be able to hold elections in January. Forty-six Iraqis, including five policemen, were wounded in a bombing at a cafe in Karbala, and four more were wounded in an IED attack in Baghdad. Iraqi security forces detained 18 al Qaeda operatives in Mosul, 12 wanted men in Basrah, two terrorist leaders in Diyala, and two terrorists near Kirkuk.

Eastern Syria becoming a new al Qaeda haven

Al Qaeda is teaming up with Ba'athist elements, sparking fears that eastern Syrian will "begin to look like northwestern Pakistan."

Iraqi parliament passes another election law

Insurgents killed two imams at bombings in mosques in Baghdad and Fallujah, and wounded four policemen in a bombing in Dhi Qhar. Security forces detained 26 wanted men in Basrah, three Special Groups operatives in Amara, and a member of an IED cell in in Bayji. Three professors, six students, and an employee were detained at a Tikrit university after security forces found IEDs on the campus.