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Gen Stanley McChrystal pays tribute to courage of British special forces

UN: Afghans top list of asylum seekers

Complicated quota system helps put Iraqi women in parliament

Members of the State of Law Alliance said Iraqi National Movement leader Iyad Allawi is constitutionally ineligible to be the next Prime Minister as his mother is not an Iraqi. Political leaders in nine provinces requested a manual recount of the vote. Security forces detained 11 wanted men in Basrah, seven al Qaeda and Ansar al Sunnah fighters in Diyala, and two al Qaeda operatives in Baghdad.

United Kingdom - 'Secret' government unit finds Muslims can sympathise with terrorists

Anti-Western militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr holds balance of power

More than 3,600 of Diyala's 18,000 Awakening fighters will be integrated into police forces by April 2011. Insurgents killed two policemen during an attack on a checkpoint in Baghdad. Iraqi Security Forces detained 19 wanted men in Basrah, two al Qaeda fighters in Wasit, and a "Syrian infiltrator" in Anbar.

Iraq's Kurds lose political dominance in Kirkuk

Prime Minister Maliki's State of Law party has edged ahead of former Prime Minister Allawi's Iraqi National Movement; 95 percent of the votes have been counted. Insurgents killed two policemen and a soldier in Baghdad, Fallujah, and Mosul. Iraqi Security Forces detained six suspected al Qaeda IED cell members in central and northern Iraq.

Iyad Allwai's Iraqi National Movement has taken a several thousand vote lead over Prime Minister Maliki's State of Law Alliance. The two parties are discussing a possible coalition. Iraqi police detained two al Qaeda operatives in Diyala.

Insurgents killed a soldier, a policeman, and two civilians in attacks in Baghdad, Mosul, and Saadiya. A US soldier was killed during combat in Baghdad on March 18. Iraqi forces killed an al Qaeda leader in Mosul and detained 10 more fighters in Mosul, Salahadin, and Baghdad, and detained a Hezbollah Brigades operative in Baghdad.

Dismantling of Saudi-CIA Web site illustrates need for clearer cyberwar policies

Prime Minister Maliki's State of Law party has a 39,905 vote lead over the secular Iraqi National Movement, with 89 percent of the votes counted. The final vote count is expected to be released within days. Al Qaeda in Iraq beheaded two security officials in Sharqat.

Al Qaeda in Iraq's counter counter-insurgency manual

The parties of Prime Minister Maliki and former Prime Minister Allawi are in a dead heat in the parliamentary election, with more than 80 percent of the votes counted. Security forces detained seven wanted men in Basrah and two Naqshabandiya fighters in Makhmour. Insurgents killed a Christian in Mosul.

Race tightens between Iraq's Maliki, Allawi

With more than 80 percent of the vote counted, Maliki's State of Law party and Allawi's secular Iraqi National Movement party are in a dead heat. News Article: CENTCOM looks beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, Petraeus says

Security forces detained two al Qaeda leaders, two facilitators, and explosives expert, and 15 al Qaeda fighters in Wasit, Kirkuk, Mosul, Sharqat, and Baghdad. Security forces also detained seven wanted men in Basrah and two insurgents in Tal Afar. Insurgents killed an Iraqi soldier in Mosul.

Maliki, Allawi surge in Iraq's early vote count

Iraq-election-results-2010-thumb.jpgPrime Minister Maliki looks strong in the South, while Iyad Allawi gets the vote in much of the North. The Shia Islamist parties are coming in a distant third.

A suicide bomber killed six Iraqis and wounded 14 more in an attack in central Fallujah. Insurgents killed a policeman, an imam, and a civilian in Mosul. The US handed over the Taji detention facility to the Iraqi government.