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Security forces detained 22 insurgents and al Qaeda fighters in Diyala province, nine wanted men in Basrah, and six more in Baghdad. Security forces also found 10 missile launch pads in Amarah and a rocket and IED cache in Nasariyah.

Iraq election highlights ascendancy of tribes

Iraq replaces 'Sons of Iraq' with its own auxiliary force

The Iraqi government is said to be negotiating for the release of five Britons kidnapped by Shia terrorists. The Iraqi Army claimed to have captured the "second man in al-Qaeda organization." Insurgents killed two policemen in Fallujah and two Awakening fighters in Hillah. Iraqi forces captured five wanted men and two Iranians in Basrah, and captured five more in Wasit province.

Iraqi Army Movements In Kirkuk and Salahadin

Kurdish press report Iraqi Army movements as a threat, but the purpose of these movements is to provide election support and the training of a new division headquarters and two new brigades.

Iraqi security forces killed three "gunmen" in Mosul, detained four al Qaeda fighters in Mosul, and captured a Special Groups cell leader in Al Kut. One civilian was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Iraq religious parties may face election backlash

Iraq is preparing for a potentially quick US military withdrawal. Eight Iraqis were killed and six were wounded in violent acts throughout Iraq. Security forces detained 20 insurgents in Kirkuk and three more in Basrah.

Emergency plans to confront sudden US withdrawal from Iraq

Iraq willing to see US troops leave early

Four civilians were killed and 10 more were wounded in a bombing in northern Baghdad. A civilian was killed in an IED attack in Kirkuk and two soldiers were wounded in a bombing in Ninewa. Security forces detained 13 wanted men in Hillah and uncovered six mass graves in Diyala.

Iraqi Field Artillery: The missing link

The Iraqi Army is devoid of artillery assets, a crucial element that prevents it from operating independently. This is expected to change over the next several years.

Poll: Iraqis prefer secular candidates

Security forces killed a suicide bomber in Mosul and detained five Mahdi Army fighters in Al Kut and four Ansar al Sunnah fighters in Kirkuk. US and Iraqi forces detained three "criminals" in Baghdad. An Iraqi border police colonel was killed in Basrah.

Security forces detained 22 insurgents in Baghdad, 16 terrorists in Baqubah, two gunmen in Kirkuk, and a Special Groups cell leader in Wasit. A man who claimed the People™s Mujahedeen of Iran trained him to become a suicide bomber turned himself in to Iraqi authorities.

Iraqi forces detained 97 wanted men in Basrah, 35 in Hillah, eight in Khalis, five in Tal Afar, three in Baghdad, and one more in Amarah. The deputy of the Iraqi Front for National Dialogue was killed in a suicide bombing in the Sharqat district in Ninewa province. A US soldier was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad.

Iraq's foreign minister said Iranian influence is on the decline. A court in Dhi Qhar is prosecuting 48 Mahdi Army fighters for murder. Iraqi forces detained six insurgents in Basrah, five in eastern Baghdad, and two in Mosul. A policeman and two soldiers were killed in Mosul.

2 Americans plead guilty to terrorism charges in Iraq

A candidate from Prime Minister Maliki's party was assassinated in Hillah. Police detained 18 insurgents in Baqubah and three more in Balad Ruz. US and Iraqi troops detained four "criminals" in Baghdad.

Iraqi forces detained 11 insurgents in Kirkuk and seven more during other raids. Police found an IED factory in Mosul. Iraqi troops raided the home of a provincial security official in Maysan province. An official in Samarra escaped an assassination attempt.