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Iraq seeks an international tribunal to investigate foreign interference in attacks inside the country. Iraqi, Kurdish, and US forces are creating a joint unit to secure areas in Kirkuk. Security forces detained 21 wanted men in Amarah and eight more in Basrah, and four al Qaeda operatives in Khanaqin.

Guarding a Baghdad market

Security forces detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, eight wanted men in Basrah and one more in Amarah, and three terrorists in Mosul. The Turkish foreign minister said Iraq's evidence against Syrian involvement in the Sunni insurgency is convincing and he would pass the information to Syria.

US released Baghdad bombers (Law & Order: Special Jihad Unit)

New Shiite-Sunni political coalition formed

Remnants of Iraq Air Force are found

Iraq attacks and the Syrian connection

The number of Iraqi detainees in US custody has dropped below 9,000. The suicide bombers in the Aug. 19 Baghdad attack had been released from US detention months ago. Iraqi forces detained 14 members of a cell behind the Aug. 19 bombings in Baghdad and eight wanted men in Basrah. A suicide bomber killed one Iraqi in Baghdad.

An Afghan mutiny

Iraq™s ambivalence about the American military

Suicide bombers killed nine policemen in Shurqat and six civilians in Sinjar; 37 Iraqis were wounded in both attacks. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Basrah and two Naqshabandiya members in Makhmour. Two US soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad on Aug. 28.

2 US soldiers killed in Baghdad

Iraqi official's top aide linked to Shi'ite terrorists

Looking out for broad revenge (and fixed elections) in Iraq

Another 'grim milestone'

US troops provide aid in Basrah

One Iraqi was killed and 22 more were wounded in a string of bombings in Baghdad. A policeman and a civilian were killed in attack in Mosul. US troops killed one insurgent and wounded another in Kirkuk. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah and two more in Kirkuk, two insurgents in Mosul, and an Ansar al Sunnah cleric in Diyala.

Iraq and Syria recall ambassadors

Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, died of cancer. Insurgents killed three Iraqis in Mosul and a policeman in Kirkuk, and wounded five civilians in Baghdad. Security forces detained eight wanted men in Basrah.

Iraq: Inside al Qaeda underground torture bunkers