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Iraq successfully held provincial elections with few reports of violence. Five men were arrested for plotting to attack a polling center in Mandali. US troops killed two policemen after taking fire during a mission in Mosul. Iraqi forces detained a Shia "extremist" in Baghdad.

Iraqis vote behind barbed wire, testing security

Iraqi PM hails vote as 'victory'

Iraqi voters go to the polls

Iraqi security forces are on full alert for tomorrow's provincial elections. An explosion inside a police station in Diwaniyah killed three Iraqis and wounded 20 more. Iraqi security forces detained four "criminals" in Baghdad and four wanted men in Diyala.

Iraq's Maliki makes inroads among last year's foes

Three candidates slain ahead of Iraq polls

Briefing: Iraq's provincial elections

Three candidates for election in Iraq were killed in separate incidents. Iraqi security forces detained 22 insurgents in Baghdad. Police foiled a plot to bomb an oil well in Basrah; four suspects were detained. Eight Iraqi soldiers were wounded in an IED attack in Baqubah. Al Qaeda fighters bombed three homes in Kanaan.

Sadrists back two independent parties

Iraqis vote in al Qaeda's last stronghold

Iraqi courts to decide fate of America's detainees

Iraqis on cusp of landmark election

Early voting for the provincial elections has begun. Kurdistan leader Massoud Barazani rejected the formation of Awakening councils in the North. Four al Qaeda fighters were captured in Mosul. Two policemen were wounded in an attack on a polling station in Touz Khormato.

As Iraqi elections loom, al-Sadr's political clout fades

Four Iraqis were killed and one was wounded in a car bombing in Mosul. Three policemen were wounded in a bombing in Baghdad. Insurgents bombed the home of the Diyala province ground forces commander. Security forces detained 30 wanted men in Basrah.

2009 Iraqi Provincial Elections Fact Sheet

Eleven policemen and five civilians were killed in bombings in Baghdad. Four US soldiers were killed after two helicopters collided in northern Iraq. Security forces detained 87 wanted men in Diyala province, fifteen in Kirkuk, and two more in Al Kut. An al Qaeda leader was detained in Huwaiyja.

Logistics of a faster Iraq exit

Two US helicopters crash in Iraq, killing 4